Quiet Gaming PC Buyer's Guide: PC Cooling Upgrades

GamersNexus: "This silent gaming PC guide will cover quiet case fans, bearing types, quiet CPU coolers, GPU cooling upgrades, and tips on how to make your PC less noisy."

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SnakeCQC1909d ago

using noctua fans on a h100 cpu cooler would be alot better along with noctua fans throughout the case

iamgoatman1909d ago

Always found expensive fans to be a waste of money. If you've got money to burn then fine, otherwise it's best spent elsewhere. A gaming PC is never really going to be silent, and I see little point in paying 10 times the price on some fancy name branded stuff that only does a marginally better job.

I'm using a few £2 120mm fans, along with the ones that came with my case, don't think I've ever seen either my CPU or GPUs go above 55% when using custom profiles. Any extra hum is easily ignored when actually playing games.

Faelan1908d ago

My gaming rig is virtually silent. The humming from the 4 HDDs I use for storage (SSDs for system and gaming) now make the most noise. It stays that way even when gaming thanks to the Noctua nh-d14 and Gigabyte GTX670 Windforce x3. For the case fans, I simply use as many 200-230mm fans as you can cram into a Coolermaster HAF X and run them at low RPM (300). This is enough even when gaming during summer where I live.

It seems crazy to use that many fans, but in my experience it is the high pitched whine from a fan running at high RPM that makes all the noise. With so many and ALL of them running at low, I just get a faint woosh barely audible over the background noise in the room. Certainly worth the effort since I can now game on it with my wife sleeping nearby and the "this more expensive component is not as noisy as the cheaper one" is a great way to convince the wife to get a better GPU :)