The PS3 & PS Vita Games Releasing in January 2013 for North America

Like most years, the first month of 2013 will be a particularly slow one. Aside from a few key releases like DmC Devil May Cry and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, there isn’t a whole lot to look forward to.

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alexcosborn1883d ago

REALLY excited about this one.

zgoldenlionz1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )


Only problem is this is what I'm getting my wife for her birthday so I have to wait almost two weeks to open it :(

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j-blaze1883d ago

dood are you THAT desperate to get attention from ppl? here i replied to you

on topic:
since i already have Anarchy Reigns, i'll save my money for the month after for MGR and Ken's Rage 2!

and lol at PirateThom, the guy doubted Kojima's decision, bashed and hated MGR and Platinum games but now he says he likes the game, i don't know what to call this...irony or hypocrisy?

PirateThom1883d ago

I'm not sure how it's hypcrisy or irony.

I had been saying for a while it will be a good game, not necessarily a good Metal Gear game and I stand by that. I still don't think it fits with the established canon and ending of MGS4, since that game ends the story for all the characters, but it doesn't change the fact it's a fun game and plays really well.

My complaints have always been story based, not gameplay.

Y_51501883d ago

Saving my money for February. I'm going to check out the MGS Rising demo even though I'm not a fan of MGS at all. God of War Ascension MP Btea will be the highlight of that month for me!

TrendyGamers1883d ago

The Ascension beta will get some playtime from me as well!

PirateThom1883d ago

I really enjoyed the Rising demo that came with Zone of the Enders HD. I can definitely see it having appeal outside the normal MGS audience.

I did not enjoy the God of War Ascension MP... it may just be the beta, and I can see what they are doing with it, but it just didn't really feel that fun to me. Not for everyone, but definitely check it out. Graphics were pretty impressive for a beta.

G20WLY1883d ago

I agree, Rising seems different enough to grab new fans, but similar enough to please the diehards. Pretty smart move on the dev's part.

btw, j-blaze references you above - I'm not sure why he didn't have the decency to reply to you here... no point replying to him though, seeing as he only has one bubble. Bringing to your attention as you have the right to know and you make sense in your comment history.

Blank1883d ago

Yo capcom Im not gonna trash on DmC this comment instead my hard earned 60 bucks plus tax will go to ni no kuni you wont be seeing my hard earned cash spent on your game im not sorry : P

rainslacker1883d ago

Too bad the majority won't see it that way. Ni No Kuni is deserving of good sales.

I'll probably get DMC when it hits $30.

prototypeknuckles1883d ago

seems like the only 2 games worth getting will be ni no kuni and anarchy reigns, because i dont like hitman, im not buying more psn games until later next year and DmC...........haha LMFAO yeah as if id pay that crap company $60 for an average hack n slash, especially after how they want to trash the original DMC, its creators, and its fans

CrimsonDragon901883d ago

Capcom could care less if a butthurt fanboy doesn't buy DmC. And I don't think everyone has even heard of Anarchy Regins or that other game.

DragonKnight1883d ago

Dude, Capcom cares about every dollar they earn. A "butthurt fanboy" (you use the word butthurt a lot, it seems you have some fascination with anal cavities. You are either a colorectal surgeon or...) not buying DmC matters to Capcom. Especially when there are a lot of "butthurt fanboys" (you mean real Devil May Cry fans and not gullible morons who love Donte Antoniades and his broke SSSSSSSSSStyle) who aren't going to buy this farce.

Tdmd1883d ago

Capcom will care if enough "butthurt fanboys" decide not to buy their game - which, I hope, will happen.

prototypeknuckles1883d ago

1-im not a butthurt faboy, and a fanboy buys anything just because the name is on it, even if its crap.

2-dont kid yourself they care deeply about losing money

3-and people have heard of ni no kuni, and anarchy reigns, butthurt fanboys like you just havnt and wouldnt buy them anyway youd rather buy DmC, which is pretty sad


CrimsonDragon901883d ago

Dude you are butthurt. Just like everyone else who keeps saying they are not gonna buy dmc. That the new dmc sucks it ruined the series. I don't know comments like that sound to me like their butthurt because they won't forget about the new dmc game and move on with their life's. And yea I'm gonna buy DmC and have a good time. While you and all the butthurt fanboys can go cry and whine to forums how dmc ruined your life. Now that's pretty sad LMAO

DragonKnight1883d ago

Ok seriously, why are you fixated on the anal cavities of people and whether or not they are in pain? Is that a symptom of liking DmC?

prototypeknuckles1883d ago

it didnt ruin my life and im not butthurt, but the game did ruin the franchise look at DMC 1 3 and 4 then go play DmC its a night and day difference, and if you enjoy it thats fine but know that you helped a crap company that talked crap about the creators, the fans, and the franchise they are working on, also most people dont realise this but i gave this game a chance before ninja theory acted like douchebags and i saw how the gameplay, and story was, so you go ahead and act like a 3itch, and just know your whats wrong with the gaming industry today.

WeAreLegion1878d ago

They aren't trashing the original DMC. They LOVE the original DMC. They wanted to make DMC5. Capcom said change the look and the story.

It's. Not. Their. Fault.

Get over yourself.

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