New Soul Sacrifice screenshots

Sony released new screenshots from Keiji Inafune's Soul Sacrifice.

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TenSteps1943d ago

Looks like an interesting enough game. Might have to sacrifice some of my savings to get a Vita.

porkChop1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

I was really looking forward to the game until I watched a livestream. It seems like the whole game goes like this: Cutscene, you're dropped into a small area, kill everything that moves, take their souls, save/sacrifice, cutscene, then you get to upgrade your skills and stuff, then the whole cycle repeats itself. Over and over again. I mean the story is probably great, but the gameplay just seems to be lacking. There doesn't appear to be any exploration of any kind, no progressive levels, nothing. You just kill everything and that's it. If people like that sort of game that's good for them, but I was expecting something much better and much different. I wasn't expecting a game like Demon's Souls though. Some people were.

Dark111943d ago

Well this is an action game not an RPG.

porkChop1943d ago

Implying that only RPG's have exploration and progressive levels? I think you misunderstood me. When I said levels I was talking about the actual levels you play in, not leveling up. I was never referring to the game as an RPG.

And yes, it's an action game. But when they first announced it and talked about it, it seemed like a completely different game then what it ended up being. I mean they've even specifically called it "action-adventure", but there is no adventure in this game, it's just straight up action. Now if they would have just called it a pure action game from the beginning that would have been better. And like I said, if people enjoy this type of game that's fine. But for ME personally, this type of game just doesn't interest me.

jon12341943d ago

you are right, i was expecting more of a demon souls kinda game, but still, i played the demo, and you can be rest assured that the boss battles are awesome! they remind me so much of a demon souls/ dark souls boss battle, i played the demo for about an hour and i was hooked! not to mention if you have a friend that has the game, youll be able to play online together, which just adds to the fun.

ABizzel11943d ago

If you don't mind used, some store is selling used Vita's for $119. I wish I had waited.

Could have saved at least $70 and got the Assassin's Creed Bundle on Black Friday ($179.99)

For that price the Vita is well worth it.

MasterCornholio1943d ago

Looks very nice and so far i havent seen another handheld device capable of producing this level of graphics. The gameplay looks nice as well and hopefully they will bring this title to europe soon without delay.

Gamesgbkiller1943d ago

I wish if i can play this game right now.
I hope there is a demo soon for us.

Sanquine901943d ago

Played the game and still playing :) the demo is a blast :) already 8 hours played

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