Deus Ex: Human Revolution dev working on Tomb Raider multiplayer

It has been confirmed that the same studio that worked on Deus Ex: Human Revolution is working on the multiplayer component of Tomb Raider.

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-Mika-1487d ago

Awesome! There going to be multiplayer. My hype for this game just went up. I hope it co-op and it includes some type of horde mode.

animegamingnerd1487d ago

really i think everyone is sick of horde mode in place of a co op campaign

camel_toad1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I think you're right. I know for me at least I could go 20 years without seeing another horde mode and be happy.

Root1487d ago

Why is it you like the things the majority of us don't like

Seriously, nearly all your posts you go out against the majority. Do you like to go against people? Do you like the challenge of defending something? Do you just have bad taste? I really don't get you sometimes

DarkBlood1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

so now that it has multiplayer you suddenly think a game is a god now? mika that just makes me think you were never interested in this game to begin with

Awesome_Gamer1486d ago

Fact: Singleplayer > Multiplayer.

doogiebear1486d ago

Yeah, but multiplayer (that is good and not tacked on) makes my purchase last longer. Most single player games are too short nowadays to warrant a $60 purchase. If the multiplayer is GOOD, then by all means--bring it! If not, then the game should scrap the MP and sell the campaign for $40 tops.

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animegamingnerd1487d ago

damn it $quare enix not every game needs multiplayer

Ducky1487d ago

It's not just SquareEnix. Ever major publisher is pushing multiplayer into their games.

PhantomT14121486d ago

Why do you even care if it's developed by another studio than the main team who's focusing on the SP, it won't dilute it. Damn it, you guys complain about anything nowadays, even for additionnal content that won't change the price tag.

DeadlyFire1486d ago

Well they have two options. Create a single-player mode people will want to replay a million times or create a multiplayer mode that will entice people to play the game long enough to see some DLC to buy. Another option is to strive to make the best of both worlds.

Hmm...I believe 99% of publishers want MP modes just to entice DLC purchases. Although some make MP modes are amazing even if the developer did it by accident.

GusBricker1487d ago

They should be working on Deus Ex 4...or is someone already?

JohnApocalypse1487d ago

I'm pretty sure its not the entire team making the multiplayer for this game. It took them 4-5 years to make Human Revaluation anyway

Root1487d ago

So instead of a new Deus Ex were getting this thanks Square Enix /s

Skate-AK1487d ago

They can easily do both.

DeadlyFire1486d ago

This comes to this generation who is to say DE 2 isn't coming to next generation hardware?

IIC0mPLeXII1487d ago

I think we can safely assume mp will be in the next Deus Ex.....fucking great.

DOMination-1487d ago

The original Deus Ex had multiplayer on PC

DOMination-1486d ago

Indeed, it was in fact terrible. My point being though, that it didn't stop the original Deus Ex being one of the best games ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.