IGN: Far Cry 3: How To Unlock Signature Weapons

It should be noted that while signature weapons are powerful, you have no control over the attachments each one has (see individual entries); sometimes, it is better to customize a regular weapon (for example, the silenced Z93 sniper rifle) instead of using a signature weapon.

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e-p-ayeaH1879d ago

The game tells how to do it this isnt the 90´s IGN...

Thatguy-3101879d ago

Honestly I never really used a lot of weapons. Handled most of the game with the bow arrow. I approached a lot of the missions in a stealth way.

MmaFan-Qc1879d ago

the only signature weapon im using is the shotgun, other than that its not really worth the click, after all, its IGN.

crackforgangstas1878d ago

yawn, this isn't anything that the game hasn't already told me...