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Submitted by Al80 1141d ago | video

Is Black Ops 2 Better On Wii U?

Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 better on the Nintendo Wii U? Find out here.

The Finite Playlist = 20 games in 40 minutes. A weekly podcast from veteran games journos Chet Roivas and Jon Denton. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

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chukamachine  +   1141d ago
no. it's not 60fps.
YoungPlex  +   1141d ago
Yes it is! It isn't locked at 60 and dips a little in the campaign when a lot is going on, but multiplayer is 60fps! The best part is that the MP mode achieves 60fps with two screens displaying completely different perceptives on each, while playing online at the same time. If that isn't impressive and the selling point for the Wii U then I don't know what is...
guitarded77  +   1141d ago
The maker of the video brings up the reason I do not play BlOps 2 on Wii U... the online community is not there. I play modes outside of Team Deathmatch, and there just isn't a big enough online community (install base) on the Wii U. Most Wii U owners I know, are multiplatform gamers, and choose to play elsewhere because the install base isn't big enough. Unless someone is just playing for the campaign, or can afford multiple copies of the game, I say go elsewhere for CoD. My Wii U is for Nintendo exclusives, or if a multiplatform single player game has bonus content/features.
MizTv  +   1141d ago
What is on the controler screen?
How does it work?
corrus  +   1141d ago
Split screens is not online got it i don't think Wii U have good online or if even have online cos i haven't seen yet online Wii U game
YoungPlex  +   1141d ago
@Miz TV: When you play single player campaign, the GamePad doesn't really do much but show you what objectives need to be met, sort of like an after thought which is a shame. But when it comes to MP, your able to do a few neat things with the GamePad. If your playing online by yourself, you have your a scoreboard right on the GamePad which is cool but not really needed; the cool features are when your using the Pro controller or Wii Remote/Nun-chuck, and have the GamePad set under your TV. This option turns the GamePad into a live map of the entire field, which gives you a tremendous advantage when looking for an enemy. I found out that this is the best option when playing because the in-game map is tiny on the TV and only shows a small portion of whats really being displayed. The GamePad also works as a second screen for a friend that wants to play with you instead of having to use split-screen. This is awesome because it allows you to play online with your friends on Nintendo Network and a live friend right next to you, at the same time.

@guitarded77: I never intended to buy this after trying the last two COD games. The last game I purchased was MW2 but have played them all since. The only reason I picked this one up is because I found it cheap and used. Had I known it was going to be this good I would've purchased it new. I also haven't had any problems finding games to play online. The community is getting bigger by the day, last I checked it was nearly at 3k people online. That doesn't mean that only 3k people own it it just means that 3k people are online at that time. It's a new console so either you roll with the punches or don't it's totally up to that person. I will say that the Wii U version is really cool because of the MP feature that allows you to have separate screens. I find myself having friends over more often wanting to play online with me on the Wii U, which is strange because my friends never wanted to do this with my 360 or PS3 and one of my friends actually went and bought a Wii U because of this feature. So yea, it's a good thing!

(Edit)@corrus: "Split screens is not online got it i don't think Wii U have good online or if even have online cos i haven't seen yet online Wii U game "

I don't know about split-screen but you are able to play online with a friend right next to you while they use the GamePad and you use the TV! The online is just as fast and good as the other two stop fooling yourself! I have yet to experience anything but fast connections because I have a great cable connection. If your experiencing anything but fast connections it might be due to your ISP not the Wii U itself.
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guitarded77  +   1141d ago
@ Plex

I don't judge man... you want it, you should have it. I was just adding my 2 cents on why most, including myself, will get it elsewhere. The community could be 10,000 online playing, but if that community doesn't include my friends (none of which have bought Wii U yet), then I'm gonna pass on the Wii U version. I actually considered buying a second copy of BlOps 2 for Wii U, but really couldn't justify spending the money on a copy of a game I already have. If it's awesome on Wii U, then that's great news... it may well be better on Wii U, but the majority of gamers will buy it where the community is best for them. Not trying to burst your bubble or downplay the Wii U version. Peace.
darthv72  +   1141d ago
lets be honest here
this game is going to be "best" on whatever platform of choice the individual prefers. There are pros and cons to each. with that said, this game is not reinventing the wheel between each console iteration.

Where we will see things take shape are with dedicated games that really cant be played any other way. This game is keeping pace with the others because that was the intention of the developer.

@youngplex...that sounds like a really good use of the gamepad as a secondary screen for the map overlay. I also like that idea of it being a dedicated 2nd player screen as well for online matches.

Both ideas could have been done to the PS3 version (using vita as a 2nd screen) and 360 (with smartglass as a 2nd screen) but neither of which have it right out of the box like wii-u does.
wishingW3L  +   1141d ago
It doesn't matter what the Nintendo fanboys want to believe, a fact is a fact and Blops 2 on Wii U is not 60 frames:
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herbs  +   1141d ago
Darth claiming the second screen could work on Smart Glass and Vita is just completely moronic, if it would have worked why didn't it happen? There would be lag issues with the Vita which would instantly ruin the experience especially online and how the hell do you think it would control using Smart Glass? Please think before posting next time.
darthv72  +   1141d ago
i understand. I should not have said "both" ideas in my original statement.

I realized my error after it was too late to correct. Yeah I am not saying it would be the same as the wii-u in that the 2nd screen for a 2nd "player". But a 2nd screen for something like the map as youngplex had described.

Sorry if i wasnt as clear about my statement.

With that part cleared up...the idea of a 2nd screen isnt as "moronic" as it sounds. It is something that could possibly be released as a patch later on.

By then, it probably wouldnt matter anyway except to those who have that particular version (360/ps3) and the additional device (vita/tablet).
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metroid32  +   1141d ago
Agree sold my 360 because it looked far worse on MP textures shadows lighting the lot plus its on 2 screens at once and isnt even using the gpgpu ? wow best version by far.
BaconBits  +   1141d ago
The frame rate definitely drops when playing mp with one on the pad and one on the tv. Not really bad but it is noticeable compared to just playing MP with one person on the Wii U. I have not got the hang of control using the gamepad and the pro controller still feels a bit different than I am used to on the xbox but I do really like the option of playing off tv. You can set up the game pad on the table/lap as a screen and control using the pro controller. Obviously I would rather play on my 70" but it does in a pinch when the wife wants to watch TV.
herbs  +   1140d ago
Sorry Darth I was a little harsh, shouldn't have called you moronic. I'm just sick of people always stating Vita and Smart Glass can give players the same experience. Integration > Accessory
MasterCornholio  +   1140d ago

I dont play Call of Duty but i agree with you that the franchise best selling point is its multiplayer. And while the Wii U version might be technically better than the other versions if the multiplayer community isnt there what is the point in buying it.

I do think that for future titles the install base for Call of Duty on the Wii U will be bigger so its only a matter of time before the community is there. Unless of course Wii U owners refuse to play anything other than Nintendo games (which happened to the Wii)


If you care so much about the gameplay why do you defend the Wii U specs so much? I thought that Nintendo fanboys put gameplay over graphics but in your case you do the opposite. If the Wii U version is worse just accept it. Its not like the game on the Wii U is unplayable so be happy with what you have. If you want graphics just stick to PC.
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IAmLee  +   1141d ago
and that makes it bad?

Just because it doesn't run as smoothly doesn't effect the overall quality...
princejb134  +   1140d ago
i played it on my nephews wii u and it was pretty much the same game
just the gamepad was a bit uncomfortable for me since it was so huge but still cool since i could see the gameplay and the small lcd
vulcanproject  +   1140d ago
Pretty stunned people don't know or won't accept that the Wii U version is technically inferior to the 360 version. It has been well documented and is a fact that Wii U runs the game quite a bit slower than 360, its average framerate is lower. It has no tearing but it doesn't get near 60FPS, on average it is below 50. Also digital foundry backs this up, with even more emphasis showing how the Wii U versions suffers considerably at the very worst sections. "The Wii U version matches the look of the Xbox 360 game and thus gives it an edge visually over the PlayStation 3 release, but unfortunately it comes up well short in terms of performance - an aspect that is all-important to the playability of a COD title."

Not only that the Wii U online community is tiny compared to 360 and PS3 which is hugely more developed.

Wii U version isn't the best, its fairly weak technically compared to the 360 version on its 7 year old hardware and whether you agree with paying or not Xbox Live is still better than Nintendo's online service no question...
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1upgamer99  +   1140d ago
I own the PS3 version and rented the Wii U version, and sorry dude. It looks better on Wii U. Also the gamepad makes the game just that much better.
FanboyPunisher  +   1137d ago
May as well get it on PC; WII u = waste of money for dead end console.

Steam HTCP = death to consoles.
PopRocks359  +   1141d ago
From a technical standpoint no. I've yet to see for myself, but the game runs best on the 360 from what I hear. I own the Wii U version and it runs almost as well as the 360 versions as the previous iterations I've tried out. The only problem is the framerate dips in one or two parts of the campaign and there's some lag when playing online (though my connection isn't the best, so I attest it more to my router than the Wii U).

Even if it's not the definitive version, it's still a perfectly viable option for Wii U owners as long as they can ignore the rare framerate dips. It's honestly no worse than what PS3 owners get.
metroid32  +   1141d ago
WiiU Runs better by a country mile m8 why lie.
bobshi  +   1140d ago
Isn't a lie. The facts show otherwise.

The Wii U version is very good for first effort on the console, but does not match PS3 and 360 for performance.

But don't forget they probably didn't put much effort into it.

Split-screen (GamePad & TV play) has to drop key features in order to maintain a decent level of performance.

So, there is clearly no 'country mile' between them.
Benjaminkno  +   1140d ago
I call bullsh*t!!
The only aspect that makes the other versions any better in any way is the community.
Quite frankly, I'm not paying for an Xbox live account to play an inferior game on a console I can play against a friend without split screen. BOOM!
ISNeko  +   1140d ago
My PS3 freezes one out every two game sessions of Black Ops 2. My Wii U hasn't frozen yet on any game.
1upgamer99  +   1140d ago
It looks better and plays better on Wii U than PS3, (I own the PS3 version but rented Wii U just to check it out.) But that is not what this is about. I was going to suggest you get a wireless booster for your house. Just link it to your WiFi and plug it in the wall, it will make your wireless double your signal through your house.
SyluxPT  +   1141d ago
LOL_WUT  +   1140d ago
OneAboveAll   1141d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
mamotte  +   1141d ago
New controller in wich you can play with another person in different screens, and access to your inventory, kill streaks and map faster than every other version: Overruled.

Now that we ignored the selling factor, we can be honest: If you have enough money, you can have the best version, and play in three screens with 120+ FPS, using a mouse and a keyboard.

Unless suddenly technical standpoint in PC is overruled too. In that case, you can only say "the version I bought for the console I own is the best".

Problem solved. Unless you're in N4g. Oh, wait. Damn.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1140d ago
Oh look, another smug PC gamer...
Benjaminkno  +   1140d ago
Yeah, we get it, PC is better with graphics... to imply that pressing a button is better than pulling a trigger to fire a gun is frankly not quite the gameplay we're looking for anyway. Too bad you can't have a buddy come over and play with you. This simply "overrules" your penchant for your version.

SIANSLOW  +   1140d ago
wow, so theres absolutely no draw backs to pc gaming, why arent we all doing it?
mamotte  +   1140d ago
I was just pointing out that everyone just ignored the fact of the new controller, and focused just in graphics. So, yeah, why arent wa all doing it?

I even said that the best version is the one you buy. But of course. N4G. Too lazy to read it all ;)
1upgamer99  +   1140d ago
I don't like playing PC games for hours on end. Much rather play on Console.
Jadedz  +   1141d ago
I really enjoy off tv play
It's very convenient for myself.
sandman224  +   1141d ago
I'm not trying to burst anyone's bubble but playing multiplayer it does hiccup a little. Like If your close to a. Explosion, or if you walk around the crashed planes with flames and smoke comming out of it on airstrip, I think that's the maps name. But it's not bad enough to the poi t where it's unplayable. What I can say the picture is better than the ps3 version. So if you don't own it and you have a wii u. I would buy it with no hesitation unless you dislike supporting activision. Because there is a problem in general with the code of the game. You'll know what I'm talking about when you get dominated buy the opposing team and you can't kill anyone. It will feel like the other team sees you before you see them. Good news is that it doesn't happen all the time
bullymangLer  +   1141d ago
it doesnt matter the frames per second here . because when a console offers to play from the kitchen, bathroom, facing the opposite direction of t.v., play standing up, play from the porch, play laying down, play with arms facing cieling all from almost 7 inches of screen in the palm of your hands, there is an obvious victor here . . .WiiU wins due to upper hand mechanics, that allow for more than just one comfort zone in matches (:
PLUS, WiiU offers NO SPLIT SCREEN, which means 2 peeps can play one on the big pad, and the other on the screen, and the padded player can play facing any and from any position he chooses . woWzahh!!
#8 (Edited 1141d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
r21  +   1140d ago
Well, thats alot of ways of playing games but i'd rather sit on a chair or couch and just face my tv and play my game. Simple.
bullymangLer  +   1137d ago
think of it like this, . have u ever wondered what it would feel like to play on your t.v./flat screen monitor if your monitor was on the ground, facing up at you? . its a whole NEW LAND, diff energies are feLt, due to the diff angles of participation. also imagine playing a game whilst laying down facing up, and the screen was up on the cieling facing down at you . diff world = diff comfort = diff outcome = diff feeling = same game but diff experience = advantage over other players.
Subzero200   1141d ago | Trolling | show
the worst   1141d ago | Trolling | show
Phil32  +   1141d ago
I'd care more about what the GamePad offers than what graphical capabilities the Wii U version boasts. The ability to play the entire game on the Wii U controller or doing multiplayer with one guy on the TV and the other on the GamePad's screen sounds awesome to me.
Rezka  +   1141d ago
Sadly that's the only thing I am impressed by so you're not alone on that brother
nintendoland   1141d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Drainage  +   1140d ago
nope because its an online multiplayer game and it has the least amount of players online. I have a wii u and would love to play FPS games on it but... not enough player base for multiplats
#13 (Edited 1140d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
RuleofOne343  +   1140d ago
Played it at my cousins house & was not impressed with the system.
Jek_Porkins  +   1140d ago
I believe from a technical standpoint it is probably better, I own the Wii U version and the Xbox 360 version. The problem with the Wii U version is that nobody plays it online, obviously I wasn't expecting millions of people on it like the Xbox 360 version, but I would hope for 25k or so.
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A LIVING LEGEND  +   1140d ago
comparing COD's is like...... comparing COD liver oil.
TheDivine  +   1140d ago
It looks quite a bit better and can be played on the tv, on the handheld, or using both. It's the best by far except for the bigger communities elsewhere. I'd take wii-u anyway for the tablet play and split screen using tv and tablet. Being able to pause and carry on in another room is fricking awesome.
MonopolyRSV  +   1140d ago
The game itself doesn't matter if there is hardly anyone online to play with.
megamanX2  +   1140d ago
you people are pretty pathetic for labeling someone for their opinion, and the game sucks even more than black ops. Anyone that disagrees with that basically has no life, and you all know your paying $60 for dlc right?
#21 (Edited 1140d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   1140d ago
They are a lot of less campers on the Wii u version if you are the run and gun type you really gonna enjoy it
Tzuno  +   1140d ago
Is Black Ops 2 worth 60$???
centaureas  +   1140d ago
a_adji  +   1140d ago
i have played it on all formats and i have to say the Wii u version multi player wise is the best.
CapsLocke  +   1140d ago
On such tiny screen?
SpAzzzzz  +   1140d ago
This is clearly an attempt from someone to get more people to buy Call of Duty on the Wii u, so the online (or lack thereof) community for this game will be bigger. As of right now, on the Wii U is less than 200 people. Whereas, on the Xbox or PS3, it's much higher (5000+).
nintendoland  +   1140d ago
Less than 200 you say? I just played BO2 on wii u and there were close to 3000 people online.
wiiulee  +   1140d ago
yes it is,..if you actually have a wiiu and the other two systems as some of us will see that the wiiu version is better...the two screen matches, as for people talking about framerate...that game was built for the other systems...not for the wiiu , it just shows how easy it is to program for the wiiu and so games in the future that take advantage of the gamepad will keep being much better then the other systems and better graphics too...
TruthMyster  +   1135d ago
Dont believe these trolls! WIIU version not only IS 60FPS in MP, but it even looks better than the other2!Sending the game 2 the pd while looking better is truly a testament to its power even being so early in its life. Dam these jealous americans hating on Nintendo u know why? Because the big N WONT share their DEV secrets. Their devs r the best of the best being able 2 produce such outstanding games and graphics even with the WII! Look at Nintendo titles.. always look the best compared 2 other devs work. Nintendo saved the video game crash, then went on to own the comp in sales, why in the hell would they share their dev secrets? That is why they are hated, bcuz they wish theyd know the secrets of Japanese Tech(Its always ahead of america). You should all get a life and stop bashing the BIGGEST game company there is.

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