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Submitted by TheSuperior 1138d ago | opinion piece

5 Gaming Clichés We Hope Won’t Carry Over to Next-Gen Consoles writes: Gaming has definitely progressed over the years. From the original Nintendo to upcoming next-generation consoles it’s an amazing to think about how far gaming has come. Because gaming has progressed so much over the years there have been so many changes to the standards of each game. If there was a new release about a little white ball bouncing across the screen or an ape throwing barrels down at a plumber then people probably would no longer be excited to get the game. Now that gaming has progressed into much more than just a measly little game, gamers are always expecting bigger and better than they had before. (Next-Gen)

TheSuperior  +   1138d ago
One thing I wished for the next gen is that the Wii U would of actually used a controller
TheGrimBunny  +   1138d ago
Well the Wii-U Pro Controller is literally an Xbox 360 controller with different names for the buttons but the exact same layout/design - Useful for game like Rayman (once released) and many other Wii-U games to come as well as ones that are currently available even giving you a choice of using the Wii-U Prof Controller (Xbox 360 type).
OmniSlashPT  +   1138d ago
Why would you get a Wii U if you were going to use the pro controller and completely discard the tablet one? Besides, games like NSBU don't support the Pro controller (which is ridiculous).

And the tablet controller is comfortable but not ergonomic enough for games like CoD or any shooter that requires aiming.
darthv72  +   1138d ago
NSMBU doesnt support the pro controller because there is no accelerometer inside. The game is designed to be played with a bit of waggle at times just like the original.

the original didnt support the regular classic controller either so why think this one would? the pro controller is the effective replacement to the wii's classic controller.

Everyone knows that. Plus the games will say which control scheme is supported.
Phil32  +   1138d ago
The Wii U GamePad IS a controller. It's just a regular controller with all of the buttons and sticks, just with a screen in the middle of it. That's basically it.
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SheaHoff  +   1138d ago
I kind of feel that the difficulty of dying after a checkpoint and not being given your old inventory (equipment ammo, etc.) back gives a unique character to older games. Not that it's not frustrating as hell...
TheGrimBunny  +   1138d ago
I just wonder what the new Xbox will be like. It will be Announces right BEFORE E3 so we will hear an official announcement of the next gen Microsoft console this May 2013... I can't wait! The new Xbox console WILL HAVE A Blu-Ray Player in it. Also can't wait to see what Sony has in store, more curious then looking forward to them.
THESHAUNZY  +   1138d ago
I wonder what Valve is bringing to the table~
akaakaaka  +   1138d ago
Cliches I hope do not make it for next gen!

Exclusive dlc for preorders only like extra map and weapons and campaign extra mission from day one.

online lag or cheap bad servers.

Online pass

Unfinished retail game's that are full of bugs and lag.

A return policy for any online buy.. like I buy a dlc and I did not like it or nobody plays it I should be able to return it and get my money back after a trail time or something fair and logical. This non returnable digital games or dlcs arr annoying.

I think this are all the cliche I hope it do not make it for next gen...

Unreal engine been use for %99 of the games

Oh and COD ;) using the same old technology for the last 6 games sould be penalize by gamers.
ambientFLIER  +   1138d ago
Do you know the definition of "cliche"?
Reibooi  +   1138d ago
The Unreal Engine being used for nearly everything is something I also hope to stop.

Back in the PS2 and earlier eras games had such varied and different looks and styles. This gen so many games look samey because so many use the Unreal Engine. Yes there are games that use the engine that look great and different like Borderlands but that is the exception. Most games look bland grey and brown with lots of shinny and it gets annoying when so many games look similar.

I wanna see more new proprietary engines made and use of more diverse 3rd party engines.
Ducky  +   1138d ago
"Most games look bland grey and brown with lots of shinny"

That holds true even when those games aren't using the Unreal engine.

Dishonored, MortalKombat, Borderlands, MassEffect, Bioshock and the new DevilMayCry...
Considering the wide spectrum of visual styles that the Unreal engine has produced this gen, it seems kinda unfair to blame it for the monotonic visual style that has prevailed most of this gen.
Seems dull brown/grey is just something the developer or publishers want, probably because it allows them to go for realism while avoiding the issue of figuring out the right colours.
Reibooi  +   1137d ago
I will try to clarify what I mean about my dislike of the engine.

Whenever I pop in a game 9 times out of 10 I can tell it's unreal engine. Be it from the shiny look it has or the terrible collision detection or so on and so forth. As I have mentioned some games have used the Engine very well. Others use it as a short cut to make it look similar to the other bigger games out there like Gears or what not.

I don't like that. Back in the day so many new engines were created and it resulted in much better looking and performing games. Take something like The Last Remnant for example. The game was very solid but was ruined by the unreal engine. Square has even said it was a mistake to build that game on that engine. They probably could have pulled that off if they built a engine from the ground up designed to handle what the game did. The PC version which wasn't bogged down by the myriad issues the 360 version was was reviewed much better and it was clear that the game was pretty good but terrible slowdown and glitches ruined the 360 version and the games chances of ever becoming a franchise like it was intended. Why did SE pick that engine? The said the main reason was because they were trying to make a game to appeal to the west and the big games like Gears at the time used that engine. They later admitted it was a mistake.

I just want more variety the Unreal engine has it's place for sure and some of my favorite games have been built on it but while it's true that the engine can be pushed to make different looking better games most devs just follow the Status quo once they start using it and that is a shame.
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akaakaaka  +   1138d ago
Well it's fair for low budget game's to use it but there is no excuse to see games like Silent Hill downpour using it, I'm glad konami is rethinking their moves and globalism their next gen Fox engine for any Kojima game, Pro evolution soccer and I belive the next gen silent hill and castlevania will also use it.

Some engines deserve to be used into fee games and konami is doing it right.

SONY should also use their engines in a better way like GG engines should be used to make others first party games and also ND engine ..
For example socom 4 should have been more attractive if it was running in a modified uncharted 2 engine.

And twisted metal/starhawk/motor storm will have been better if it runs in the gow or killzone engine. Etc etc..
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Ducky  +   1138d ago
An engine does more than just produce visuals.

When devs make their own engines, they usually make them for a specialized goal. GoW's engine was made for GoW, and GG made their engine for KZ. It would be difficult for those engines to handle a different type of game.

The few engines that are licensed (such as Unreal or Frostbite) are made for a general purpose and can be molded to fit the developer's desires.
If Sony wants, they can try to make a general engine to share between their developers, but I don't see it as necessary since they have a talented group that are capable of making their own stuff.
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th3n00bg4m3r  +   1138d ago
No DLCs please, please. Unless they are good and worth the money.
DragonKnight  +   1138d ago
Half of this list would eliminate Dark Souls 2 from existing at all.
PersonMan  +   1138d ago
This is more of a technical thing, but I want screen tearing to be completely gone next generation. I hate screen tearing so much, I won't even play a game that exhibits it.

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