The 2012 Game of the Year Winner |

Malek Teffaha of Tech-Ticker, "At the end of every year, us fans of the gaming industry like to look back and give recognition to the best titles of the year. The highest title and honor that can be bestowed to a game is the Game of the Year crown. We have made a rundown of the best games of each platform and the winners of each subcategory of platform has been announced, be sure to check out the article here. However, it is time to fully unveil the winner of that one crown. We have two categories, the community choice, and the Tech-Ticker choice."

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schlanz1943d ago

Woot Journey!

Halo 4 getting the fan vote; not surprised.

OniXRuleZ1942d ago

Good campain, Good Coop, and one of the best MP ever! so he deserves it!