The five most anticipated games of 2013

2013 is shaping up to be one of the finest years for gamers in recent memory. With Nintendo's Wii U already available for gamers, Microsoft and Sony are expected to amaze gamers all around the world with their new consoles next year, hopefully. Many gamers always say (and expect) that some of the best games for any console are released at the end of their life cycle, and it seems that next year won't disappoint in that regard.

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hardcore19121758d ago

Great list, can't wait for MGS5.

ATi_Elite1758d ago

We all have different taste so I'll just make my own list:

1. any Valve Verified news on Half Life 2 Ep3
2. Survarium
3. Arma 3
4. Firefall
5. Blade & Soul

List will change all the time depending on 2013 release dates that i remember. LOL

Riderz13371758d ago

I would replace Dark Souls II with GoW: Ascension but only because I honestly doubt it will come out in 2013.

Enemy1758d ago

I also doubt it'll be as good as Demon's or Dark Souls. The second half will be released as DLC.

Roccetarius1757d ago

The thing is that all signs so far points to a worrying Dark Souls 2. With the original creator pushed away to ''evolve'' the game.

HebrewHammer1758d ago

I would replace Revengeance with Bioshock Infinite...

Why the heck is that missing from the list?

joab7771758d ago

Wrong! Bioshock Infinite is by far my most anticipated game. I am looking forward to the last of us and gta5, but nothing as much as bioshock.

Enemy1758d ago

Revengeance will apparently be a better game than BioShock Infinite, Dead Space 3, Beyond: Two Souls, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, etc. That's some dream!

Roccetarius1757d ago

I think it's going to be better than Dead Space 3 at least. It will especially have more player input than one of the other games you mention.

GamerElite1757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Bioshock games are overrated as Justin Biber. I've played it and it's nothing special.

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TheFinalEpisode1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

Can't wait for The Last of Us and MGS5 :D!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.