Game of the Year: Best PlayStation Vita Game of 2012 - Push Square

Push Square: "Sony clearly intended for the PlayStation Vita to sprint out of the starting blocks quicker than Usain Bolt when it deployed the system in February. It didn’t. But by launching the platform alongside a star-studded software line-up, at least it ensured that we had plenty to play on the train this year."

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dafegamer1938d ago

Yup well deserved :) Can't wait for Kat in PASBR

remanutd551937d ago

Little Big Planet is my best psvita game this year, nothing else comes even close.

LOGICWINS1937d ago

Is it easier to create things on LBP Vita than it is on LBP 2?

LOGICWINS1937d ago

Sir, you made me even more excited to buy my Vita!

MmaFan-Qc1937d ago


but but..but.... the ps vita has no games....

well, excepted those on my top 10 of 2012 as a day one ps vita owner:

10-Uncharted Golden Abyss
9-Touch My Katamari(aww yeah, TOUCH IT!)
6-Ragnarock Odyssey
3-DJMAX:Technika Tune
2-Lumines:Electronic Symphony

...yep, no games they said..

LOGICWINS1937d ago

I actually just sold my original copy of P4 to Amazon. I'll be using that credit to buy P4: The Golden =D

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1937d ago
-Gespenst-1937d ago

The child sexuality in Gravity Rush is a little bit disturbing... I want to play it but that really puts me off it. That thumb alone... jesus, I mean she's a little girl / young teenager. Idk guys...

boybato1937d ago

haha. I don't think I'll categorize Kat in the "lolita" status.

Bladesfist1937d ago

yer I found that really creepy, muted the vita every time she finished a boss, what does all the screaming and 15 year old "adults" add to the game.

cpayne931937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Eh? What do you mean about that thumb? What thumb? Not sure how old kat is but I think she is supposed to be at least 16. Not what I would call child sexuality.

Edit: oh by thumb you mean that picture. Mah bad. Still think you're overreacting.

-Gespenst-1937d ago

Don't forget a bunch of men in their 20s - 30s made the game too. Just creeps me out a bit.

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