Lightning Returns staff talk story, gameplay and worldview

The entire Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII interview with Famitsu now translated, reveals new details.

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iamtehpwn1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

"500 years have passed since the end of XIII-2 but people seem to have become unaware of that fact. Additionally, the cycle of life has been interrupted in this world. No new children can be born, nor can people die from age. "

This could be an interesting story element if they show the psychological effects of people not being able to bare children or age.

zerocrossing1937d ago

I agree, but unfortunately Squenix are making it...

Hingle_Mcringleberry1937d ago

I hope you aren't one of the people crying for Versus 13 because it too is being made by SE

zerocrossing1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


Well they are supposed to have a competent team handling FF-V XIII, but it seems messing up anything is possible for SE.

Root1937d ago

Not you really think Square would focus on that.

Want to see people who can't bare a child, watch Childen Of Men.

Square Enix just says whatever fans want to hear so they'll be suckered into buying it again and will defend it.

N4GDgAPc1937d ago

So how does square-enix saying people can't bare a child have to do with square-enix just saying whatever fans want to hear? You don't make since at all.

AsimLeonheart1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


Root means to say that SE only pretends like they will be focusing on making a game with some deep story, ideas and emotion but in the end their games these days are shallow and ludicrous when it comes to stories. They only release these statements to get fan attention but the games still turn out to be stupid.

N4GDgAPc1937d ago

I got a disagree. This is how u can tell u are blinded from square-enix/ff13 hate. So please tell me where can I ever find a group of fans getting together demanding that square-enix make a story about no new children can be born?

Its funny how u make that comment to Root. From the last article u complain how ff13 fans defend it when someone makes an opinon on why they don't like it. You saying

"Square Enix just says whatever fans want to hear so they'll be suckered into buying it again and will defend it."

Thats not an opinion at all. No where was that your opinion why u hate it. I didn't get suckered into ff13 because of Square-enix. It's because I enjoy ff13 and ff13-2. And I know I will enjoy the next game. I don't care if you post your opinion on why u hate the game but when u post saying that we actually don't enjoy ff13 because were suckered by square-enix is just stupid. Why would I enjoy something by something they say?

N4GDgAPc1937d ago

Fair enough AsimLeonheart but adding that we people that enjoyed the game are suckered into buying the again and defend is just stupid. So from that statement he is saying no one really liked the game but they actually really hate it. Were just blinded by square-enix love. I'm sorry thats just stupid.

torchic1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )


all you ever do is hop on Final Fantasy XIII series / Square Enix articles and hate. why, if you hate them so much?

I understand hating once or twice, but all the time? c'mon Root.

and to add, none of your comments are constructive criticism, just the usual badwagon "I have no idea what I'm on about but hey!" hating.

Root1937d ago

@Torchic works both ways, you defend the crap out of the game in most articles. Why can't you deal with other peoples opinions do they bother you that much

See this is the thing with FF13 fans, they can say how much they love the game on these articles but no one can say anything negative.

You don't see the ones who don't like it hop onto your comments and make a big deal because you like it and your opinion is differn't. You guys are the problem.

Oh and don't make me out to be the only one, theres a lot of people who don't like it

Deal with it and don't cry over someones opinion.

torchic1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I defend the game because people like you dickride and bandwagon the unfair, mainstream critism of it. I called you out because you do it all the time, and it's getting really old really fast.

I agree that Final Fantasy XIII is in no way a great game, nowhere near the stratospheric heights set by its predeccesors, but it is a good game and nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be, and as a company the same can be said for Square Enix. if all you want to do is hate you're wasting your resources on Square Enix, there are many more publishers/studios deserving of your concern.

listen, I have no problem with opinions but to spew untrue, borderline nonsensical comments on AlMOST EVERY Final Fantasy article, especially hating on a game which we don't no very much about makes no sense, and those aren't opinions. just pathetic, lame attempts at trying to be hip and part of the in crowd and win yourself some agrees and bubbles.

I want to stress the fact that I'm not the biggest "Lightning Saga" fan, like many all I wanted was Versus XIII since I first saw it in 2007 and in fact, I didn't give two hoots about XIII when I saw it. but since I actually played and platinumed the game I feel I should dispell untruths created by people who probably haven't even played it in the first place.

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Godmars2901937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Except are they saying people don't age, or that they can't die from aging? There is a massive difference. More so when talking about a half a century time span.

I'm aware that my bias as a former fan effects my thinking, but if Square pulls some plot BS where some show their age when others don't, unless its as punishment by the powers controlling the world - they need to hire writer for fu*king up such a basic plot element!

Unless there's some regular memory wiping going, there would be major physiological effects to people living for centuries. Root's recommendation wouldn't actually represent it. Would cover the initial societal collapse, but not any rebuilding if such could even take place. There's an old Star Trek episode, the original series where the crew visit a planet where a viral war created kids who never age but kills adults, that better shows what would happen.

But of course I can already see Square setting a stage where there are teenagers who act like teenagers rather than people who have been stuck in youthful bodies for 500 years.

-Gespenst-1937d ago

Well it does say they're not aware of 500 years passing, so probably not.

The chaos halts their biological clock, but going by this, presumably their subjective sense of time too or something. Kind of heavy stuff, but it seems like they might even be avoiding having to do what you suggest.

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DragonKnight1937d ago

“obsessive fixation on Lightning,”

Yeah I think we can see that you're obsessed with Lightning. You're the only ones that are besides creepy people that want to "hit" that.

3 paragraphs on the outfit. Has Final Fantasy become a fashion genre?

"500 years have passed since the end of XIII-2 but people seem to have become unaware of that fact. Additionally, the cycle of life has been interrupted in this world. No new children can be born, nor can people die from age. The people in this situation have come to realize that the world is going to end, however, unaware of the 13 day deadline."

These people must be the dumbest people to ever exist in an FF game. They are unaware of everything it seems.

"Abe says it’s all about trial and error."

HA! That's what I told an apologiser in a PM message. I KNEW it was about trial and error and NOT skill, exploration, and discovery. The f*cking time limit is a PROBLEM in this game and that was just confirmed with what Abe JUST said.

"“At the time of the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Exhibit, we showed the alpha version and as time rapidly decreased you could sense the irritation,” says Toriyama. “We’ve since added a mechanic that will increase the remaining time in the world through quests and battles. By actively completing quests and battles, the time available to you will increase.”

Gee, people complained about a time limit? No really? And so instead of removing it, you decided to be contradictory to your story and invent ways of "increasing" the time limit, but you won't mention by how much right? I can bet that it won't be anything like another day, probably another hour at most. Which, again, amounts to nothing.

“amazing ATB.”

Children. The system is Paradigm Shift 2.0 and is just as bad as in the other games. That's proven by watching the trailer.

"The break/stagger system will return for LRFFXIII, but unlike XIII and XIII-2 in which the chain gauge accumulated by continuous attacks, more than one condition will be required in this new title – an element that will help players develop multiple strategies according to Toriyama."

Except the game isn't about taking the time to form multiple strategies, it's about trial and error which means a lot of unnecessary defeats. Here's a good idea, let's make a game with a time limit but force people to learn new things about the battle system as though they have all the time in the world. WE DID IT AGAIN WADA! /s

-Gespenst-1937d ago

You're decontextualizing the trial and error point at the end. That only refers to managing exploration against the time limit, not the battle system.

If they pull it off, it could be good. It could be intense and urgent and could encourage replaying. If they don't, it could be very frustrating...

DragonKnight1937d ago

Thank you for replying with civility instead of how the usual reply from apologisers go. I don't mind using up my last bubble to address your reply.

You would have to have seen the PM messages to understand what I'm talking about, but essentially trial and error in this context isn't exactly a good thing. Like you said, they have to pull it off in the correct way for it to be any good. But in all seriousness, with how poorly SE have been handling their games this gen, I have very little faith that they can pull anything off well anymore. And that's really a shame because Final Fantasy was, at one point, considered the pinnacle of the JRPG genre and everyone had their favourite game, they could recite every moment to you in exact detail from memory. You can't say that about the FFXIII trilogy so far, it's just so bland, unimpressive, and different from the core spirit of the entire series.

DragonKnight1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

"even stronger monsters showing up at night. Moreover, special occurrences known as “eruptions of Chaos” will signal the coming of even more powerful monsters, even in locations that might have been previously safe."

Wow. Oh but don't forget, you have to complete pointless sidequests to level up so the likelihood of you being able to fight these monsters and succeed is very low. Plus, you don't have the time to spare.

"You might find yourself sucked in by the amount of time spent customizing in the menu."

Good thing then that the only time the timer stops is in menus.

"In regards to Lightning’s growth system, for the most part it’s connected to the completion of quests given to you throughout the game by various people. Unlike the previous two games, leveling won’t be connected to battle results"

Such a wonderful idea. Traditional leveling is for pussies. After all, you have all the time in the world to complete these pointless quests right?

"When pressed about the possible inclusion of mini-games, Abe dodged the question somewhat, while Toriyama says that, for now, they’re focusing on the main game."

There won't be any. Not until they decide to include a time nexus where time has no presence and you don't have to worry about the end of the world. That will be DLC of course.

"The current version of the game is difficult to clear because the story for each continent has taken play testers 3 to 4 in-game days to complete."

Hahaha wow, so many people think the time limit isn't an issue. With each new piece of information this game just gets worse.

goldwyncq1937d ago

What if the world created at the end of the game is the world of FF Versus XIII?

-Gespenst-1937d ago

I'm telling ya, there's some serious potential for some really clever storytelling if they managed to connect XIII and Versus.

I doubt they will though, and as for the new world at the end of this game, I get the impression it's not just another mortal universe or planet or something, but some sort of heavenly, transcendent thing.

Blackcanary1937d ago

If that was true i would play the game just to see that.

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