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OneAboveAll2180d ago

All works fine for me on this end.

SideShort2180d ago

LOL same here. I like how you got 3 disagrees ahah. "It is all good here, folks!"

The internet - NO.

This world, or the internet, truly is way more negative than we'd like to believe.

Wintersun6162179d ago

Or maybe, just maybe someone actually had problems?

Septic2179d ago

^^ Wouldn't they say so?

I'vr been playing for the past hour. Everything seems fine for me.

Hicken2179d ago

Do you respond to every comment you disagree with?

Bubbles are limited. Agree/disagree is not. Unless you limit the number of times you disagree so that you can respond to those that you disagree with, you're gonna do the former far more than the latter.

In my case, the maximum number of times I could disagree is once. Your maximum number of disagrees would be five. I know I sure as hell don't follow that.

Do you?

pixelsword2178d ago

This tends to happen around Xmas time, so it's not expected, but it's not a total "down", so they improved the situation a lot since the last time it happened.

nukeitall2178d ago


I didn't experience any errors, but I think it is nice MS is immediately on any service outages, communicates with the customer about the status and generally fixes the problem within hours.

My internet service provider, doesn't provide any status, it is just out. In fact, so is most of my other service providers.

I know Sony PSN provides almost no communication, but how is Nintendo Network? Anyone know?

M_Prime2178d ago

funny thing should come up, yesterday my ISP had a mass internet outage and the only reason i knew is because i called in and luckily didn't have to wait because they had a per-recorded message letting everyone know.

however i ordered UFC last night and my buddy had internet so i watched it there (weirdly it was the same ISP i have but a few km away from me) and i noticed the quality for the first half of the fights was crap even though the connection bar said it was streaming in HD. though the last 2 fights were full HD and they were awesome. Though pre-lims were in full HD, which boggles my mind

bozebo2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

It's a distributed system. Problems won't be universal. If one account server goes down, a lot of people won't be able to use the service but many others will (that would be simplifying things, but I am making an assumption as to how they networked their servers so it's easy to explain)

Saying things like "all fine here", has literally no value whatsoever.

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IAMERROR2179d ago

I was just on it playing murder miners then browsing the market place lol I'm sure this didn't affect many people since my friends and I were all online.

BanBrother2179d ago

I live in Australia, and there was a brief period (maybe 5-10 minutes) where I could not access my US account, well, at least not all of the features.

I take it that was part of this glitch.

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2178d ago

What's up with all these alternative sites put up by Darkride66? LMAO,.. dude is on an SDF mission!

XBOX Live is fine. This happens from time to time.

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ALLWRONG2179d ago

Wasn't even down, there were marketplace issues for about 5 minutes, 11 hours ago.

Anon19742179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

Huh. That runs contrary to what Microsoft themselves said. According to Microsoft's own site users were experiencing issues with:
"Signing in to Xbox LIVE
Accessing LIVE websites
Accessing saved games and data in cloud storage"
And according to other reports this also affected "HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix."

That's not marketplace issues fixed in five minutes. Are you accusing Microsoft of lying? Even today, Microsoft is saying they still don't have full XBL functionality, and they posted a service update saying they're working on the problem just minutes ago. Rather then denying there's a problem and trying to stifle news, wouldn't it be more helpful to assist gamers experiencing issues in finding out what's going on?

"Xbox LIVE experienced a service issue today affecting users of our Cloud Saved Games feature. Our engineering teams are working aggressively to resolve the issue in order to restore storage access back to full performance. We will continue to report updates on the Dash. We take an issue like this very seriously and are taking extra steps as we resolve it to help protect the integrity of our members’ game save data. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Hopefully full functionality of XBL will be restored soon so gamers affected can get back to enjoying some gaming this weekend.

Lvl_up_gamer2179d ago

XBL still the best online multiplayer experience.

Until any console can equal XBL or offer something better at a cheaper price, then I will stick with XBL.

I didn't experience this "issue".

calis2178d ago

I get free games for my paid-for service.
You get the play part of a game you already paid for.

Yeah I know which I prefer.

MaxXAttaxX2178d ago

Uhh... who the hell asked?
But thanks for the rather defensive and unnecessary comment anyway :P

NeverEnding19892178d ago

So two N4G members state that the marketplace was having issues for 5 minutes. For 5 minutes these two were unable to purchase content. That's the extent of Xbox Live being "down".


MasterCornholio2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Xboxlive is an online service made by human beings so its susceptible to having issues. Seriously just because people pay for having online multiplayer doesn't mean that they are going to have a flawless experience. I mean just look at all those MMOs that people payed monthly subscriptions to play and the issues that they had with them.

What i cant stand is when people claim that XBOXlive is flawless when it isnt. The service has its issues like any other regardless of what people pay for it.


Wow looks like something got his feelings hurt when he realized that XBOXlive isn't a perfect service regardless of the subscription fee.


What happened to PSN was a lot worse but if it happens to Xboxlive it will be even more terrible for all the gold members. Which is why all this bashing on the PSN outage should stop because in the future if the same happens to Xboxlive there will be a huge conflict in N4G and many other forums.

Seriously you dont want PS fans to say

" You get what you payed for with hackers invading your XBOXlive account"

"So much for Microsofts superior online service it got hacked just like PSN. Now whats the point for paying for multiplayer if it doesnt offer any additional security?"

Its bound to happen sooner or later so might as well accept that while the PSN outage was bad it wasnt the end of PSN itself and the same could happen to Xboxlive.

insomnium22178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Lvl_up_gamer, the answer to the question noone asked. LOL could you even sound more butthurt?

The best thing about articles like this is that it always brings out the usual suspects defending MS to the death.

Live down? Whatever I don't care really since I don't use it. Hopefully people get to play soon.

nukeitall2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

I think it is funny the usual suspects on both side. People overly attacking XBL (to make PSN look better) and so on. No service is perfect, paid or free.

However, let's face it problems people have with XBL is dependent on region and often times only affect a minority.

It isn't a universal outage, and depending on the country you accessing it from you may or may not see a difference in the status on MS own XBL status page.

Give it a rest, read a different story or go play some games.

MikeMyers2178d ago

"Live down? Whatever I don't care really since I don't use it."

Then why come into an article about Live? Or is this the old tit-for-tat mentality that is still going on since 2005?

This is one of the fears while we move to an online world. There is going to come a time where we can't access things and that is why many still prefer physical mediums. I hold Xbox Live to a higher standard since it is a paid service. That is why Microsoft seems to get things up and running as soon as possible. Ever since a few years ago around this time of the year they had major issues. Since then it has ran without any major hiccups.

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ALLWRONG2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

This is all yesterdays news. There is only one reason why you're here. Live has problems after Christmas because of flood of people gaming online. It's not like it was hacked and down for a whole month or anything.

ChR0n1k2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

I have been gaming constantly on my vacation over the last few days and no issues in Canada for me.. if it was down impressive recovery time MS. If not what the heck internets..

Starbucks_Fan2179d ago

I was playing Halo 4 for hours last night and never had issues.

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