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Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

StickSkills.com writes, "Remember when the gaming community collectively sat inches from their computer monitors, typing volatile words at each other over Sony’s PlayStation 3? The $599 machine was either the greatest piece of technology ever conceived or a hot piece of garbage, and these arguments rage on today. Exclusives made their marks, a PSN outage caused pandemonium and Kevin Butler put a smile on everyone’s face. This once-hulking console, now leaner and less earsplitting, has had a controversial run to say the least." (PS3, The Last Guardian)

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redDevil87  +   977d ago
Sorry, but i laughed when i saw The Last Guardian.

Do i want it to come out? Yes. Do i think it will come out in 2013? No.
Lionheart377  +   977d ago
See, now you're just making me sad...
b163o1  +   977d ago
I honestly think Sony will push "The Last Guardian" to the PS4. If this is PS3's last years, it would only make sense to showcase the PS4 abilities from a highly credited developer....but that's just IMO
Rageanitus  +   976d ago
If it can run on the PS3, its best to release it on the PS3.

We do not even know what the ps4 architecure and capablities are... If the architecture is different I do not want a "port" from ps3 > ps4
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Kennytaur  +   976d ago
I'm thinking it's made the jump to PS4 as well, I bet their ambitions were too high for current gen hardware. Ico jumped from PS1 to PS2, so it's not at all unlikely.
SilentNegotiator  +   976d ago
It just doesn't belong on lists like this. Not when we've seen that the game has been struggling.
Hozi  +   976d ago
Sony would be smarter to release the Last Guardian on PS3. More fans and market for the game on PS3. Years of development means it's certainly more stable on PS3. Bad port to PS4 and it could ruin Team Ico's good name.
showtimefolks  +   976d ago
I think last guardian will come out but it will be a launch title for ps4, Sony has a lot invested into the last guardian. Either way whether it's 2013 or 2014 Sony needs to move TLG to next gen system

I hope ps3 gamer support metro last light.

Metro 2033 sold almost 330k on 360 an over a million on pc.
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WildArmed  +   976d ago
Why do you hate us so much, Red? :(
booni3  +   977d ago
LOL @ Final Fantasy Versus XIII. We all know that game isn't coming out next year, the year after that or...

You know what? Never. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is never coming out. You heard it here first.
Irishguy95  +   976d ago
2014 tops though. Only because FFXIII-3 is coming out next year. However, Versus has been in "full development" for quite a while now.
rataranian  +   976d ago
Yeah what 10 years now? whats 2 more?
akaakaaka  +   977d ago
Sadly the last guardian "ico team" is broken :/
Sad that next gen the PlayStation will not have Zipper and team ICO is broken ..
What I don't understan is how Sony japon has the Silent hill creator and part of the Silent Hill team (the other part went to kojima team) and all sony does is make them do Siren which is a great horror game and after few years gravity rush for the vita..
Are you serious? Sony wake up and give siren team a opportunity to create a AAA new title for the PS4 .. is what this gen is missing Japanese devs making more new AAA IPs are needed ..
Y_5150  +   977d ago
Sorry but Gravity Rush is an awesome game and is AAA to me! Doesn't matter if it's on a handheld. It's not like they are making crappy games if they were then you have the benefit of complaining for the right reasons.
akaakaaka  +   977d ago
I bet is a great game, I have seen everyone loves it.
And it may be a AAA title for a handle game idk I don't own a vita but I know the budget psvita games have and how good it could be "limited "..

I meant is this devs mostly formers silent hill team (including creator and directors) are really good at making games and they should get a bigger team and a AAA budget for a new PS4 ip because there is talent in them..
They have only made one PSN game and now a vita game in the last 7years and that is sad for such a good talented devs team..

Maybe sony needs to fusion they Japanese studios with their European/american one's somehow .. I believe they are already doing that with the last guardian.. but they need to push it more since asian devs are having a hard tine with keeping up except Kojima team but still only one game for the ps3 so far is still poor..
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Y_5150  +   977d ago
unfortunately I can't even imagine what they have in store for the PS4 next year. Because nothing has been announces. But if you look at the PS Vita, that's where it's at. Tearaway for the Vita is being made by Media Molecule which they created LittleBigPlanet. New Killzone game coming to the Vita made by Killzone creators.

So I see nothing wrong with Sony Japan working on titles for the Vita when it's now being more considered a console not a handheld for small first party studio projects. But Guerrilla Games (Killzone) are working on games for the PS4 and for Vita, Sony Japan could be doing the same! :)
rataranian  +   976d ago
It's ok. Just the trailer for Last Guardian was better than 90% of the games that came out this year.
WilliamH  +   977d ago
The PS3 GOTY 2013 will be Ni No Kuni followed by the Last of Us
Y_5150  +   977d ago
Your opinion, I played the demo for that game and I didn't really enjoy it because I couldn't enjoy the characters at all. I'm not big on JRPGs that's probably why but I think BEYOND TWO SOULS is going to be something and The Last of Us is going to be brilliant I'm sure! :)
Snookies12  +   976d ago
I'm a big JRPG fan, and I wasn't wow'd by the demo either... I won't judge until playing the full game, but it just didn't feel like it was anything really special.
Tei777  +   976d ago
Ni No Kuni felt a tad dated when I played it. I can imagine critics feeling the same. Its fun+charming but not gonna blow you away.
DigitalRaptor  +   977d ago
What a deliciously awesome list. 2013 will rock indeed!

The author said it very well:
"I’m sick and tired of arguing over whether titles like this can truly be considered “games,” and after the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Telltale’s story-centric take on The Walking Dead, I hope we can all just accept the diversity of our ever-expanding industry."
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Ezz2013  +   976d ago
couldn't say it better
KontryBoy706  +   977d ago
the last guardian should be a launch title on the ps4
Tontus  +   977d ago
All I want is God of War: Ascension. It's going to be amazing in every way and will easily be my favourite game of 2013 if the single player exceeds or even matches previous games in the series. Also the multiplayer is fantastic! I loved the beta and can't wait until I can play it again!
BitbyDeath  +   977d ago
List is missing Until Dawn.
Should switch out Metro for it. IMO
CLOUD1983  +   977d ago
Ni No Kuni & TLOU is the most anticipated games for 2013 from that list & if a new MGS arrive for PS3 (not handhelds) then this will go as my 2nd most anticipated game after Ni No Kuni.
PS4isKing_82  +   976d ago
Last guardian, ffvs 13 and agent will be moved to next gen, if they're even still in active development. Which I doubt. They'll probably just have the resources of those games absorbed into future projects to help cut dev time and help make some of that money back.
level 360  +   976d ago
The PS3 as a console is going out in a very very good way.

A lot of games listed there are really yummy and worth waiting and collecting for.
Mathew9R   976d ago | Spam
TheLyonKing  +   976d ago
It is incredible the number of exclusives Sony's ps3 has in 2013, I really hope a lot of ps3 owners pick up the games cause they all look like the deserve some recognition.
Nicaragua  +   976d ago
Last Guardian is vaporware.
Kran  +   976d ago
Or in the case of The Last Guardian... of 2014... or 2015. perhaps even 2016.
Jaunty  +   976d ago
No Demon's Souls? This list is so wrong...
Gamehard  +   976d ago
Dark Souls 2 is looking at a 2014 release last I read.
Jaunty  +   975d ago
I meant Dark Souls 2 :$ But I have heard that it's getting a 2013 release. We will see
OmniSlashPT  +   976d ago
The Last Guardian

A game featured in the Top Most Anticipated games since 2009. And the same can be said about Versus XIII lol
Picnic  +   976d ago
So Puppeteer is going to bomb because no-one's mentioning it....
hkgamer  +   976d ago
hasn't the last guardian been in the top ten of 20XX lists for the last 5 years?
modesign  +   976d ago
the last guardian is looking more like a PSN title than anything, i dont see a bluray release at this point.
Valenka  +   976d ago
Why is Tomb Raider, Metro, GTA 5, and Bioshock on that list? They aren't PS3 exclusives.
Hicken  +   976d ago
Because it doesn't say top 10 exclusives.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   976d ago
The Last Of Us; it got everything i want from a video game this generation.

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