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NZGamer: "Fans of the series are up in arms about the fact that the franchise - once a stalwart bastion of the survival horror genre - seems to be marching ever onward to something more like an action shooter, perhaps, abandoning the scares in search of a larger audience.

Based on what I've now played of the game, I'd say that people who are hungry for frights are probably quite justified in their concerns; there weren't many on offer in the three levels I played through. But - and it's a big one - the experience, low on cheap thrills as it might have been, was fantastic nonetheless."

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MizTv1939d ago

People can hate all they want but all the dead space games are quality titles

League_of_Draven1939d ago


Also, Dead Space Ignition sucked and Dead Space Extraction was meh.

MizTv1939d ago

And yes I do agree with you
I don't really like those games

MizTv1939d ago

I'm not talking about spinoff games
I'm talking about 1 and 2
And soon to be 3