Battlefield 3 - New Years Double XP Weekend

A new year is among us, a new plethora of games heading our way. Want a great way to end it? This weekend, double XP in Battlefield 3.

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deagle21231944d ago

Doesn't mention when and it also doesn't show it to be true on Battlelog.

ab5olut10n1944d ago

Ugh, my grandmother picked a perfect time to have her funeral :(

Janitor1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


ab5olut10n1944d ago

hahaha, now people are disagreeing with my grief process. gotta love the internet.

SaffronCurse1942d ago

It's just a stupid post.. Why would you even say that?

porkChop1944d ago

I think it's pretty stupid that they only do double xp weekends for Premium members. Great idea, let's just alienate all our customers just because they don't shell out $50 a year for crap.

ScytheX31944d ago

crap? 20 maps is crap? not to mention weapons, gear and early access to content? your smoked out fool

DarthJay1944d ago

It's one of the perks of Premium. It's been well known that Double XP weekends would be through Premium. The Premium Edition of Battlefield 3 was $25 on Black Friday and $30 many other times since.

Oh well...

porkChop1944d ago

Yeah I understand that, but my point is that pretty much every other multiplayer game does double xp for everyone. For a premium service you do need to have exclusive perks, but you don't build that system by taking things away that used to be free. You do it by ADDING new features and new services.

DarthJay1943d ago

What used to be free? Double XP? Hate to break it to you, but this is the first time Battlefield has ever done double XP. Did not happen once on either Bad Company or 1943 on the consoles.

I'd say adding new features like game modes, maps and weapons is in fact, adding new features. But feel free to keep whining and crying about it. You had plenty of opportunity to not have to pay $50 for it and you chose not to.

Love it or hate it, DLC is here to stay. Even for $50, Premium was a great value for people that bought all the DLC. Obviously people jumping in late get the best deal with what is essentially a GOTY edition, but again, this should hardly be a surprise.

porkChop1943d ago

I never complained about DLC at all. Double XP is NOT DLC. And when I said "taking things away that used to be free", it was pretty obvious that I was talking about the fact that every other multiplayer game does Double XP for free and have been doing so since before Battlefield Premium ever came out.

Myst1944d ago

I didn't shell out $50.00 for Battlefield 3, Heck I got it cheaper than that and just got the Premium edition for about $30.00. Granted I am a really low level compared to others but still I have everything at least.

ZBlacktt1944d ago

You can file share it with another user and go in half for it.

krazykombatant1944d ago

Last i checked its a one time pay off not $50 a year. Besides, I'd be pretty fed up of playing just the Vanilla maps and Karkand maps after a whole year.

KONAAs1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

actually, there's double xp week ends for both premium and not premium, except a perc for premium is we get exclusive double points days, on the start of dec there was a double XP for evry one, but more days for premium users, premium was worth the money, ill pay premium for bf4 or BC3.

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I just bought a new pc and there's no other game I've been wanting to play at max more than bf3. I have it on 360 but I need to buy it on pc. I guess now would be a great time.

FarCryLover1821944d ago

I like BF3 a lot, but what is the point of XP once you become a Colonel?

Detoxx1944d ago

Becoming an Colonel 100 maybe?

ZBlacktt1944d ago

Many just boost that anyway. All pointless.

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