5 Video Game Enemies That Look Suspiciously Like Vaginas

WC: Fear of the vagina is not a new thing by any means – Ridley Scott played on it quite heavily in his horror mythology for the Alien franchise, adding in further elements of male penetration and impregnation just to make his male audience members feel the horror on a whole new level – and there are a fair few examples of films based on the fundamental fear. It works because that particular body part is supposed to represent new life and pleasure, and grotesquely transforming it thus becomes hugely affecting – like turning a simple children’s toy into a killer (Child’s Play) or a tasty foodstuff into a deformed monster (Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes).

So anyway, all explanations aside, there are a worrying number of enemies in video games who appear at first sight to look an awful lot like vaginas – albeit monstrous, toothy ones for added effect. But the similarities are hard to ignore.

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Nitrowolf21938d ago

lol just looking at the title is funny

LOGICWINS1938d ago

Vaginas all of a sudden seem very unappealing.

landog1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

i don't know what kind of skanks you guys are climbing on but, lol...the va-jay-jays I see look Nothing like any of all that...

seriously, if some chick pulled down her pants and she had some Hive Mind from dead space looking thing growing down there, I don't think I'd be doing anything but heading to the door.

most of the other things from the article look like a$$holes of aliens, not beautiful, sexy, cuddly

guys seriously, you come across any beaver that looks like any of that, BAIL IMMEDIATELY!!

Orpheus1938d ago

God did make human beings without sense of humor !!!

danieldeath1938d ago

I have a list for the one's which look like male genitalia.