Myths Regarding Elder Scrolls Online Debunked

A lot of rumors have been spreading like wildfire about the upcoming MMO, Elder Scrolls Online. Learn which are truth and which are just gamer gossip in this article that debunks some common myths regarding TES Online.

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claud31937d ago

yep like any of them were actual true

ATi_Elite1937d ago

What Rumors? We already knew this info.

ESO sounds good but i like real time combat or combat that tries to be real time so I will be playing Blade & Soul at first and will give ESO a try!

Mainsqueeze1937d ago

They said in the introductory video thing about a month ago that the combat was real time in ESO.

Bimkoblerutso1936d ago

It still seems kinda floaty and detached, though, with little to no regard for hit detection and proximity, and very little impact feedback.

Mainsqueeze1936d ago

Yeah idk its hard to determine all of that since nobody has really played the game...