Oh My God, Someone Is Actually Making A Persona 4 Musical

Kotaku: "A fan-made Persona 4 musical. You knew it was going to happen."

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SynGamer1757d ago

This would actually be a GREAT musical. Great characters, rather easy settings/props. I would pay to see this done professionally to be completely honest. Can't wait to see this :D

GenericNameHere1757d ago

I loved the songs in Persona 4, with and without vocals. So, I expect nothing but greatness from this. Lets just hope if they're gonna cosplay as the characters, they LOOK like the characters. I've NEVER seen a good P4 cosplay.

Y_51501757d ago (Edited 1757d ago )

Is this game overrated or something. I'm thinking about buying this game because EVERYONE is praising it.

Riderz13371756d ago

It's not overrated it deserves all the hype it can get. Seriously one of my favorite handheld games EVER!

VileAndVicious1756d ago

I do love the persona series. But IMO Persona 3 was better (at least story and character wise).

Hopefully we will see another full fledge persona game in 2013

RmanX10001756d ago

Persona 4 is in my Top 5 games ever. Persona 4 deserves the attention it gets. Its really well made.

PrimeLantern1756d ago

Absolute amazing experience. Get this game.

Blank1756d ago

No it aint overrated at all if you like jrpgs I think I can say that this game is good enough that you wont go in a persona related article without a single praise comment

TongkatAli1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

This actually deserves all the hype. People you are actually educated and passed English definitely made this game. I cant say that for a lot games.

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Kratoscar20081756d ago

There has been even a live action porno, no surprises here.