New details on Rainbox Six: Vegas 2 uncovers new details on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 after a sit-down interview with the game's designer Phil Therrien and product manager Carl Caldareri.

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BigKev453952d ago

I'll pass on this one, stick to COD 4.

Lifendz3952d ago

the first one wasn't all that great compared to the 360 version (in terms of visuals) so I refuse to buy games that don' full price for games that are lesser games. I might just save my money for Killzone 2, Resistance 2, GT5, etc.

Omegasyde3952d ago

COd4 is getting old, All I have left is trying to get golden guns and I think squad matches are getting too predictiable.

When this game comes out almost everyone will migrate to it until GTA4. From GTA4 to MGS4, to possible KZ2. By this time Socom should be out and
all the veteran ps2 socom players will be reunited.

Funny how the PS3 community works like that.

Panthers3951d ago

Socom will be the last stop for a lot of players unless it is bad. I will still get other games, just not online games (like R6V)

IzKyD13313952d ago

although i'd love to buy this game, im looking forward to bigger and better titles, but its deffinatly a rent for me....i just cant burn 60 bucks everytime a good title comes out

Surfman3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

youre right
i made the mistake with DMC4, its nice but after 10-15 hours on it... its over. Expensive..

Mars Attacker3951d ago

I've been waiting for this game for a long time. The original 360 version had the best controls and cover system of any game I've ever played. I played it all the way through and was wanting more.

I need a good shooter to go along with all my racing games. I'm tired of COD4 and REALLY tired of DMC4. DMC4 has way too much Nintendo-like platforming and [email protected] cutscenes. I'm not big on 3rd person either. R6V2 is a sure-fire hit for me. I'll take that good old PC/xbox style FPS over a PS/Nintendo style third person platforming game any day.

OOG FunK3951d ago

Yea cant wait to get this game deffinitely a day one purcahse....GONNA BE SWEEET!!!!

themyk3951d ago

even though it was a crappy ps3 port. not that i know my ps3 version is going to be good. i'm buying it day one. and i can't wait. 2 player story mode. four player co op terr hunt. and an excellent multiplayer. i don't understand what you guys are gripping about. the game is going to be sweet. and i can't wait to retire call of duty for a while. i wish i could use like a overkill perk on rsv2 and use an mp7 and an mp9. i'd be the ultimate killer. this well hold me off until metal gear online comes out. i think thats going to be a very cool multiplayer game.