Retailer selling Wii U Deluxe model for as low as £224 ($300)

That's right. You can get a Wii U Deluxe Set with Nintendo Land for £224 ($300)in Europe right now. Nintendo allows retailers to set the pricing on their consoles in Europe and this is the lowest we've seen since launch.

Is this a bad sign for the Wii U?

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Jadedz1907d ago

I'm happy with my purchase, so there's no complaining on my part.

lilbroRx1907d ago

So it seems Europe and its sells will be the new focus point people who only like writing articles to trash talk Nintendo.

Completely coupled with the absolute exclusion of details, rational comparisons, and any form of reasoning while forwarding misinformation.

PopRocks3591907d ago

^This. This a million times over.

mrbojingles1906d ago

i don't understand, what misinformation is this news story spreading? Did you just say that because I wrote "is this bad news" in the description section of the submission?

i'm not saying this sale price is bad news, just speculating. its natural that people start asking questions like this when retailers start to take off £76 of the price one month after release.

Thepcz1907d ago

its likely part of the after christmas sales. i expect the price to go back to 'normal' after the new year.

either that or zavvi have made a mistake

neogeo1907d ago

Bestbuy has the white 8gig Wii with Nintendo land for $299 right now

lilbroRx1906d ago

That's the price it always was...

mrbojingles1906d ago

it didn't come with nintendo land

lilbroRx1906d ago

It still doesn't come with Nintendo land...

lilbroRx1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Best Buy is "giving it away" themselves of their own volition.

Nothing has changed. This is just a special deal at one business. The basic set still doesn't "come with" Nintendo Land and it is still $299 as it always was.

Until Nintendo themselves start putting it in the box or endorsing the selling of Nintendo Land with the basic console, then nothing has changed.

People are jumping on everything individual they see and try to blow it up into a bigger deal than it is.

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mrbojingles1906d ago

obviously the idea is that including nintendo land with the basic at $299 is adding value. not a price cut entirely but similar to it. its adding $60 to the package to make it sweeter.

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