Sex and Gender in Gaming Explained! (Maybe)

This piece is about how gender issues are discussed throughout the gaming community and how we can all communicate and listen differently to actually start making a difference. The moderate gaming community sees the problems of the industry, but we tend to fight each other in a gender flame war, rather than hold the actual minority sexist consumers accountable. It's time we make our voice heard to certain behind-the-curve game developers and give them an incentive to break out of their old marketing models.

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Timesplitter142150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

I think game devs should just do whatever they want without feeling obliged to maintain a perfect balance between the genders. Those who want male heroes in their games will put male heroes and those who want female heroes will put female heroes.

I also think there's not a single shadow of negativeness in sex and nudity and people should just get over it. We're in 2012, not in the christian middle-ages. If devs like to put girls in revealing clothes, it's not because all men are hell-bent on objectifying women. It's simply because almost everyone enjoys the aesthetics of a pretty girl. There is demand for it so just go for it.

Some complain about the fact that women always have to look pretty in games or movies. Well, men always have to look fit and handsome too, on top of being funny and mysterious and successful and courageous and having the ability to fight 10 guys barehanded. You don't see me complain. If that's what people like to see, go for it.

I can't TELL people what to like and what to dislike anyway. There's no point in complaining for these things