Dead Space 3 Will Know When You Swear

While playing Dead Space 3 if you happen to say a bad word while playing, the game will know....

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talisker1308d ago

If you naturally swear in English, that is.

Ezz20131308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

i will curse EA and i hope DS3 hear it

darthv721308d ago

then drop some $ in it each time. Maybe that will appease the game when you swear?

kupomogli1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )


You and everyone else on the hate wagon.

Enemy1307d ago

This creepy move by EA/Microsoft makes me revaluate my opinion about Kinect entirely. Turns out it IS actually good for something! Good for companies who wish to spy and monitor your every "private" action, be it sleeping, conversation, (insert other suspected details here).


Mikefizzled1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

I've heard that locks you out the game and only dlc will fix it. :P

MaxXAttaxX1307d ago

...Kinect is good for anything BUT gaming.

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roadkillers1308d ago OffTopicShowReplies(1)
stage881308d ago

Just when I thought Kinect couldn't make gaming any worse...

Knight_Crawler1308d ago

Please explain me to me how this optional feature is going to make Dead Space 3 worst?

You are not being forced to use Kinect and it does not take anything away from the game if you play it without Kinect.

ZombieNinjaPanda1307d ago


Just because something is optional and you don't have to use it doesn't suddenly make it not bad.

BuLLDoG9091307d ago

yep, i guess MS, through kinect, have the ability to watch and listen to you now.

jadenkorri1307d ago

i don't use kinect cause MS can dl and use anything stored Who's to say their not monitoring already. Not that i have anything to hide but even still, its invasion of my privacy. Hell, my ps eye isn't even hooked up, i didn't read anything as bad as kinect but who the hell knows.

ALLWRONG1307d ago

"Just when I thought Kinect couldn't make gaming any worse" Until Sony releases it's new Kinect like device then it will be "teh best thing ever"

JackBNimble1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

"ALLWRONG" Sony doesn't need a kinect like device, they have the PS eye.

They have had it for years.

Irishguy951307d ago

Comparing PSeye to Kinect is like comparing Sixaxis to Ps Move.

darkpower1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

Yeah, because it's WAY too hard to go into the options screen and select "turn off". We HAVE to go and wish that because you don't want it, everyone else should be denied the option. Makes much better sense to just deny everyone an option they might want because you don't want it.

I fail to see how an optional thing makes something bad when you don't have to even use it. If you were forced to use it, then that would be different. But you're not, are you? Then what's the issue?

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IAmLee1308d ago

A game that tourette suffers could excel at :')

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NiteX1308d ago

I can't believe they actually wasted development time and money on such a stupid thing.

roadkillers1308d ago

Coming from a guy on South Park...

SephirothX211307d ago

Voice recognition is actually easy to add. A few lines of code actually.

AllroundGamer1308d ago BadLanguageShow
Excited2play1308d ago

This is only the beginning..wait until next gen.

KrimsonKody1308d ago (Edited 1308d ago )

Does this mean that the "game" will be essentially "listening" to you & your surroundings...?

Now, that's actually scary!

Lord_Sloth1308d ago

Fun facts: EA didn't make Kinect and Kinect watches you on it's own.

ThanatosDMC1307d ago

The guy from the other side will have a bottle of lotion.

IAmLee1308d ago

Just hope you don't need to go for a mid-game fap..