Persona 4 Golden Is The Best Vita Game Out There

Persona 4 wows game critics, makes video about it.

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CaptainSheep1976d ago

Damn straight! I've finished the game 4 times ever since I got it. The game is just so much fun.

doogiebear1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Best GOTY of ANY platform. I'm astounded by the depths of this game!

Zodiac1976d ago

It really is the best Vita game out there, but i don't really like Chie's new voice.

doogiebear1975d ago

Chie's new voice took getting used to. But one fact remains: her new voice actress is one of the most dynamic in the game. The old actress lacked enthusiasm and energy.

Cocozero1976d ago

Not even Vita could ruin one of the best PS2 games of all time

Snookies121976d ago

Trolling much? The Vita is the best handheld hands down.

Protagonist1975d ago

True...freaking amazing handheld console.

porkChop1975d ago

Best handheld of all time. So how could it ever ruin "one of the best PS2 games of all time"? It could only make it even better, which it has.

kyon1471976d ago

The Vita is an outstanding console it has just lacked the support it needs from Sony and Games Companies to make the console really show what it is made of.

Persona 4 Golden is a good example of when a games companies uses the console correctly.

Dark111976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

yep , the best vita game is a PORT..
that's why , the vita is selling badly.

sdozzo1976d ago

It's not like Nintendo remakes Mario every year. But, I see you working.

cpayne931975d ago

So the best Vita game is a port of a ps2 game...

You realize the best 3ds game is a port of an n64 game right? Ocarina of Time? 3ds is just as guilty as Vita for ports and spin offs. Best games on it are a Zelda and Starfox port, mario 3d land and mario kart, Resident Evil, Paper Mario, and so on and so forth. Very few new ips.

kyon1471975d ago

Some of the best games on hand-held consoles are ports because of the ability to play the good games on the go that you always wanted.

cpayne931975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I would rather have spin offs or new ips. Im not about to buy a console for games I already have access to. I don't mind spin offs on either but people act like the Vita's problem is too many ports and spin offs, when the 3ds does the same thing.

Protagonist1975d ago

Some just like to Ignore.

doogiebear1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

More than a port, buddy. I played this on emulator, and in the PS2 emulation version I got to the 3rd boss in about 12 hours (this was my first time playing the game, so i was taking my sweet time) before I decided to buy the Vita version. It took me almost TWICE as long (22 hours) to get that far in the Vita version due to the MASSIVE amount of new things I have to get through just to reach that same chapter in the story (even though I was a more experienced player by now).

It may be the same story-wise, but the amount added into it is so huge that it literally doubles the length of the game. Maybe even tripling it's longevity (especially for first time players such as myself).

This game is HUGE! Like 200 hours huge. And you STILL won't accomplish even 1/4 of everything in your first playthrough. I'll have to play this 3 MORE TIMES after I beat it, just to accomplish every side mission, social link, persona, every stat, max out my levels, get every item, and see every nook and cranny.

This is no mere "port". It's practically a re-imagining/remake, only that it's using the same engine in HD.

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