TGL’s Best of 2012: Gravity Rush What’s all this talk of the PlayStation Vita having “no games”? Ridiculous! Vita’s Gravity Rush represented one of the most original and refreshing experiences of 2012 on any format and its a glowing advertisment for the exceptional creative quality possible with Vita, even in these early months of it’s life. This seemingly innocuous cutesy looking portable adventure has more heart and sincerity to it than almost every other game you’ll play this year put together.

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fatalis951909d ago

defiantly agree since p4g isn't out here yet have yet to try it. this is a really epic game.
anyone recommend any of the DLC packs?

iamnsuperman1909d ago

I got this for free on PSN and it is a good game. I do fine it harder to get involved into the story with its text but because of this and the whimpers it has some sort of charm to it.

MasterCornholio1909d ago

Its a really good game but its a shame that some reviewers bashed it for being too anime for them.