Another $600 Console Sounds Good Right About Now

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

We’re on the cusp of a new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles and everyone is talking about possible specs. We wants these new machines to be super powerful, but when it comes to price the sweet spot seems to be $400. This is a little cheap for something that should last you 7-8 years, here’s why the PS4 and Next Xbox should cost at least 599 US dollars.

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OneAboveAll1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

No it shouldn't.

GraveLord1941d ago

Why not? An iPad easily gets away with it, I can see myself paying $600 for a console if the tech is really there.

LOGICWINS1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

So why didn't the PS3 get away with it in 06'? Sony couldn't even manage to maintain that $600 price point for a year.

The perceived mainstream value of a $600 iPAD is NOT the same as the perceived mainstream value of a $600 PS3/PS4. When the most recent iPAD launched, it sold three million in 3 days...was the PS3 able to do that?

You have a very simple minded reasoning. You assume that if consumers are willing to spend $600 on one product, that they're automatically willing to spend $600 on another ENTIRELY different product.

Theres a REASON that iPADs sell more than PS3s...yet they are more expensive.

A $600 PS4 at launch would be ludicrous. It may be okay for YOU, but not okay for the general public. The higher you price a console, the less it will sell. The less your consoles sells, the slower your install base builds up. If you have a small install base, third party devs won't take a risk making a game for that console for fear that not enough people will buy it.

Look at the Vita. People CHEERED at E3 for the $249 price point...yet in the real world, its struggling to survive at that price point.

TekoIie1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Wait so if one company is screwing people its ok for another to do it?

Nice logic there GraveLord...

Most I'd be willing to pay for a new Console is $500 (not including games). Otherwise I will definitely wait a year or two for a significant price drop.

EddieNX 1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Yes , you and the rest of the minority of people are prepared to pay $600 for a console.

The other 80% of Gamers not only are not, but litteraly can't afford it.

If sony and MS's consoles are $600 then the Wiiu will take over LOL. The wiiu will sell a 100M and they will struggle at first and then gradually pick up pace with some price drops.....

Not gunna happen. Anything more than $450 for MS and PS is suicide. And as business' , they both want to build the largest installed bases of Hardcore and Casual players.

That's the truth. I would appreciate a $600 mega console. But the rest of the world will not.

The end.

cee7731941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


there was not even 3 million ps3's on sale at launch lol they sold 3.5 million ps3 by FY 2006 which is pretty good

they sold 9.1 million by FY 2007 @ 600$

there were many going on ebay spending $1000 on ps3 at launch there is a market for it ps3 was the first premium console at $600 that was not a flop 500-600$ there is a market for premium consoles sony proved that next gen will be more even ground free online free cross game thats 60$ in savings each year up front and it ps3 instant game library can be migrated to ps4 we have a winner a console that will pay for it self many like myself its all about specs 500-600$ sku's is fine by me just keep your iphone,ipad,galaxy for one extra year a

LOGICWINS1941d ago

"there was not even 3 million ps3's on sale at launch lol they sole 3.5 million ps3 by FY 2006 which is pretty good"

Your veering away from the general point I was trying to make.

$500-$600 iPADs are currently outselling $250 PS3s...theres a REASON for this. People look at more than price when they buy something....contrary to GraveLord's argument.

We aren't considering that Apple SMOKES Sony in several categories:

1. Word of mouth
2. Advertising
3. Innovation
4. Ease of use
5. Portability

THATS why Apple products can get away with 50% markups at launch and Sony can't.

ABizzel11941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


At least he said "if the tech is really there". If the tech is worth $600 then some people would be willing to pay for it. And it's true an iPad isn't worth the asking price at all.

However, it's what people are willing to pay for. Some people don't care about the long term value of a product, and many more are completely oblivious to investments. A gaming console is a long-term investment, because you can't just buy the console and be done. You have to continuously purchase more products to get the maximum use of the console. So the console vs. iPad comparison isn't a god one as the others said.

As for the article I agree. I want a leap in tech, gameplay, graphics, AI, online, gaming experience, etc... And more power will aid many of those things. I also think game developers need to evolve as well. Cookie Cutter games just don't do it for me anymore. I want good gameplay, good graphics, good acting, good story, and more.

On top of that Sony and MS need to advertise more within their own networks. Put the spotlight on these indie games or even games that have retail releases, but need that extra push from under the shadows of bigger releases. If the game is a critical success and it's sales aren't showing it try to aid them.

Finally fanboys need to stop. If a company goes under then that's over 70 million loss sales, which is at least a $14 billion dollars loss to the industry. Stop rage and hating on other consoles especially if you don't have them. Everyone has their preference, but that doesn't mean another's is wrong. If people only like playing Halo and COD, let them buy their 360's, but instead of bashing them show them other games to play that they may enjoy as well. If people have PS3's and only play COD, take a blunt object to their skulls, and show them all the PS3 exclusives they're missing out on. We need to help as well.

blitz06231941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

you know for someone with logic in his username, you sure don't have any logic.

$600 was ridiculous 6 years ago. SIX.
Ever heard of inflation?

The higher you price a console, the less it will sell? What kind of logic is that? You just used the word console so that iPads are exempted.

As long as the value is in the $600, people will buy it. If the PS3 actually had good launch games, and ESPECIALLY good marketing (which it still doesn't because Sony sucks at promoting).

Why did the iPad sell more at $600? You didn't even explain. Let me fill in the blanks. It had extremely good marketing. They made the product look like it came from the high heavens. And mindless impulse buying by consumers who got wowed by it. I'm not saying it's a bad tablet, it's just not worth the $600 like the PS3 was BUT the marketing campaign couldn't have done a better job.

If the PS3 actually justified its $600 price tag with extremely good launch games as well as promotions and other features more appealing to the average gamer, it would have sold more. Not as much as the iPad since it's not for the general public like the iPad is, but more than what it sold back then.

Sony was too arrogant after their PS2 destroyed the competition that they thought they could just throw in a $600 console there and the mindless sheep will buy it. But they underestimated the normal person. Lesson learned. If they want to release another $600 console, they know they have to back it up instead of just throwing it on the market. Again, as long as people see the value in there, more will get it. I'm not saying it will sell like the iPad, but more than what most expect.

LOGICWINS1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

"As long as the value is in the $600, people will buy it."


Value means NOTHING unless consumers understand the worth of that value. If people bought things solely on value, that PS3 would have been proclaimed gadget of the year for six years straight.

"Why did the iPad sell more at $600? You didn't even explain. Let me fill in the blanks. It had extremely good marketing. They made the product look like it came from the high heavens."

Exactly. Your agreeing with me. In business, it's not about being the best, it's about convincing consumers that you are the best. Apple understands this concept better than anyone.

"If the PS3 actually justified its $600 price tag with extremely good launch games as well as promotions and other features more appealing to the average gamer, it would have sold more."

LOL, you just made my point for me! Without advertising, the factor of "value" is neutralized. This is why an iPAD can be priced more than a PS3 AND sell more than a PS3..even though a PS3 offers a better value.

1941d ago
TheGamerDood1941d ago

They're using off the shelf parts so NO it does not justify a $600 pirce tag. $399 for base model, $500 for fully loaded version with all the goodies.

Imalwaysright1941d ago

Apple products sell because its the "cool" thing to own and because people are sheep. The actual quality of the products means nothing to them.

@ blitz Inflation? Do you even realize that world is much worse economicly today than it was in 2006? In 2006 a € 600 price tag was not acceptable and today is even less acceptable.

Sony lost their dominance in the console market because of that € 600 price tag. Unless Sony are idiots they won't pull another stunt like that. If you guys want power build yourselves a PC.

ProjectVulcan1941d ago

$600 is ridiculous. $599.99 is much more reasonable.

kupomogli1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


Considering your name, you don't take much logic into consideration do you?

People cheered at the $249 Vita because at that time it would have done well at that price. The 3DS was also $249 at that time frame. It was shortly after that Nintendo dropped the 3DS price to $169. This not only helped Nintendo get more sales because the 3DS was way overpriced, but it hurt the Vita because now the Vita price didn't look so amazing and because of that, a good portion of the third parties who stated they'd develop for the Vita have since backed out.

So logic does win. Just not your logic. The Vita would have done better at that price point if not for the 3DS price drop which killed all the Vita's momentum.

Not only that, but you're speaking of Apple and markups, then talking about Sony in the same sentence. At the time the PS3 was released, Sony was losing hundreds of dollars on each console. That's not a markup. A markup is when, "the product costs less to make than they're selling it for and normally they could get this much, but people would probably be stupid enough to buy it for even more." That's a markup.

Here is why the PS3 failed at launch. The PS3 was competing against the 360, but that's not what killed it as everyone still assumed that the PS3 would have been better. Sony didn't do anything to lock in GTA4, Devil May Cry 3, Stranglehold, Assassin's Creed, and many other games that were going to be exclusive titles. They did nothing more than assume that, hey, they're Playstation, the developers will stay exclusive to them with no incentive. Until Microsoft paid for those developers to go multiconsole. Microsoft paid Rockstar $75 million to get GTA4 on the 360.

At the same time, Microsoft was buying up exclusive contracts or atleast timed exclusive left and right. In the first couple years the PS3 was out, just about every major third party title that was on the PS3 was also on the 360 because Microsoft paying them off, and a lot of these major third party developers had titles that were exclusive or timed exclusive for the 360.

This is the main reason why the PS3 failed at $600. Why buy a PS3 when in the first couple years anything good the PS3 had you could have for the 360? The PS3 started releasing exclusive after exclusive afterwards, getting exclusive third party games, etc, but the damage was already done.

Sony has often announced that they don't pay for exclusives. Something which has hurt them a lot, because with the money Nintendo made from the Wii, they had no problem following in Microsoft's footsteps. They paid Capcom off for an exclusive AAA Resident Evil title and for Monster Hunter exclusivity. They made an agreement with Square Enix that the Dragon Quest series would be exclusive as long as Nintendo tried to make the series popular in the west(back on the DS.) So Nintendo has got Japan on lockdown for 3DS and Wii U.

quantae061941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I'm in college and I can't afford a $600 console. :( If PS4 cost $600 I'm have to pass until a huge price drop unfortunately.

admiralvic1941d ago

Terrible example.

Many people are willing to pay that for an iPad, since its perceived to have that much value. This will not be the case for the PS4 / new Xbox, since there won't be an instant need to upgrade.

In the case of the PS3, it was also a bluray player (at the time were also an extremely expensive item and even now can run you 70+ dollars) and down the road it gained internet apps like Netflix. The PS4 won't have any of the side things to instantly sell it, so it will fall upon the games alone to do that. As we've seen with the Playstation Vita and to a lesser extent the Wii U, there aren't a lot of games right off the bat. Most people will probably play catch up with the PS3 and then pick up the PS4 when it's cheap or has "enough" games to justify the cost.

EeJLP-1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@LOGICsometimesWINS othertimesNOTSOMUCH
"So why didn't the PS3 get away with it in 06'?" [Re: $600 price point]

PS3 2006 @ $499-599, no europe: 1,252,040
360 2005 @ $299-399, 1mo of europe: 1,178,267

First full year (PS3 only ~9 months of europe):
PS3 2007: 7,922,055
360 2006: 6,801,532

Second full year:
PS3 2008: 10,204,758
360 2007: 7,879,552

Third full year:
PS3 2009: 12,997,974
360 2008: 10,913,123

Forth full year:
PS3 2010: 13,896,438
360 2009: 10,160,518

Fifth full year:
PS3 2011: 14,119,093
360 2010: 13,253,914

Logic would have it that they did in fact 'get away with' a higher price point for a higher quality and capable machine.

PhantomT14121941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I'm sure whatever is in the next PS/Xbox, I could get a better PC at 600$.

Sarcasm1941d ago

I'm not sure I'm one to talk with this subject seeing as how I spent $500 on a GTX 680. But no the most I'll pay for a PS4 is $400. And I'm not itching to be a early adopter this time either.

Enemy1941d ago

Big difference being iPads are completely portable with Wi-Fi capabilities and/or 3G/4G data plans.

T3MPL3TON 1941d ago

1. Word of mouth
2. Advertising
3. Innovation
4. Ease of use
5. Portability"

Innovation? Did you just have the nerve to put apple and innovation in the same conversation? Please tell me that was just put in there as troll bait. Please. PLEASE.

schlanz1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Personally I think the iPad and tablets have heartily paved the way to convincing consumers bleeding edge electronics should cost $500 or more.

And remember, adjusted for inflation, older consoles would be priced around that much or more.

Murad1941d ago

I totally agree with this statement. I hate how people spend so much on Apple products even though they offer less and make you pay far more.

xtremeimport1941d ago

I always said the original Ps3 wasn't over priced. what you were getting for that price was an incredible deal, to the mass market though it was waaay over priced.

I can't exactly explain why Apple seems to be so successful with selling over priced items when others fail.

perhaps Apples products are aimed more at a majority of buyers where game consoles are still a niche market.

jdaboss1941d ago

you must like your PS3 console of choice comming in 3rd. Why handicap it (again) pricepoint wise for another generation?

Kingthrash3601941d ago

Man ill say this,
YES Sony could sell its next console for 600$ and the hardcore will buy...........but let's not encourage it, I prey to god that won't happen for I am one of those hardcore gamers with shallow pockets that would save up to pay 600$.

MaxXAttaxX1941d ago

People always act as if the premium $600 was the only option.

The tech was there. It was a great deal. You couldn't find a Blu-ray player for much cheaper than a PS3 in 2006.

AAACE51940d ago

Thats why i dont own or ever plan to buy an ipad.

Rageanitus1940d ago

the probem with apple is they have sheep, and the truth is Apple is making alot of profit on every unit sold! Not sure how Sony was screwing the consumers when hey were making selling the units at a loss.

N4g_null1940d ago

The problem with the iPad comparison is apple hasn't lied about its products. Sony promised the most powerful system and blu ray which no one could touch. This happen during the ps2 but it only burnt them during the ps3 though.

Gamers are feeling way more lied to these days. The apple iPad is far more superior than the ps brand. The os is so much better, the web browser is flawless it basically let's you have a laptop in your pocket. Plus the screen on it along is better than most tvs. Is it over priced? Well there is nothing to compare it to. Its a closed market. Yet their pcs are over priced.

Also you can develop games on the iPad by using your own iPad.

I'd pay $6000 to buy a ps4 I could release my own games on. You see the usefulness far out weights a blu ray player or hyped tech. 3rd parties are a little miffed at how Sony played out last gen also. Notmany money bags where handed out. They also made it so smaller dev could not compete with money house studios. The cell was crazy expensive to develop for while you could use to same art pipeline.

I believe current ps3 dev kits where over a million. Maybe cheaper now, lots of company's are going out of business.

Back on topic. Are there really enough gamers to justify a $600 console so that Sony can stay afloat? Who will Sony listen to? Can sony even afford to do any thing? Will their cloud gaming set up make another console a moot point?

Or will Sony offer a viao as a game console? A laptop without a monitor? Setup a console like os or use win8 which is a console like os?

Is any one still in love with Sony tech anymore? It seems to me apple is the new Sony. Apple may not make new tvs but dang do they have some great monitor tech. They don't even make games!

Sony having bad stocks will make other projects skip them next gen possibly or it will effect the stocks of that publisher also.

It also seems most console gamers are going pc next gen. They may even join the mod community! This along was a missed opportunity for console makers and console only gamers.

Or Sony could skip the next gen and continue making games for the ps3.

So the question isn't what you will pay, it is what will Sony do!

SilentNegotiator1940d ago

You think down on it's luck Sony can market something as well as iPad?

EeJLP-1940d ago

"I believe current ps3 dev kits where over a million. Maybe cheaper now, lots of company's are going out of business."

Dev Kit cost:
12/19/2007 - $10,250

3/24/2009 - $2,000

Some forums say the PS2 dev kit was reduced to $2,000; but either way, $2k or $10k, nowhere near >$1,000,000.

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dedicatedtogamers1941d ago

$600? Just buy a PC. With a couple of exceptions (in terms of console exclusives) the PS3 and 360 were just mini-PCs in terms of game genres, online functionality, patches, "expansions" (DLC), and so forth. If the next gen of game consoles can't stand out enough compared to PCs (and I'm not talking about graphics) then I'll just stick with PC and ignore next gen.

Muerte24941941d ago

at that price point, you could buy a decent graphics card, motherboard, and RAM. The reason why ps3 cost so much is because CELL was expensive and the BD drive. They were trying to get as much money back from their investments as they possibly could. Because of this move though Blu-ray defeated HD-DVD in the HD format war. I don't think we have to worry about $600.00 again. I hope the actually stick with the CELL. Modify it by re-sizing it 22nn and give it 16 cores.

Jazz41081940d ago

The Ps3 is considered a kids toy where a ipad or iphone is known for business use on a daily basis.

NastyLeftHook01941d ago

i would pay 1k for a ps4, its a 5 year investment people! come on, people pay 500 bucks and more for phones they are going to get rid of next year, this is minimum 5 year investment.

kneon1941d ago

Personally I have no problem with a $1000 console, if it's got the games I want to play and the tech warrants such a price then it's ok for me. The problem is that for most people $1000 is way too much.

TheDivine1941d ago

Some people do. Just because a small market pays for new expensive tech doesn't mean it's a standard. I got my phone on sale for 75. Most people won't pay that much as its ridiculous. I have an ipad I got for 325 on sale and IMO its worth the 400 not on sale for an ipad 2. It's a sexy, sleek, fast and snappy tablet with a nice screen. Phones and tablets are also everyday items used for daily browsing, calls, media consumption, emails exc. a console is a hobby or toy for us, more of a luxury. I wouldn't pay 600 no matter how sick it is. I would want it to be worth it and sell for that or at a bigger loss and I can wait a year or two. I won't pay over 350ish for a console as I have a few and don't need it. You can get a pc for well under 600 so these days it seems outrageous.

Blaze9291941d ago

only thing I hate about new generation launches with insane price points is that my friends are for sure not going to buy anything over $400. $300 is bad enough. So if another $600 console comes, it will be a very long time before I can fully enjoy the system with friends because my friends, will still be playing the systems they have now until the price drops on the next.

Most of my friends own 360s now because it was just cheaper at the time than the PS3. Will happen again next gen if Sony prices stupidly.

$600 is ridiculous for a lot of "average" people, let's not do that again.

vlonjati771941d ago

Blaze- you are sort of right,like everyones opinion is :) It depends how someone knows how to save.personally I buy 2 things expensive in life 1) electronics 2) clothes.obviously I eat healthy.Lots of people complain,if people cant afford it they shouldnt buy it.none of my friends cant afford more than $300 either.but I i wont wait till price goes down so they can buy it.
I know 1 thing nowdays people (in generally ) are spoiled & expect too much.I wish Sony continue do what they do best - top notch product(dont give a $hit how many wouldnt agree with me)I m gonna buy the ps4 while many of complainers can suffer inside them.
People-dont hate dont be jealous its really bad for your heart and personallity-it will turn you into garbbage.
PS-this is 1st time I coment more than once on the same article.I started commenting rarely and now everyday.Im gonna change into difficult password so i wont comment anymore,(I know you dont give a $shit LOL i dont either) its just wasted of back to get A$$ kicked in PSASBR(very fun game).have a nice day every1 bright & not so bright ones :) Im still gonna continue having a laugh reading people arguing like kids over videogames .peace

showtimefolks1941d ago

I can bet it will be under $400. Sony is in red as is so don't expect them to release a system where they are loosing money. I say $399 and $349 price points and same goes for ms.

I dnt know how anyone could think another system will cost $600, when Sony exes have said $600 was a mistake to begin with

torchic1941d ago

$349 lol good luck with that.

morkendo231941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Another high end price tag??? is the writer of this article HIGH?? after SONY 2006 price tag of 600.00 why in HELL would they go back to that fiascal, that is ludicrous.
General public will not buy into another 600.00 console, Sony not able to Afford 600.00 flop again.
if SONY were smart ps4 tag should start out 350-425

this article nothing more than bait for hits.


below: Dwightowen

ARE you serious????? and wonder why you have 59 disagrees

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DwightOwen1941d ago

$800 MINIMUM, or I'm staying with PC, along with every legit developer who is sick of waiting for hardware worthy of their new engines.

Canary1941d ago

Funny, last I saw most "legit" developers were leaving consoles for cheaper hardware that's easier to develop games for.

You know, after leaving PC for consoles for that same reason back in 2005.

Stop living in the past. PCs haven't been the dominant development platform for nearly a decade now, and home consoles can't even be called 'dominant' these days, either.

EddieNX 1941d ago

Just remember. Gaming is not just about graphics. Sure graphics are important. But Gameplay is the most important factor.

PC elitist's disgust me lol. spending thousands of dollars for a marginally better experience... it's just sad.

Consoles = relevant. PC = who cares ?

StraightedgeSES1941d ago

PC elitist are not obssesd with graphics like console owners if this was true nobody on the PC would be playing half life 1&2, counter strike and minecraft.

aquamala1941d ago

You want to not talk about graphics on a article about next gen consoles?

ILive1941d ago

Funniest comment I have ever read! Bubs for that.

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Riderz13371941d ago

Seriously whats so bad about a 600$ console. I wouldn't mind getting a 600$ POWERFUL console so that it can last us for a long time. Why do most of you people care anyways your parents are probably going to get it for you lol. I'm sorry but I really don't want a 300$ PS4 which barely has any improvements over the PS3. It's been 7 years, there should be huge improvements in the next generation of consoles.

kayoss1941d ago

Totally agree. I want a consoles that is a much more improvement than then the current gen. If its just a slight improvement then what's the point.

FarCryLover1821941d ago

600 to start, and the price will come down just like this gen.

violents1941d ago

That's what sony did for this gen and everyone bitched like they were asking for a kidney or something and you think they should do that again?

rainslacker1941d ago

Yes I think it's possible, probable, maybe not. No matter what Sony does people are going to hate on them, they know this better than anyone. They're going to do what they feel is best for them and their console business, and hopefully keep the consumer interest in mind. Consumer interest isn't necessarily giving us a cheaper console, but giving us a better console that will be worth the investment.

ronin4life1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Because it wouldn't sell enough to have a high enough install base to encourage devs to make games for it(plus dev costs on such a machine would be devastating to devs and make it even riskier, causing even less support)

The result would be a super capable machine no one buys or makes games for... that hardly sounds worth 500$. (EDIT Buh, 600$ is what I meant... even so...)

SAE1941d ago

Yea , sometimes people stop thinking , they hate something good for them xD ..

im ready for a 600 console , i will even pay more if it's more powerfull ..

jdaboss1941d ago

There's a reason why you re not in a place to make pricing and marketing decisions at multinational corporations (that answer to shareholders) See.. In the REAL WORLD there is a recession going on, and people dont have 600 to drop on new consoles..Some of you N4G nerds are not fitted for realities of the real world.. Get out of your moms basements.

SAE1940d ago

lol , why act like that ?. im one of the people , it's just an opinion , i want a powerful console so we dont need to upgrade again , ps4 would be my last console , i cant imagine a game in ps5 , unless it brings a different way of playing or they made a cheap console with low specs , why upgrade if you want only a little improvement ?.. it doesn't makes sense to me ..

upgrade means to me at least 3 more powerful then current generation , that's the minimum for me ..

Sevir1941d ago

More powerful than the Xbox360 and yet with all that power only the first party devs with impressive technology showed that power, 3rd party devs struggled to come to grips and even after they came to grips they settled on system parity than plain out exploiting the hardware's true capability.

I think at this point, Sony has learned that they'll get by the same way MS did because MS forced 3rd parties to keep games equal. Couple that with the expenses they had to absorb 4 years after the release of the ps3, I just don't see Sony Investing Greatly into making another super console... Not for another 6 year's anyway.

This upcoming next generation of consoles will be more powerful development processes will be far more efficient, but it won't be like PS2 to ps3.... They'll benefit the most from more memory, but if what the specs are to be believe the games that will benefit the most will be the exclusives...

I would be shocked out of my mind if Both Sony and MS come out with anything remotely playing in the same ballpark as what Epic showed off at e3 2012 with the gtx 680...

Hopeful but not holding my breathe.

Pintheshadows1941d ago

GTX 680's are what, $500. So I doubt we'll see anything quite like that. Shame.

I'm expecting not much more horsepower than a current mid range gaming PC. This can obviously be optimised though.

j-blaze1941d ago

600$ or up won't happen again, they can't afford to make an expensive console with their current economic/financial state and remember? Sony was selling ps3 at loss, 100$ for each ps3 sold, Sony will make a decent next gen console and they'll depend mostly on their first party studios

Riderz13371941d ago

The only reason the PS3 was 600$ was because of the blu-ray player. It was new at the time and it was actually the cheapest blu ray player on the market. If their console is 600$ this time around then I'm guessing that it will be a powerful beast. This is why I don't mind it costing 600$.

T2X1940d ago

We definitely won't be seeing those prices again. They can't really afford to sell at much of a loss this time around. The price I am predicting would be around $350 - $400 for the high end model. And what a lot of people aren't considering, is the type of audience that buys ipads and PS3 are the same crowd in many cases. People shelling out the $600 for the ipad and the PS3 aren't usually hard up for money, usually the crowd is educated and gainfully employed. These people probably also have the expensive smartphones, 3D HDTV, the ipad and the PS3. now there is also a reason why Apple can trot out a new ipad or iphone every year and sell millions of them. Because, once again, the crowd they're selling to is the I want the latest and greatest right now crowd. SONY needs to get their software devs lined up and then make a quality machine reasonably priced. If they do that the people who are into this stuff will buy it. But, they can't be late by a year and a half if they want to remain competitive. Time will tell.

Soldierone1941d ago

Thats why people should care. Parents are not going to buy their kids a 600 dollar video game. No matter what it offers, it will be seen as a video game console.

rainslacker1941d ago

Over 75% of the people that play games are over the age of 18,so it doesn't matter. Also some parents will buy their kids expensive machines...Mine brought me the TG-CD attachment when it was $400 over 20 years ago when I was just a lass.

StrawHatPatriot1941d ago

It's because most games themselves only feel like they're worth $20 at most, so why spend $600 for a device to play it own, ya know?

Riderz13371941d ago

600$ for a console that will last you 8 years until next gen or 300$ for a console that will last you 4 years until next gen where you will then buy another 300$ console. It's the same thing makes no difference. And what games feel like they're worth 20$?

showtimefolks1941d ago

$600 don't think like a hardcore gamer, think like a casual gamer buying it for our an etc,

Not saying $600 means Sony won't be successful but they will start rough again and I don't think Sony is looking to loose money in a machine