New Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII details: No QTEs, Growth Tied to Side-quests

There are a ton of new details on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII that are out.

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TheLyonKing1786d ago

Not really side quests if it is tied to your growth usually side quests are for those who want to expand the universe like in 10 where you got extra info about Spira or 8 where you learned about a character a bit more.

I usually find side quests rewarding as well.

zerocrossing1786d ago

Well it wouldn't be the only area that FF-XIII 3 strays pretty drastically from the traditional FF mould.

I usually find myself interested in a Final Fantasy title, but there ya go...

-Gespenst-1786d ago

Side quests usually offer pretty awesome rewards, not just expansion of the universe.

But yeah, nothing wrong with side quests that don't reward you in terms of gameplay either.

Julie1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Root you are right i have every single FF i love them all , and i replay them. Now FFXIII well i even got platinum on that game and tried to replay it and couldn't.

Also i got FFXIII-2 just for to see if it was really good as some people said ... and couldn't even finish it , i believe is the only game i haven't finished and never will it is that bad. The worse crap on FFXIII-2 is the casino i see a nice card table and oh lets play! "NOPE" *you want to play this card game go and buy it as DLC* W T F!

For this lightning return i am sorry but i won't waste money again , it saddens me because as i said i have all FF in here :(

Summons751786d ago

Ummmm you do realize other RPGs gave you experience for side quests right? That goes toward your leveling. Stop nitpicking, your not a final fantasy fan....except for probably 7 being the only game you've played, okay. Real fans are willing to wait for the game to release before judging. 13 was fine 13-2 fixed what things were wrong in 13. This is going to finish the story of 13 and probably link 13 an v13 together (who knows but that's my guess).

Root1786d ago


I think the ones who hate FF13 are more of a FF fan then those who like FF13. We rather have Versus or FFX HD...hell even KH3, not this crap.

FF13 is not a FF game so how can you be more of a FF fan when it's nothing like what made Final Fantasy...Final Fantasy

TheLyonKing1785d ago

Actually my first ff 6 and my favorite was 8 purely cause I have good memories while playing it and the score and story was amazing.

To make such an assumption about my like for a game series purely because my statement is silly. Everything you do in an rpg/jrpg contributes but ff side quests are about gaining an inside on the universe and the people in it while the leveling is just a nice perk it never has been a requirement for growth within the game. I have played and beaten every single FF game and it is my 2nd favorite series of all time.

DragonKnight1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

"This new world will be created after the world in Lightning Returns ends in 13 days, which gives rise to a speculation of a new game."

Yay, another poorly designed Toriyama FF game. Just what we wanted! Forget Versus XIII, more of this stuff please! /s

"Lightning’s clothes are the clothes of a soul liberator, and the clothes and task are given by Bhunivelze–the maker. That’s because while the “crystal myth” involves many gods, out of the ones that are concerned in the “Lightning Saga”, Bhunivelze is the only one who hasn’t made an appearance."


"Unlike FFXIII and FFXIII-2 where to stagger an enemy all you had to do was fill up an enemy’s chain gauge, this time you have to fulfill a bunch of other conditions besides that."

Cool, some variation. But umm, given that the time limit counts down during battles, my guess is that people will opt for whatever variation of "auto-battle" exists in this game. You know, because you have to play this game quickly instead of how you'd normally play a JRPG.

"New equipment can be bought from the various vendors in the game, or made if you have the right components along with possible decorations like the sunglasses Lightning is seen with in the latest trailer are in the game."

Crafting system in an FF game. Cool. About time I'd say. Last time we saw anything like this in any real depth was FFIX.

"Lightning’s growth is tied to completing the quests you get from people in-game, which probably indicates a lot of side-quests. You get components to make new equipment and points to alter the amount of available time before the end."

What does Toriyama have against levelling up? Seriously. Why create limitations to character progression? That is more of the same crap that people hated in FFXIII. It's like taking one step forward with XIII-2 and one step back with XIII-3. Fire Toriyama and let someone else direct.

Root1786d ago

It seems he wants to make this into something other then a RPG game. Seriously this guy is killing the FF franchise.

Give us a game with

An open map
A airship to travel around in
Side quests off NPCs
Secrets to find
Make Ultimite weapons in our own time
Find Summons
Find rare magic/armor/weapons
Hell even make turn based come back, it worked in Lost Odyssey

DragonKnight1786d ago

He does. He said with FFXIII he wants FF to be more like shooters where the player has very little actual involvement in the story's progression, and this is further evidenced by the rewards for completing the battles and game quickly.

**EDIT** My earlier post mentioned the crafting system not being around in an FF game since FFIX. FFXI doesn't count, but the FFXIII trilogy had its own lame attempt at a crafting system.

baodeus1786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )


1. It is open
2. If correct, they have a train/ light rail for traveling (don't know if u can ravel freely anywhere though)
3. it seems side quest is more essential/ enticing because your growth is now tied/ link to them.
4. FF13 so far hasn't lost any finding secrets, rare items, ultimate weapon, craft items etcc. So I don't think that these will be excluded from aFF13-3 either.
5. Don't know about SLOW PACE turn base returning though. So far people couldn't handle fast pace turn based so all they do is just press one button and auto battle (if u hate auto battle, then why don't you do manual input? It is still there so I dont understand the complaint?)


Since when can you alter the story or progression in final fantasy game? What differences does it make if you beat the game quickly vs beating it slowly when the story doesn't change like most previous FF games may I ask? FF games have been about telling u a story. They aren't WRPG where you can change your story or characters; FF13-2 is the few FF game out there that actually allow u to slightly change your story, npc interaction and surroundings.
addition of time limit to the entire game (previous FF game have some part where time limit were introduce like the train mission in FF8 for example) actually an interesting concept, why?
- it is more strategic (you have to make wise decision and quickly or suffer the consequences) Like demon/dark soul with their difficulties, but with time instead.
- it added urgency or tension (same like demon/dark soul)
- there are ways for you to extend your time so it entice gamers to explore more, do more sidequest, good these side quests are remain unseen?
- eliminate/minimized repetitive grinding to make game more challenging. I don't know why people loves to grind to make themselves uber powerful only to end up making the game easy. Where the challenge in that? It doesn't test your skill or knowledge of the game play mechanic, just your patient. Mindless and repetitive grinding is only good for wasting time.

MizTv1786d ago

It's sad everyone has been asking for this and they don't listen

DragonKnight1786d ago

@baodeus: It isn't about altering the story, it's about progressing in your own time and at your own pace. In previous FF games you could decide when you wanted to progress the story, and your ability to level up was never hindered. In these games, the game is designed to force you to play the way Toriyama wants you to play. What difference does it make? You don't play many RPG's do you? Or maybe you do, just not the way they are intended. RPGs are about experiences, about immersion, about exploration. When you are forced to play quickly, you ignore everything but progressing forward. That's NOT an RPG. May as well make it a generic action game with RPG elements instead. Oh and uh, you obviously have very little experience with past RPG's as well. Even within Square's back catalog you have a game like Chrono Trigger that offered multiple endings and story alterations, but nooooooo that's what FF fans DON'T want right?

You're the second person that tried to use the FF8 missions with time limits as a connection to an entire game with one. Missions with time limits are little diversions meant to break up the game and offer something different. An entire game with a time limit is designed to force you to play a certain way, forcing you to have a specific experience with the game and is NOT the same thing as a singular moment where you try to decouple trains before the time runs out. Can't believe how many people are so poorly versed in Final Fantasy yet claim to be fans.

You're also the second person to erroneously bring in Dark Souls as a comparison. In Dark Souls you have to be slow and methodical. Playing quickly will kill you. FF13-3 is not strategic. It forces you to play quickly, that's not the same as playing strategically. Especially when they changed the stagger system to involve conditions that you likely won't have the time for. You gain rewards for winnning quickly, so FF13-3 will be about a lot of trial and error, likely a lot of death, but not because of any difficulty but because people will try to be as quick as possible. Again, that removes the essence of what RPGs are about. But hey, who cares about genre basics right?

Another poor reference to Dark Souls. The urgency or tension in Dark Souls doesn't come from a time limit. It comes from your method of play and your memory of the area you're in. There is no fear of losing simply because you didn't win quickly enough. Dark Souls encourages a methodical approach, it encourages study, it doesn't say "hey, if you win quickly you get better stuff."

you know a great way to extend time and allow exploration? by not having a time limit.

a game is more challenging because you can't grind? that's the same thing as saying leveling up is for pussies and can actually be used to say the game is easier. after all, if you don't need to level up then obviously the enemies are all pushovers and once again you'd be missing the very essence of RPGs. Clearly you have no understanding of what RPGs are and agree with Toriyama that FF should be more like CoD without the guns. Although FF13 trilogy is pushing even that.

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N4GDgAPc1785d ago

You are a funny one DragonKnight. If you think Toriyama makes bad designs why do you care about VS13?

I know you didn't really play ff13 very long or probly never played 13-2 because if you auto-battled through out the hole game you would die. Its impossible to do with out changing paradigms. So auto attack wouldn't work at all to kill them fast. You had to use the paradigms to kill them fast. And it will probly be the same again with the styles(which I don't know why they decided to change the name). And you are telling me you never figured out how to take new monsters out faster playing any ff games? It will be the same like every rpg game. You try to figure out there weakness and once you do you will continue doing that. So the time limit doesn't change the way you fight at all. It depends on what they do to the enemy you are fighting.

Well from what i've read about the battle system it seems to me similar to what Lightnings DLC mechanics. So you can probly block every move. It all depends on timing. because of that leveling up would be pointless. She is already a god. Why level her up. It makes more since you upgrade your weapons to make you stronger.

SUCKxITxEZ1786d ago

damn this is like the 100th idiot to misspell lightning in the title of an article. last idiot spelled it that way every time through the entire article. how does shit get approved? and the titles are massive, how do they keep missing this?

chiwoo1786d ago

FF -13 versus please save us.

EverydayGuy1785d ago

Ni No Kuni will save us in the meantime. But seriously why do we get 3 FF 13's and no FF 13V?