Concept art from Remember Me looks amazing

OmniGamer Writes "Capcom’s newest Action Adventure IP, Remember Me is already something that we have never seen before. It looks to be a one of the best games of 2013 in an already amazing line up. Even with all that good going for it the game still continues to impress. This time it’s the concept art that has everyone oohing and aahing."

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Kamikaze1351939d ago

Yes, they have good graphic designers. Now, let's just hope they have programmers that are just as good and they can transfer those ideas into a 3D environment well.

TenSteps1938d ago

Haven't followed this title. Would you guys say if this is a title to remember?

Braid1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

This is definitely going to be a good game and I'll be supporting it just like I supported Dragon's Dogma just due to the fact that these are new IPs. The gaming industry needs your support on these new titles, or else you'd have no right to complain about cookie cutter FPS games aimed for easy cash.

markte1938d ago

Nothing impressive, just like the rest of the game.

DigitalRaptor1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Remember me, Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs and Cyberpunk 2077 are my most anticipated sci-fi/futuristic games. Prey 2 would also be on my list if we knew that it was still in production.