PS3A Writer’s GOTY: Final Fantasy XIII-2

PS3 Attitude writes, "As we rapidly approach the end of the current console generation, it should have come as no surprise that 2012 was a relatively quiet year in the world of videogames. Even so, we were still treated to tons of great titles including highly anticipated sequels such as Mass Effect 3 and Black Ops 2, new IPs like Kingdoms of Amalur and Sleeping Dogs, and let’s not forget the launch of the PlayStation Vita!

However, since the start of the year there has been only one contender that could ever hope to earn the title of my own personal game of the year: Final Fantasy XIII-2."

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Gamehard1974d ago

lol if you look up the term "Flamebait" in the dictionary, it would say "see this article."

iamtehpwn1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

While certainly not a traditional Final Fantasy, FFXIII-2 was definitely a huge step up from XIII. The main character Noel Kreiss was also a step in the right direction in terms of Final Fantasy lead character should be--he alone, was more interesting than the entire cast of original XIII. And although the combat looks the same on the surface, anyone who's tried it will tell you the combat is a huge step up from XIII.

And it's a shame not many people tried it because they didn't like XIII.

Griffin48711974d ago

Yea many people "assumed" it was bad because it had the number 13 in it. In fact, the hate toward 13 is really just a bandwagon. I confess it isn't what made us love FF, but the game was not an atrocity. It could have used better and more memorable characters. FF8 had a wack story with a not-so-favored battle system, but the cast was likeable, except Irvine.

zerocrossing1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

It's not that the hate for FF-XIII is just some band wagon the "cool kids" have jumped on, "hate" may be too strong a word but the fact many gamers disliked FF-XIII in comparison to earlier titles isn't entirely unjustifiable.

I actually thought it was an OK game, not quite capturing the magic of the previous games but still OK.

I also thought a sequel wasn't really necessary nor deserved (I admit I have yet to play FF-XIII 2) In all honesty though the the disdain some vocal gamers show towards the XIII franchise is really just frustration by the fact we're all still waiting on FF-Versus IIIX & Kingdom Hearts 3, while Squenix seem content on carrying on with XIII: Lightings extended adventures, regardless of fan outcry and opposition.

rainslacker1973d ago

When I first played 13 I didn't like it. It wasn't until I went back and played it after a couple months and took it for it's own game, not a FF game, that I actually enjoyed it, and took time to really learn the battle system. It wasn't the best game out there, but it really wasn't as bad as most people say, and certainly wasn't the worst game ever made. 13-2 was a definite step up, but if it never released I wouldn't be bothered by it and just take 13 for what it was.

Hicken1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I didn't like XIII-2 as much as XIII. Noel was somewhat interesting, but he had nothing on Sazh. The others were a bit more typical, but enjoyable, nonetheless.

XIII-2 isn't bad, but it just... didn't hold me like XIII did. Whereas I played the first game for weeks on end, I only played the second for about four days before I broke away.

That said, if I were to give GOTY to a PS3 game(which I did), it'd be Journey. Second would be Borderlands 2, followed by Tales of Graces f.

But, as the author says, it's a PERSONAL GOTY, so I can respect that.

Edit: You are right though: it's a shame people passed it up because they didn't like XIII. Worse is the people that didn't give XIII a chance, and will continue that trend with Lightning Returns.

Julie1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I bought it because you keept saying how awesome FFXIII-2 was ... and i have yet to finish it. I can't find anything worthy for to make me keep playing...

It saddens me i have all FF i even replay the old ones being VI, VII,VIII,IX and X my favorites :(

guitarded771974d ago

Wow... I guess everyone has different taste.

goldwyncq1974d ago

Inb4 ffxiii-2 hate comments.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1974d ago

Honestly I really enjoyed this game. I 100% it faster than XIII but it was a much better game. Sidequests, Gameplay, etc...the only thing that irritated me was the ending and lack of difficult bosses.

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