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Activision's The Walking Dead FPS - First Footage Unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "As you may already know, Activision is preparing an FPS title, based on the ‘The Walking Dead’ franchise. While the big publisher has not revealed anything – officially – as of yet, Guru3D’s member ‘Stone Gargoyle’ has shared a video from what looks like a prototype version of that FPS game." (PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, Xbox 360)

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Walker  +   606d ago | Well said
Looks lame :| !
d0nni3  +   606d ago
i hate to say it but i have to agree most of that footage looks terrible, the way it seems to handle and the look of the game just seem amaturish!

Hopefully this is either fake or an extremely early build!
ABizzel1  +   606d ago
Mixed feelings.

Ya, More Walking Dead, and this time you get to be a true zombie slayer.


1. it's Call of Duty meets the Walking Dead
2. Graphics are good and bad at the same time. Hair looks like plastic (0:42).
3. TONS of screen tearing
4. Seems like a corridor game, running from alley to alley.

I need to see more, but for now I'm not impressed.
NukaCola  +   606d ago
Agree. This looks like dookie butter all around. The animations are horrid, the game looks outdated and boring. This is like a poor counter stike map done ages ago but never finished. Kill it with fire...and someone please stop Activision from trying to ruin everything.
inveni0  +   606d ago
This looks awful. It's GOTTA BE a joke. Unless this is for touch devices, of course...
Rumor  +   606d ago
Can't even put hands in the ladder animations? Jeez.

Well, it is a prototype so I guess I shouldn't be so critical
badz149  +   606d ago
this is a joke, right? for a next year game, on consoles nonetheless...that is one terrible looking game! doesn't look fun at all!
Dee_91  +   606d ago
looks like an arcade game.
Is it ?
Cant be worth $60 looking like that
Jockamo  +   606d ago
looks like a half life 2 mod
Kingofwiiu  +   606d ago
Oh for the love of God.... Is that the *^&(ing CoD Engine ? *sigh*

Judging by this video , Are they doing a dreamcast version ?
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Irishguy95  +   606d ago
You mean like Left 4 dead? That's what this game looks like except the gameplay is worse
Rivitur  +   606d ago
No HL2 mods look better than this. (runs off to play No More Room In Hell)
Same company that produces cod so don't expect much. Bad hit detection on zombie shooting.

Some of the assets in the game look good like so I am guessing is a tiny environment game.

They will spend more money than the current walking dead game and not even get nominated for goty next year. watch..


But will the zombie cod fans buy we will see..

Yes I have -20% faith in them to make a awsome game. Might as well just make it for kinect and let it die a cheaply made death.
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Jason143  +   606d ago
Looks like fiddlers green pc game http://pcmedia.gamespy.com/...
Yeah when I saw this live on ign I was like oh my looks so bad. Glad it wasnt just me bing picky
rezzah  +   606d ago
I rather watch the show or read the comics over this crap.

The gameplay isn't good, and the feel of an apocalyptic world filled with zombies doesn't present itself very well in that video.

Kind of makes me think of COD, the gameplay. Who is the developer?
Old McGroin  +   606d ago
How in the name of God does that gameplay remind you of Call Of Duty?!

As far as I know Activision are developing it so there is a COD link but to me it looks nothing at all like Call Of Duty.
dboyc310  +   606d ago
Seriously a lot of people just find any little thing to hate on activision. How on earth does this remind you of COD? no way was the character just running and gunning zombies with ak-47's and grenades was he?
mushroomwig  +   606d ago
'prototype version of that FPS game.'

Calm down, of course it's going to look bad in it's current condition.
Grap  +   606d ago
it does looks lame. and kind flat. the zombie animation just terrible
PhantomT1412  +   606d ago
I don't know, I really liked the Ghostbusters game this developer (Terminal Reality) did, it was really fun while staying true to the franchise so maybe they can pull out the same magic for TWD. We must be fair, this is cleary a leaked video with no presentation effort whatsoever, maybe the intersting parts and key-selling points of the game were not shown here...
cyguration  +   606d ago
...that's a good thing.

PR videos only show you the "special" parts to get you to buy the game.

Would you buy the game seeing only a video of ACTUAL gameplay not the special gameplay?

This here is the majority of what the game will consist of: corridor shooting and COD style gameplay.

PR videos butter everything up to sell you on an idea, not the actual product.
Klopek  +   606d ago
Congratulations on being one of the only people to actually acknowledge Terminal Reality as the developer rather than blindly spewing hate for the publisher. After their success with Ghostbusters, I too have high hopes that they can make something worth playing.
Der_Kommandant  +   606d ago
Looks activision
omi25p  +   606d ago
I must have seen a different video to you.

Its clearly an early build, but what is shown looks interesting.

He uses bottles to distract the zombies, You cant stand and fight because 1 bite = game over.

Melee weapons and stealth are a key aspect to the game.

The environmental graphics look ok. Merl looks exactly like Merl (although low detail and texture)

The zombies are clearly unfinished and still being worked on.

If this is a very very early build it could have potential.
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avengers1978  +   606d ago
Looks very dated, like it's an early PS3, or 360 game... I hope the final product is a lot better than what we see here.
That-Guy  +   606d ago
That's an insult to early PS3 and 360 games.
TAURUS-555  +   606d ago
not bad....
Liquid_Ocelot  +   606d ago
Terrible in fact :/
IAMERROR  +   606d ago
wow! The budget must be low... very low.
finbars75  +   606d ago
Looks as bad as the downloadable episodes.It will win GOTY only because its the walking dead.The episodes where just plain garbage.It only won because the show is a hit.The fact that it won and it barely sold on consoles blows me away.Must of been all the hardcore fanboys of the show who voted and never even played the game.The walking dead is overated anyways.
Liquid_Ocelot  +   606d ago
So you think that all the 'hardcore fanboys of the show' bought, played and voted for the game.. -_- probably half of those hardcore fanboys as you say don't even care about the game as much as they care for the comic.

This game looks horrendous yes, but TellTale did a wonderful game. Don't hate on them.
EnderSavedMe  +   606d ago
This game looks absolutely nothing life the episodic games. Either you have never played any of them, or you just don't know a quality breakout game from every other generic, far too repetitive IP out there.

Consoles or not, TellTale's game sold phenomenally well for what it is via all it's available platforms. I didn't expect it to win GOTY but i'm glad it did.
meetajhu  +   606d ago
Too many Zombie games and movies keeps getting me worried that the governments are trying to say "BE PREPARED"
The_Infected  +   606d ago
I think the reason the graphics suck is so the can keep the 60fps like they do in CoD. If they up the graphics they'll probably be stuck with 30fps. I like amazing graphics but I also like 60fps so idk what is the better option.
DarkBlood  +   606d ago
that would be true but for how it is in the show and comics theres no reason for it to be 60fps when the walkers dont even move that fast
DOMination-  +   606d ago
Yay more zombies
ninjahunter  +   606d ago
Yea, kinda does, but i remember a certain cartoonish, point and click adventure that people thought the same about.
Rivitur  +   605d ago
Sam and Max? or Jurassic Park? hehehe
Sarcasm  +   606d ago
Man that looks so generic... Way to go Activision...

Oh well we have TellTale's Seasons 2 to look forward to.
darkziosj  +   606d ago
this look like zombiu
The_Infected  +   606d ago
Haha....far from ZombiU.
AzaziL  +   606d ago
Never had my hopes up, it's Activision, they probably just modded the IW engine and CoD's zombie mode and slapped the walking dead license on it.
Ashunderfire86  +   606d ago
You play as the two racist rednecks, and the graphics and gameplay look bad. Not missing much folks. I rather play Left 4 Dead, The Last of Us, and the other Walking Dead game that got game of the year at the VGAs.
M_Prime  +   606d ago
i can't be the only person thinking, why not simply play DEAD ISLAND if this is what the final product will be
KidBroSweets2  +   605d ago

Because that game is awful too
tee_bag242  +   606d ago
I highly doubt it's anywhere close to finished.
It likely to be a pre-alpha build, considering this is the first we have seen or heard about it.
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KidBroSweets2  +   605d ago
If they could just take the time and do this game right, it would easily get game of the year. I'm actually saddened by this video.
J86blum  +   604d ago
Yeah, it actually looks bad. Shadows wheres the shadows, wheres the detail in ...everything, this must be beta....please.
hennessey86  +   606d ago
Being an Activition game
Everyone will be hating it on here, I'll give it a chance because I love the walking dead.
Sp1d3ynut  +   606d ago
Wrong. Being an Activision game, people will be skeptical and critical of this game, and have every right to be. I love TWD as much as anyone, but that doesn't keep me from being smart. Activision is the king of killing franchises...wouldn't be surprised to see them mess this up out of the gate. Besides, it's the end of a very long generation, and some stellar games have come out recently, and more are coming out next year. Devs should have the current hardware on lock by now, so there's no excuse for shoddy graphics, gameplay mechanics, etc.
dubt72  +   606d ago
The king of killing franchises? Capcom begs to differ.
Braid  +   606d ago
People will NOT be hating on quality content. The publisher has nothing to do with poeple's reaction, except some obvious trolling comments, and ignoring them has to be the first thing you should have learned when you stepped into the world of internet.

That being said, I have to agree on people who's saying that the game does not look very promising. It's almost as if they said "Hey let's take Dead Island and slap the Walking Dead label on it and make it an official WD product, as gamers love both Dead Island and the TV show." As long as the quality is there I wouldn't mind, but we can not know if it'll just copy and paste the already established zombie formula or bring something new to table.
Kingofwiiu  +   606d ago
I gave 007 legends a chance , Because I love 007!!!!!

You get the point..... Activision is the walking dead. They're publishing themselves...
Neckbear  +   606d ago
Wow, the animations look almost as shitty as Skyrim's.
noxeven  +   606d ago
i smell fail sadly
BanBrother  +   606d ago
Agreed. It is saddening, as I love The Walking Dead.
I would have preferred EA to get it than Activision.

Even though I think EA is worse than Activision as a whole, at least they make good games (albeit, with day 1 dlc and online passes).

This looks worse than an old Source engine game. While graphics is not everything, if you make a game in this day and it looks like an early gen game, you can tell it is a cheap cash-in.

TWD fans deserve better. But, as long as Bobby gets his cheque right??
josephayal  +   606d ago
Looks Like L4D
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TheGamerDood  +   606d ago
also War Z.
Klopek  +   606d ago
and <any zombie game>.
TenSteps  +   606d ago
Dead game walking
redDevil87  +   606d ago
I agree, it looks terrible.

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inf3cted1  +   606d ago
Being Walking Dead a very popular show I guess theyve realized its worth making this game to profit more.
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modesign  +   606d ago
scrambled porn looks better than this
THC CELL  +   606d ago
What the hell was that, god Activision u.really no how to fk stuff up
CaptainFaisal  +   606d ago
I dont know why but i was really looking forward to this! but come on! this looks like kane and lynch but fps and with a bit worse graphics! If only EA made this game! i know you guys hate EA but imagine a walking dead game on frostbite 2 engine? the awesome graphics, realistic killing, destructive enviorment, and make it open world! we can find people make a group and explore the huge open world! where you can drive veachles to go from place to place ! and secure outposts or building! or even attack other civiliations towns and choose to blow it up or sabotage it or maybe even conquer it! And best of all make it FPS,
Agree if you like my idea ! thanks ! want more ideas or info? i have alot more! PM me :P
1nsomniac  +   606d ago
It looks to me like this is obviously either a mod for another game like HL2 as said above or its alpha stage footage. Its clearly not going to be released in this state tho, i think a few of you are a little over eager...
YourGreatUncle  +   606d ago
Graphically I think it looks fine. The animations, overall movement, and Merles character model look so unnatural and just bad.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   606d ago
Ok so now we can add to the list of FPS game next year that are going to bomb.

Overstrike or Fuse what ever the fuck its called now.
Dirty Bomb
Walking Dead Survival Modern Warfare
Nes_Daze  +   606d ago
Thing is, it's hard to make a zombie FPS game that is realistic in the sense of what the Walking Dead comic/show is about. You won't see any running and gunning, obviously, and this has to be an early build.
yesmynameissumo  +   606d ago
Am I too late to comment on how an unfinished product looks unfinished?!
JasonKCK  +   606d ago
Griffin4871  +   606d ago
Making everything an FPS doesn't solve the typical problem of lack of innovation.
marioPSUC  +   606d ago
I hope that that is Alpha footage cause that looks really unfinished and unpolished.
BanBrother  +   606d ago
Lol @ the people saying "don't judge it, it is an early build".

Sadly, early builds that look like a PS2 game don't magically turn into a PS3 game by the end of the dev cycle.

F*** Activision, I knew they would screw it up.
Kamikaze135  +   606d ago
It looks really bad and I'm disappointed being a huge Walking Dead fan. The graphics look very glossy, lighting sucks, and the combat looks too boring. I hope they refine this game to make it look/play better, but I sort of doubt it.
Flatbattery  +   606d ago
Looks cheap. I was genuinely curious when I read the title, despite who is publishing it. But now I have zero interest.

It's nearly 2013, ladder climbing animation should be compulsory, especially considering there was very little else going on.
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Angerfist  +   606d ago
This is fake, looks just like a Mod. and i dont want another FPS.
dazzrazz  +   606d ago
Maybe your idiot face should do some Google time before making false statements.

Anyway game looks like shit thankfully State of Decay looks a lot better for less money
vallencer  +   606d ago
Maybe your idiot face should do some google time to because i just did and guess what the only article for actual "gameplay" that came up was this one. So this is more than likely fake, a mod, or early early footage because lets face it it looks like garbage.
CaptainYesterday  +   606d ago
It's not fake watch this
FragMnTagM  +   606d ago
The game sounds interesting from the way it was explained in the link you posted, but they still have a crap ton of work to do on it.

If they are making it first person it needs a lot more animation added in for one. I hate it when FPS developers leave out body animations. The character is more believable and the immersion is much higher.

Mirror's Edge and Halo both have good body animations, and it sells the FPS viewpoint really well.

The inventory system sounded pretty nice. You share the resources as a group from the survivors you pick up. The survivors that are picked up can each be sent out on their own missions and you can choose what they take with them. If and when they complete their mission, the items they scavenged becomes part of the group. This sounds interesting.

If they can polish the hell out of what was shown, it has a chance be a sleeper hit.
#20.2.1 (Edited 606d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
JamieLeeC93  +   606d ago
Looks awful.
LOL_WUT  +   606d ago
Can't Activision work on something other than a FPS? With that said I this looks like garbage.
FoxHound_  +   606d ago
If you want a true Walking Dead game go play Telltale's Walking Dead. If you're waiting for a true apocalypse game wait for The Last Of Us.
#23 (Edited 606d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cyguration  +   606d ago
Don't you mean DayZ?

Last of Us isn't open world.
FoxHound_  +   606d ago
I should've been more specific. With Telltale's Walking Dead you get an amazing story that makes Walking Dead fans like myself proud. But, the game isn't really gameplay driven. With The Last Of Us, we can expect an amazing gameplay and a good story. From what I've seen in the footage above,this game doesn't have either. So, if you're looking for a great Walking Dead game with an amazing story go get Telltale's version. If you want a more gameplay driven zombie apocalypse game, wait for The Last Of Us. But DayZ is also great.
#23.1.1 (Edited 606d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
AngelicIceDiamond  +   606d ago
For some reason I had a little feeling in the back of my head that this game wasn't gonna look all that great but wow it looks way worse than I imagined. But Please let this be a early build, My eyes are bleeding.
claud3  +   606d ago
it looks really awful and not worth any play time
Mathew9R   606d ago | Spam
LordMe  +   606d ago
It should not have been an FPS... And this is why.

It looks kind of "floaty" uses the old 1990's ladder climbing animation. The whole game just looks dated, Textures are alright, but the animation and gameplay just looks kinda... Eh.

I'll pass, I so wish it was a TPS instead of an FPS.
2pacalypsenow  +   606d ago
Another Left 4 dead and COD zombies? pass
Kran  +   606d ago
Of course it looks bad. It's Activision. They take every franchise and ruin it.

It's what they did with Call of Duty. Family Guy. James Bond. Spiderman. Some would say Spyro, purely because they put him in a game for no reason. I don't even recall Spyro having a major role in the sequel. They simply used Spyro to get to the fans.

They even tanked the Battleship game. BATTLESHIPS!

BTW no matter how much you want to hope the game will be good, don't count on Deadpool. Sure, Highmoon are good with their transformers (bar dark of the moon) but they're just being told what to do from Activision, and it's clear Activision don't know how to make a true GOTY anymore. They've gotten cocky over the last 5 years.
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kupomogli  +   606d ago
Hopefully this is an early build, because the graphics look like a first gen PS360 game.

I know it's Youtube and framerate is locked at 30fps there, but I thought I saw a one noticeable framerate drop and some screen tearing.
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