Is DayZ Changing The Gaming Industry?

DayZ isn’t terrifying because you might die of starvation. It’s not even terrifying because zombies might eat your face at some point. The reason DayZ is terrifying is because every other player in the game has a reason to kill you. You’re never safe and death is permanent. It’s different than just about any other game on the market today, and it may be on the verge of spawning its own genre.

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NYC_Gamer1973d ago

DayZ is the best thing to happen in this whole zombie trend

Snookies121973d ago

I'd say this and The Walking Dead game by Telltale.

ThanatosDMC1973d ago

Walking Dead is linear. It's not an open world survival game that I was hoping it would be.

crazysammy1972d ago

If you expected the Walking Dead game to be an open world survival game that's your fault. Telltale doesn't make games like that and honestly the WD game was brilliant. Just because it's not open world doesn't mean it sucks.

Getowned1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I agree with Crazysammy I knew what I was going to get when I bought telltale's the walking dead game. I knew it wasnt going to be open world and that the game would focus heavily on a story. I loved The Walking Dead game, but I have yet to play DayZ.

Edit: I have to say as well I did enjoy playing Dead Island, the story wans't great but the game was fun when I was playing with friends and made a great co-op game.

ThanatosDMC1972d ago

Yeah, I agree that the focus is the story but it was extremely linear. There weren't branching storylines. You always had to make the same two choices and that's it and none of the choices actually mattered in the end like ME3. They even put the decisions people chose on screen for you at the end. I dont know... but I was expecting more depth than that shallow game let me play. Oh well, it's a matter of taste if you like to spend money on bad games like Walking Dead.

Dead Island was fun like Borderlands 2 for co-op, i agree. I duplicated my strongest weapons since it was so easy to do the drop/pickup on the keyboard.

@Getowned If you'll try/play Day Z, i recommend to have your co-op buddies to watch your back.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

PC Changing The Gaming Industry? again? Like kickstarters? pc gamers are publisher master race?


Cuz I was asking...

zebramocha1973d ago

Are puzzled by something?why is your comment in a form of a question?

Aggesan1973d ago

I've just returned to DayZ after some time abscent du to rage at hackers plagueing the game. Lots more private servers now with local fixes and scripts that makes the game even better. Can't wait for the release of the full game!

Timesplitter141973d ago

DayZ is the best thing to happen, period.

joab7771973d ago

I agree, but we see the $hit it spawned with war z. I hope dayz is able to put out a great stand alone title that is well polished and shines but doesnt compromise for a wider audience. There have been some great games this year that bode well for gamings future. Journey is one. And they dont cost $60 either which is awesome.

IAmLee1973d ago

Changing the Industry: No.

Setting the standard for zombie games: Yes.

ATi_Elite1973d ago

Dayz has flipped the industry on it's head!

why? Cause DayZ like Eve Online just gives the Gamers tools and an environment and the Gamers decide how and what goes on inside the environment and in DayZ the goal is just to SURVIVE!

Run n Hide, be a slave, be a stone cold killer, back stab your friends etc. but just SURVIVE!

Add some new features and the situation and rules change and at NO time was the game developed with Rocket saying you gotta do this or you gotta do that....your free to do whatever.

Also DayZ is a SIMULATOR and runs on a SIMULATOR engine so it may be a little clunky to some but it's the best thing going to allow SO MUCH to go on.

I can't think of another game where i can sneak up on someone and steal stuff outta their backpack without them knowing!

DayZ is darn near perfect cause I'm use to playing Arma 2 anyway plus NO game engine can do what the Arma 2 engine can do anyway and seeing WarZ being such a total mess is a testament to the Arma 2 Engine!

Lastly: DayZ is HARDCORE and is for those who like a CHALLENGE. There is NOTHING Easy, Casual, or Cupcake about DayZ.

if DayZ is too hard for you then go play Warz or Call of Duty!

ZombieNinjaPanda1972d ago

Day Z is nothing like what you described it to be. It's become nothing but Call of Duty with some zombies. And that's a shame too because the devs can't really do anything about that. It's because of the terrible community.

PurpHerbison1973d ago

I am not big on the title, or zombies, but I think I can agree that it is the best thing to happen in the whole "zombie trend". Well, actually... the potential is there and once the onslaught of bugs gets ironed out, I'll agree with you 100%. Long road.

kostchtchie_1972d ago

day z zombie are utter garbage, but the whole death match survival thing and the private hives are what makes the game stand out and shine

dedicatedtogamers1972d ago

Permadeath wasn't pioneered by DayZ, but it certainly shows how "1 life only" gameplay can make it much more intense. Another permadeath game called Faster Than Light came out this year, too, and part of what makes it so engaging is that when you die, you're done.

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OneAboveAll1973d ago

No. I don't even think it's any fun. It run's on a poorly un-optimized engine. Second, i'm not a fan of zombie that can sprint faster than an Olympian despite missing muscle tissue etc.

I hate it. Now, this is my opinion and many of you will think it's wrong but then again, I don't give a shit. I think this mod sucks ass.

MattyG1973d ago

My biggest issue is the zombie speed. If they can slow it down and make the controls a bit less counter intuitive I'd be all for it.

ThanatosDMC1973d ago

They're fixing all the zombie animations and making the zombies an actual threat rather than being pesky mosquitoes. Strafe running around in circles and hiding in a bush/tree makes players impossible to get hit by them in the current beta.

joab7771973d ago

No one would disagree that its rough and needs polishing. Its the concept that works so very well. I am sure that they will tweek a bunch of things, including graphics. I just hooe they dont make core changes to appeal to a mass audience.

Somebody1973d ago

The Arma engine is woefully unoptimized at launch from the first game and yet they still attracted a lot of gamers to buy the franchise.

Personally I find Arma 2's Armoury and editor to be the true star of the game. There's a lot of surprises in store each time a challenge appears with whatever weapon you are currently trying out. Try out a sniper rifle and you are sent to a nest of soldiers. Try out a howitzer and the game sends a single enemy riding a bicycle at you.

As for the mod sucking still made Arma 2 sales surged again-years after it was launched.

Armi1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

maybe they are faster than players, but they dont hit you if u dont stop runing, and they have kinda stupid AI too. Anyvay, it was great idea to make something like this, it's just matter of time when DayZ will rock with his standalone and sequels

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BX811973d ago

I don't think my mac from 2009 can run this game. Lol. I'm not computer smart at all. This is the only PC game that has really peaked my interest.

FragMnTagM1973d ago

It is spelled piqued, not peaked.

On to your statement about your Mac being able to play it, it will depend upon if your machine was powerful for 2009. If it was a really low end Mac, you might run into some problems, especially since you have to run Windows through OSX.

Do a Google search for your model type/number and see what your graphics card, RAM, and CPU are. Then you will know exactly what you have.

You can look up nearly any game on to get the minimum and recommended specs.

Aggesan1973d ago

He doesn't have to run windows under osx since the mac supports dual boot, but his mac won't be able to run it anyway since the graphic card is to under powered, even for a high end mac from 2009.

BX811973d ago

No, I'm pretty sure I wanted to type peaked. Thanks though teach.

ZombieNinjaPanda1972d ago


You wanted to write it yes, that doesn't make it any less wrong.

Piqued means to stimulate someone's interest. Peaked means nothing like that at all.

Also, no your mac from 2009 wouldn't be able to run it.

Coach_McGuirk1973d ago

this mod was a breath of fresh air in a stagnant cesspool of linearity & hand-holding. i hope it does spawn an entire genre.

thezeldadoth1973d ago

the whole being afraid of others is making the game annoying. originally it was a cool idea that you could kill someone who might attract zombies or become a zombie, just to save yourself. now ppl go out of their way to kill other players for no reason at all.

Bimkoblerutso1973d ago

Yeah, it kind of makes it obvious why this kind of mechanic was never considered before. The first rule of online gaming dictates that players will act like dicks at every given opportunity, and Day Z gives players pretty much the maximum amount of opportunities to act like dicks know...gonna be a lot of dicks out there.

Aggesan1973d ago

Solution, private servers. Keeps the dicks away.

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