Game Rant Asks: What’s Your Game of The Year?

As we head into the final days of 2012 Game Rant has begun its look back at the year that was, as well we have been looking forward to 2013 and all the exciting new titles it will bring. But even though our Top 10 has been finalized, there are still those games we would like to recognize for their individual achievements.

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NukaCola1908d ago

Overall, it's a touch one.

Borderlands 2
Assassin's Creed Liberation

piroh1908d ago


Hot shot golf

Septic1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I was sure it was going to be Halo 4 but, as amazing as it was,for me personally, single player wise, its all about Far Cry 3 (on pc).

I still haven't tried Journey though.

animegamingnerd1908d ago

hard one just my picks are
the last story
the walking dead
guild wars 2

GreenRanger1908d ago

I think i'll get another year out of Oblivion.

Tetsujin1908d ago

Mass Effect 3, Unit 13, and Borderlands 2

Cam9771908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Ps3 - Hitman: Absolution (I really haven't played many PS3 games this year)

Vita - Uncharted: Golden Abyss - I have AC but yet have to play it; however, U:GA is amazing as it delivers a console-like experience on the go. Perfect! Because AC has been given good reviews, I retain my right to edit this if I prefer AC. Gravity RUsh was close to being first, the repetitive combat let it down for me.

Bladesfist1908d ago

Yer Gravity Rush is a really good game, I could do without all the screaming though, sounds really stupid. The combat did get boring by the end but the story and world they created amazed me.

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The story is too old to be commented.