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Wii U Isn't Ready For Prime Time As Digital Entertainment Device

Troy Wolverton: As a game console, Nintendo's Wii U console has gotten mixed reviews. But as a living room digital media device, it's clearly not ready for prime time.
Nintendo has made digital entertainment a priority on the Wii U. At launch, the device was able to stream videos from Netflix (NFLX), and Nintendo added an app for Hulu Plus days later. Earlier this month, Nintendo updated the console with an application called TVii, which is supposed to turn the Wii U into a portal for all your living room entertainment options. (Nintendo, Wii U)

Gr81  +   882d ago
Might be true as of now. One of the most baffling decisions Nintendo made in regards to their digital endeavor is the lack of the virtual console. I'm with Malstrom in that regard.
scissor_runner  +   882d ago
I don't know the virtual console is on the wiiu. I'm transferring all of my stuff now. It even has a nice animation that is like a cut scene. Very entertaining.

Plus we just had a Heros marriton and found despeckable me on the wiiu for rent. I don't think people are trying this thing out. Malli doesn't even have a wiiu.

Just went on the sport page and wow! I can get stats for the whole season and even field movement after and during the game. The guys over in las Vegas are going to love this feature along. Then add that to nba2k13 and it even does that during the game! Let's you see when the next game is playing even!

I'm seriously impressed with the sheer usfullness of the feature I was never going to use.
We have been going back and forward with black ops2, old wii RPGs, movie time and weather. When I'm done we just use the favorites in the game pad or simply move the whole system to another room like it was a portable harddrive. Seriously think about getting another.

So in summary the true features are not even getting out their because the gaming media simply refuses to use the system. This is mOstly from an older crowd of Nintendo gamers maybe for various reasons.

I aggree with Mali the most but he is short sided some times.
Gr81  +   882d ago
Hey Scissor
I know the Wii U is able to run the Wii's VC in Wii mode, but I meant as Mali does, that the Wii U should have its own VC, where you could play and have access to all types of classic games and even play them through the gamepad. Now THAT would be worth the price of admission! Also, you shouldn't have to buy the games you bout for Wii and transferring them should be less of an obstacle. And should my console ever brick, games purchased digitally shouldn't go bye bye as well

But I do agree that things can change, and will change as time goes on, the Wii U may turn into a fantastic system. Many fans forget that the 360/PS3 also came out of the gate lacking many of the features that fans now point to as perceived value And it took those systems many years to achieve this. But if you are a PC gamer, those systems seem like childs play any way. : )

I'm in no way bashing the system, as you know me. But I've yet to purchase one. I didn't even purchase the Wii until Prime 3 released.

If/When I do purchase one their digital approach will be a deciding factor.

Nintendo has always been a lightning rod in this industry, either loved or hated. The funny thing will be if the industry wishes to survive or thrive, they actually need to cut the crap with their bias and properly support the market leader.
scissor_runner  +   882d ago
I have the wiiu now and i'm telling you it was not a choir. I'm playing all my old games just to be sure it all worked. The transfer took less than a few minutes, it was about the same amount of time as a download. It even had a graphic to go along with it.

I just bought double dragon 2 on the nes on my wiiu... So no I don't have to buy them on my old Wii any more. My wiiu is effectively as awesome as my old wii now. It even transferred my huge ammount of wiiware credit.

I would love upscalling options but I think the pirates might be holding that idea hostage. A complete link to the wiiu might give them a way in. Once that does happen i'll be using their upscaller if it is good.

This way is good because the wiiware on the Wiiu doesn't have to compete with these oldschool games.

The games should be able to run thur the gamepad and maybe this will come. That isn't a deal breaker to me though. I like my jagged gameplay on the biggest screen i can find!

Another problem is no one realy wants that... the vc sales where not that great only the oldschoolers with board taste liked it and bough5t these games. You could even say mostly game developers bought these games for other to play if their own collection of games died out on them.

The obstacle is as simple as putting an sd card in you wiiu getting the cred right then in your wii for the copying and then back to your wiiu for the paste. I have a ton of crap too and it works just fine. The wifi was already setup for both wiis also. not a problem.

Yet perks would be nice. speedier os would be cool too... Too much is turned on and running at the same time I think. The stat reporting tool is very very detailed also. Lots of fat to trim.

So if we want to take wishful thinking to the max we should be able to uninstall any of nintendos features, web browser, dash board, miiverser and let the dev use that power... which would actually be a problem as bloatware gets installed just like smart phones.

As time goes developers may be able to convince nintendo of different things yet not much is going to change until Sony and MS put their cards on the table. After a certain period I'm sure nintendo will just roll out different updates. The GPGPU conf is next year so I'm sure lots of things will roll out of that also.

Also the third party problem this time is a cell/like issue... it is a new model of programming and the bigger guys are not liking it yet SONY and nintendo are forcing the issue along with Nvidia and AMD is going bonkers over it.

So every one is off to boot camp while bigger companies simply swallow the cost. If The nintnedo following was a little more blind or easier to fool then 3rd parties would be all over it. Yet there are way too many vets there along with new comers who are not blind fanboys of 3rd parties since they are new to gaming for various reasons.

By all means be sure you get the game you want before buying the system Arius Dion its a good system yet no system is great until you get the games you want, the same goes for the ps4 or xbox next.
gorebago  +   882d ago
The system has been out for less than two months. It's far more advanced in it's capabilities than both of it's peers were when they launched.

So I don't know...give it time.
MikeMyers  +   882d ago
You can't keep giving Nintendo excuses. If Sony or Microsoft came out with a cellphone and didn't have a camera in it they would get blasted too even if it was their first cellphone. To be competitive you need to be up to date with what the competition is doing at the time. You can't excuse yourself and say well this is their first try so give them some flexibility. It doesn't work that way.

What I will be lenient on is the articles comments about the TV functionality. Even when you buy a learning remote to replace all your other remotes they never do work as well as the original one. That is why I always keep the original if I want to make TV adjustments like brightness. I think it would be pretty hard for any device to learn every feature for every TV out there.
mcstorm  +   882d ago
I have to agree. Look at both the ps3 and 360 when they both came out and what they offered to what they offer now.

Give the Big N time like Sony and Microsoft have had to build there online and online media.
ronin4life  +   882d ago
Hell, digital content wise it already matches/exceeds ms and Sony in many regards.
KontryBoy706  +   882d ago
far more advanced than both of it's peers were? The Wii U can't even play blu-rays. It doesn't even have a nice sized hard drive, no ethernet port, It's processor is weaker than the PS3 and 360's processors, you can't do online chat for ALL games (which even the original xbox had) and it has lack of support from 90% of 3rd party devs for ALL of 2013. It's online store has tekken tag which can't be installed on both models because of lack of hard drive space. You have to purchase an external drive to download multiple games from their own store. This is ridiculous. The Wii U should at least be able to do ALL of the things the previous generation does. Nintendo can't continue to be given excuses. You don't have to be a fanboy to point out these things. I am a person that wanted to buy a next gen nintendo console but I will not until a revision is made by Nintendo. how much time does Nintendo need?
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Benjaminkno  +   882d ago
Why do you care about what Nintendo does if you're not going to inform yourself? You don't even have the system to be able to voice a legitimate opinion. "Can't play blu-rays?" I'm not buying a system to do something other than gaming, duh. I suppose you'd have to come up with some extravagant hardware if you don't know how to create games.

ylwzx3  +   882d ago
Who cares? Physical media is dying.
metroid32  +   882d ago
Its the best console ive ever touched and the Browser is the fastest ive ever used everything is quick for me on Virgin Super Hub even the Youtube App,i'm sure they will keep improving things even though i don't need anything improving.
chukamachine  +   882d ago
Your name says it all. lol.

40million is all.

PS4,720 will crush it i'm afraid.
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Benjaminkno  +   882d ago
You said the same thing about Ps3, 360.
Maybe they can make some of their own games, or turn a profit for that matter.

Afraid? damn right you are
MasterCornholio  +   882d ago
Neither were the PS3 and the 360 at launch so give it some time and you will see that the services will improve.
Rageanitus  +   882d ago
at least PS3 had the blu-ray drive.
Gr81  +   882d ago
A blue ray drive
Along with a weak launch line up, I recall Resistance being their marquee title..and a $600 price tag.
1upgamer99  +   882d ago
Yes PS3 has a blu-ray drive, but this next gen for me that is not as relevant. I already have 2 blu-ray players and a PS3. I would rather Sony save the cost and put more into the power of the console. Also with PS3-slim being sold $299 how much is PS4 going to cost us? Wii U, is far better online at launch than PS3 was. I guess people have forgotten how crappy online was this gen at launch. The Wii U, is also better online than my PS3. The browser is far better than any other console on the market. The gamepad use online is fantastic. If you have not used the Wii U in your own home and looked at all that it can do, you really need to.
poo342947294792  +   882d ago
everything is great all I want is a patch for fixing the slow os for app switching it takes ages
ShaunCameron  +   882d ago
And I don't care, because I didn't buy it for its digital entertainment device capabilities. I bought it for its upcoming games.
StrawHatPatriot  +   882d ago
I don't think Nintendo did well with the Wii U, this time.
Benjaminkno  +   882d ago
They haven't even started marketing the system yet.
Square will be supporting the console this time around so, maybe you'll change your mind.
StrawHatPatriot  +   881d ago
They have, and the commercials aren't getting much positive feedback from anyone, even those who like Nintendo.
madjedi  +   881d ago
To bad square's star as a console rpg makers has fallen so far from it's previous position of king of jrpgs. I'll bet the xenoblades dev make a better game than se does.

But that is funny that you think se has any clout to throw behind the wii u. When they finally release a real ff game this gen, then they might be relevant again, if versus doesn't have the squaresoft magic of older games. Se is totally irrelevant to console jrpg gamers.
scissor_runner  +   882d ago
Ok we need a new rule. If you don't own the console you can't talk down about it's features. You know miiverse solves a lot of this. Tons of web sites are simply looking for the negative. They must explain away why it may not do well.

This comes down to a weird form of envy in this industry. Failed developers, media platforms and their employers must be pissed that they lost and Nintendo keeps going. Well there is a lesson here. While you are busy tearing stuff down they simply keep working on their flaws.

Will they make every one happy, no. Realistically most people want to give up with competiting against nintendo. It's like a lower form of disney. No one competes against Disney by bad mouthing them.

Also the worst form of wealth is one that is not warned. Lots of media writes will lose out due to the negative reports. As much as they would love to think gamers are following them they are simply listening and waiting for these oracles to get it wrong. The only gaming consumer that is effected then is the naive younger gamers but wait Nintendo has them also.

I like what nintendo is doing right now and indies have a real chance on this system. It's a great platform for nintendo games and hd games, along with old school games and arcade games followed by so genres that no longer exsist. All in all this is a good thing.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   882d ago
rainslacker  +   881d ago
I have no problem with people who comment on it not owning it, so long as they actually investigate to determine if their criticism is valid, AND they actually have an interest in the system other than bashing it. This back and forth among all consoles has gotten old this gen, and I've been hearing this kind of crap for over 30 years, but at least it used to be a lot more civil, and mostly informed.
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wiiulee  +   882d ago
wiiu is more then ready for prime time it's offering services not available on any system...tvii is great and will only keep improving....but of course haters have to come up with some nonsense
AO1JMM  +   881d ago
It just came out!!!!! Geez
GreenRanger  +   881d ago
Give it some time, ffs.
Adolph Fitler  +   881d ago
wiiulee, your name says it all buddy.....no matter how much sense & reality people talk about the Wii-U, you will defend it like the fanboy you are. The machine is a great little machine, but I went on the store the other day, & the content has as much substance & weight as a aneorexic, be-afran supermodel with a cocaine habit. There was bugger all up there for me to buy. Now, I am Australian, so I'm not sure if our store is different to U.S. in content, but I can't imagine the U.S. store having that much more on there, if it is in fact different, but I must say I was more than dissapointed to say the least. I mean, Nintendo could have had sooo much content up there, without even trying that hard... They could have had an "ol skool" section that was riddled with the likes of Mario, Mario64, Donkey Kong Country series, Zelda series, Mario Karts, Metroid series, & then it wouldn't have been too hard to have the likes of Konami with old classics, like the MGS series, Castlevania, & the awesome Protectorbots (or Contra 3), then Capcom with Ghouls, Strider, Final Fight, etc, etc, & the list of 3rd party NES & SNES developers goes on that could & would have contributed content, knowing returns would more than likely be pretty good, due to the little effort needed to throw a digital only copy of a 20-30yr old game out there, not to mention the fact the machine is content starved at this point would help drive the sales of these older games.
I would certainly buy Contra 3 if it wasn't ridiculously dear.
I mean, Nintendo should have learnt a lot from XBL, PEN (PSN) & Wii's pathetic online capabilities, & should have gone into this with a major advantage really, but they haven't, & seem un-interested in online altogether & seem to be just throwing some half assed online infrastructure up there, to simply say, "yeh, we got online too".

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