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Predicting E3 2013: Nintendo’s Wild Card

The E3 2013 Prediction series ends with Nintendo and how they are going to assault gamer’s wallets all the way up to the release of the next gen consoles. (3DS, E3, Nintendo, Wii U)

ElectricKaibutsu  +   856d ago
Nintendo doesn't make announcements at E3 anymore. They do that through Nintendo Direct. Remember when the 3DS XL was announced just after E3?
kirbyu  +   856d ago
What are you talking about? They announced a bunch of games at E3 2012.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   856d ago
What'd they announce? Here's an article on IGN summing up Nintendo's E3 showing, or lack of.


Are you talking about the Nintendo Direct before E3?
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Cennus  +   856d ago
Oh god, the Rare thing. It must happen. It will never happen but it must.
G-cis  +   856d ago
HD zelda??
wiiulee  +   855d ago
why wouldnt they announce games at e3....e3 is still huge and they will definetly make some big announcements as wiiu and 3ds keep selling despite haters......then the wiiu's graphics will truly start being shone....and fanboys and haters will rejoice that sony and microsoft announce a new system but i dont expect anything special about them except that they play dvd's and copied the gamepad ..i already have plenty dvd players

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