TGL’s Best of 2012: Journey Journey is just such a wondrous experience that it’s actually quite difficult to put into words just how beautiful and ephemeral it all is. In truth, Journey’s simplicity makes it almost impossibly one of the PlayStation 3’s best games, an engaging and seminal experience that touches your heart and warms your soul. It’s breathtaking, and I don’t say that in an incidental and throwaway manner.

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NastyLeftHook01938d ago

journey is taking everything by storm!

Ezz20131937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

i love how journey winning GOTY awards left and right
make some PPL (you know who) angry and mad because it's ps3 exclusive
and they think that by press disagree
it will change the reality and they can sleep better

gotta love N4G

MehmetAlperTR1937d ago

Journey is the best game that i ever played in this year.. And yes i have very powerfull PC, Xbox 360 and PS3..

Thatguy-3101937d ago

I love it when people say that it's hard explaining journey. When I tell ppl about I truly don't know how to explain it because it was an emotional experience that only the person that played it feels and understands. It's just an amazing game. Games can be art and Journey proves it whether people like it or not.

aquamala1937d ago

This is not a goty, it's in a list of their favorite games in 2012

dariux321937d ago

Absolutely love this game.

Y_51501937d ago

I will play this game like about every 4-5 months till the end of time...