The World According to the NRA

GotGame: Apparently, violent media makes us violent. Games like Bulletstorm, Splatterhouse, and Mortal Kombat are warping our fragile little minds, even if nobody bought Splatterhouse, and turning us into violent sociopaths. We hate to question the NRA, who called out those videogames in a recent press conference, but if videogames are so influential, why is violence the only trait they pass on?

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GreenRanger1785d ago (Edited 1785d ago )

NRA: God bless us everyone, we're a broken people living under violent game, and it can't be outfought, it can't be outdone, it can't be outmatched, it can't be outrun. NO!

TekoIie1785d ago

I have been considering getting a Hannah Montana game... I just wanna SING!~!~!~!~

TemplarDante1784d ago

According to the NRA.. Guns dont kill, people kill.
I agree.. but.. they also imply, if you own a gun/are eligible to own it, you're responsible enough to wield it..

If America wants guns, let them have it, BUT I do believe other aspects must be taken into accounts when granting permits etc. Psychological profiling atleast!
The NRA, however.. their outbursts after shootings.. to me, their just as inconsiderate, insensible and as wrong as the Westboro Baptist Church loons.

Nodoze1784d ago

What part of the second amendment does not click for you? The right of the people to KEEP and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

Gun control DOES NOT WORK. Look at Chicago. They just ticked 500 murders this year. It is NOT LEGAL for people to own guns there without having to jump through some serious hoops.

If you Outlaw guns, only the Outlaws will have guns.

Back on topic, if you do not think that violent games, sports, movies, and TV have an impact you are not facing reality.

d3nworth11784d ago

Lets say for arguments sake that violent games cause kids to become violent. I doubt it would happen the instant they turn on they turn on the game. It would happen overtime. So shouldn't a parent notice changes in their child's behavior?

Nodoze1784d ago

GREAT GREAT point! Yes a responsible parent WOULD notice changes in behavior. The real problem is that parents still see games as being for kids and don't pay attention to any of the ratings.

Have to get call of duty 29 for little timmy. He loves to play with his friends in kindergarten on Xbox live.