The Zelda Wii U Dilemma

GotGame: During last year’s E3, Nintendo showed off an HD demo of what The Legend of Zelda could potentially look like on the Wii U. The bottom line is that the game looked gorgeous, with all sorts of fancy visual effects that pissed on anything we have seen in a previous Zelda game to date. Making use of the GamePad, we saw how you could easily sift through your inventory and also see the map, while keeping the HUD on the TV clean.

However, that got us thinking about something that seems to have been overlooked – motion controls.

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MNGamer-N1976d ago

I think I'll play it with the gamepad. I like to use the gamepad controller, and would prefer to enjoy that experience.

linkenski1976d ago

I like motion controls like they were in SS, but puzzles became too dependant on gimmicks. I still prefer OoT or TP-style traditional joystick-and-buttons controls.

lilbroRx1976d ago

How can there be a dilemma about something that doesn't exist yet?

sdozzo1976d ago

The dilemma of should you include motion controls or not.

sdozzo1976d ago

Motion controls are crap. Just make a good game.

Griffin48711976d ago

Make motion optional, then everyone wins. I like Nintendo, but they shove so much annoyances down your throat. Thank God they at least got rid of Friend Codes.

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The story is too old to be commented.