The Bin: The Saboteur

Some games aren’t worth the $60 release price. Or half as much, for that matter. How many times have you bought a game and told yourself that if it’s terrible, it was only five bucks? This brings us to the “Bargain Bin” realm of gaming, a second glance at games far enough down that they don’t see light. Guilty pleasures are a blast — so long as no one’s watching.

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SonyStyled1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

this game i very much liked. if youve been on the fence for a while, you can pick it up on the cheap. very good game in my opinion. i wish pandemic studios still had their doors open to make a sequel.

KentBlake1973d ago

It's a great game indeed. Very underrated.

Tornadobounce1973d ago

If you get this, buy it on 360. The ps3 version is buggy as.

Tdmd1973d ago

I cant remember any bugs in my playtrough. I didn't finished it, though.

badz1491973d ago

I've Platinum this game with no problem. yeah, maybe I had 1 or 2 times freezing but that was it! it's a very good game nonetheless. way better than Merc 2. sad that Pandemic closed shop after it.

SonyStyled1973d ago

i dont recall having bugs in any of my playthroughs. im almost done with my second time through

isarai1973d ago

I paid the full $60 for this game for PS3, still felt it was well worth it, easily the best pandemic game(besides mercs 1)

Also @ Tornadobounce

I platinumed the game, clocked in nearly 60hrs into it, and never experienced a single bug (besides the occasional ragdoll oddity)

PirateThom1973d ago

Just bare in mind that, if you pick it up now, the single player mini-game/strip club DLC no longer works (came as a code with the game, I believe) due to EA closing the game's servers.

I didn't like the game, if I'm honest anyway though.