Game console players set themselves apart at GDC

In the past week, we've seen all three video game consoles become more polarizingly differentiated than ever before. Microsoft pushed an independent developer-friendly message, Nintendo emphasized a non-straying family gaming approach, and Sony maintained an heir of superiority over both that may or may not be justified.

At this week's Game Developers Conference, we got the first big look at where all the platforms stand and where they are headed as they each slowly transition into the mature stage of the fragilely short console lifespan. GDC always sets the stage for where all the players are headed for the rest of the year, and this time TG Daily got a pretty clear vision of how each console is diverging on what was once a homogeneous path.

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PSWe603951d ago (Edited 3951d ago )


God damn, why are you Nintendorks so stupid? Can't you see the same pattern of disaster that crippled the N64 and the GameCube?

Lack of Good games will screw the system.

wiizy3951d ago

nintendo dont need to talk about much. they already have the big games out there and wiiware will be more successful then what the other consoles offer base on price alone.