Dune II in HTML 5

The real time strategy genre of games has a pretty active following of fans. While the genre continues to grow and introduce new aspects (or tries to at least), modern RTS games wouldn't be where they are now without one game: Dune II. Now you can play it for free in your browser.

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cyberninja1785d ago

Love this game, brings good old memories.

Detoxx1785d ago

I remember playing Dune on my PS One, I believe it was called Dune 2000

darklordzor1785d ago

Yeah that was the remake of Dune 2. Still a really good game.

darklordzor1785d ago

Just makes me wish they'd give us another Dune game!

JasonKCK1784d ago

WOW! been ages since I played this last. Still have it in an old PC games box in my garage.