Top 10: Most Anticipated Shooter Games of 2013

OmniGamer writes "Shooters are a dime a dozen there are tons of them released every year, and 2013 is no exception. There are a few that stand out from the crowd. These few are listed below in our Top 10: most anticipated Shooter games of 2013. The games are not listed in any real order so don’t really pay attention to the numbers."

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Zuperman1788d ago

1. Battlefield 4 isn't confirmed nor a 2013 release.
2. Crysis 3 = Meh
3. Bioshock 4 = Meh
4. Killzone PSV = don't own a Vita
5. Xcom = -_- really?
6. Lost Planet 3 = ZzzZZZzzz
7. TCRS6P = vegas 2.0
8. arma 3 = Meh
9. Blacklist = ew
10. Gears4?5? = how many games will they release wow.

uneasiest1788d ago

Those really are the "best" shooters for 2013
Also here is an article talking about a 2013 release for Battlefield 4 release date, and it has been confirmed by EA http://www.computerandvideo...

nintendoland1787d ago

"those really are the best" noob it's your opinion not a fact. Where is mw4?

uneasiest1787d ago

MW4 has not been confirmed.

DeadlyFire1786d ago

Woah wtf at comment above me. You know that CoDMW4 shit is coming. Stop BSing. Its not announced, but its definitely confirmed.

Murad1788d ago

Battlefield 4 I thought was confirmed as far as my sources told me? Actually I suggest you should check out Bioshock, Xcom and Blacklist, they look great. I do agree about Gears tough.

guitarded771788d ago

So you don't like games eh? You do realize this is a gaming website, right?

And some of those games look pretty promising. I'm looking forward to Bioshock Infinite (Bioshock 4 as you call it/shows how well versed in the series you are), Killzone Mercenaries, Gears of War and at least the Battlefield 4 beta... if not the full game.

doogiebear1787d ago

Tired of generic shooters. Need more variety in game genres.

HammadTheBeast1787d ago

He's probably waiting on the next Call of Duty, which will have massive new changes like a couple new streaks, and...wait for it...something that makes a YouTube intro for you in your "CoDCasting" crap.

ATi_Elite1788d ago

Without even looking at the list I'm sure it's full of games released in 2012 but with a different number after them!

looks at list........and for me that list is CRAP!

What I'm looking forward to in 2013
Arma 3
Metro Last Light
DayZ Standalone
Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm
Hard Reset DLC
and a few surprises!!!

MattyG1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

1. Battlefield 4 was confirmed, just not for 2013 (although it's possible)
2. Crysis 3 actually looks alright, better than 2 at least
3. Bioshock 4?? When did this happen?
4. Killzone Mercenaries looks good from what has been shown.
5. Xcom- I agree, they lost me after the sixth delay.
6. Lost Planet 3- barely any footage released.
7. TCRS6P- How is this Vegas 2.0?? Not even the same characters, it's been about 5 years since the last R6 game.
8. ARMA 3- not a PC gamer, can't comment.
9. Blacklist- looks like they're trying something new, but not going back to the stealth roots.
10. Gears Judgement looks unnecessary, but fun.

Riderz13371787d ago

I'm guessing you're not a shooter fan? Yeah...

BertlSenix1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Beta is in fall 2013 starting...So BF4 is confirmed
And a Battlefield Beta is superior to anything "Full" anyway.

fresh2death931787d ago

battlefield 4 is coming out , you have bad taste when it comes to fps... how could you "meh" those games?

FunkMacNasty1787d ago (Edited 1787d ago )

Zuperman - do you even pay attention to gaming or are you just on the internet so you can be a negative troll?

Just for the record,
1. Battlefield 4 was confirmed back in the late summer by EA.. as a matter of fact they announced the BF4 Beta key would be available with the limited edition of MoH:Warfighter.

2.Bioshock "4" doesnt exist. It's Bioshock Infinite, and if we're counting installments, it will be the 3rd game in the franchise.

3. We know very little about the upcoming rainbow 6 game, so I'm not sure how you know that it will be no different then R6 vegas which released like 5 years ago.

4. To evrything else you decided was "meh", well that's your opinion. But since the article was about shooters, I'm guessing you just dont really like shooters. I'm sure you could find an article about how PSABR got some low review scores to troll on instead of this one.

DeadlyFire1786d ago

List is missing some key titles that most eyes have not even seen yet.

Star Wars 1313, and Bungie's Destiny should make a cut or honorable mention. Even without much to go on at the moment. Those two titles are going to be big.

Turtle Rock has an FPS in development.

Valve has Half-Life 3 coming at somepoint before next Mayan Atun. haha Seriously though with their new "console" I expect a big Valve release on Source engine 2. What better game than this one?

I personally expect Prey 2 to reappear in 2013/2014 and for DOOM 4 to splash onto the new consoles coming.

Those and well a few others that have not gotten a bit spotlight just yet. E3 will reveal most of what the year has coming to it. GDC should offer a small glimpse.

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USMC_POLICE1788d ago

I'm still very content with bf3 and all my DLC well into 2014 lol. Killzone vita yes please!

NovusTerminus1788d ago

Only one on that list I am getting is Killzone: Mercenaries.

Though I do think it is fitting that Splinter Cell gets on a shooter list. Not much of a stealth game anymore.

tubers1788d ago

Hope it's not another Unit 13 (no story) nor another CoDBOP (crap campaign).

The "Mercenary" name is full of bad vibes.. it sounds like a Unit 13/CoDBOD

..and no cinematic in game scenes have been shown.. :'(

Reeks of low budget.

I hope KZM kicks my ass and proves me wrong.. but it just doesn't look good (past the graphics in a corridor)

Riderz13371787d ago

Are you seriously that retarded. All we have seen is a trailer and don't forget this is Guerilla Games and Cambridge studios making the game NOT GOD DAMN NIHILISTIC.

NukaCola1788d ago

Killzone Mercenary has a pick up and play feel like how Unit 13 or COD has just from the name, yeah..but let us not forget. This is developed by Guerrilla themselves, not some outside company so we can be pretty confident this will be a good game nevertheless. I hope it turns out well as it could be something epic.

stone_cold1788d ago

i think CRYSIS 3 is the most anticipated shooter of 2013

Grimhammer001788d ago

So....I play on PS3. That's my bag.
So what's Dice doing to eliminate input lag in bf4?

cpayne931788d ago

Input lag on ps3 for bf3 is gone now. They patched it out.

tee_bag2421788d ago

I'll be surprised if BF4 even makes it to the current consoles. I've heard its being build in a new engine with next gen in mind.

Hicken1788d ago

Why would they be moving on to a new engine when they just debuted the Frostbite 2.0 this year?

krazykombatant1787d ago

I'm not gonna bother buying it if it still have the 12v12 player count. I needs to be upped otherwise its not worth buying it outside of the PC.

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