Day Z Creator Says He Considered Quitting Over The War Z

GameFront writes:

"We’ve all been hearing a lot lately about the fiasco surrounding The War Z, a zombie combat survival MMO that was released in alpha, popped onto Steam without all its features plugged in, and otherwise surrounded in controversy."

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NYC_Gamer1911d ago

I would have been so disappointed because DayZ is real solid and fun to play

Trunkz Jr1911d ago

They had a good chance to overthrow DayZ since they didn't have a team it was mainly just rocket, but they wanted to get it out so fast they used an Engine of a game that wasn't meant to be used as a Zombie sim, it just had the aspects of a shooting game.

FanboyPunisher1910d ago


PR BS, this is just PR to get more focus on Day Z.
Obviously he wouldnt quit, theres too much $$$$ at stake.

ATi_Elite1911d ago

Wow Rocket....your sounding really EMO in this article!

DayZ is your Golden Egg laying Goose....your making easy cash right now and the checks only get bigger when DayZ standalone gets released.

Your looking at WarZ and laughing your arse off. DayZ is Gold....stop being so modest it's OK to gloat a little bit!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Well that's dumb.. If I had the chance to be ing the gaming industry I would take advantage of the situation by showing day z standalone environment trailer..

Kamikaze1351911d ago

Part of the reason people hate The War Z is because it ripped off of DayZ so much. If anything, he should feel flattered.

claud31911d ago

why did they even create this crap

TheGamerDood1911d ago

for the best reason of

animegamingnerd1910d ago

just like every major developer and publisher in this industry now a days

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