Far Cry 2, Going Beyond the FPS

Ubisoft Montreal studios is taking the first person shooter in a different direction. According to narrative designer Patrick Redding, the story is all up to you and how you interact with the environment and Non-playable characters.

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xaphanze3952d ago

The graphics are stunning.I just hope it plays well like the first one.Will be getting it if it gets good reviews.

IzKyD13313952d ago

hopfully it comes out in the fall, it looks amazing so far

DFresh3950d ago

From what I've read and seen Far Cry 2 seems to be a PS3 exclusives.
Heard it's going to take full advantage of the 8 processors the PS3 has plus their making a totally new engine for this game so I can expect great things from this game when it comes out in 2008.