The Best Selling Games of 2008: Early Predictions That You Can Take To The Bank

It's not even a sixth of the way into the year 2008 but it's never to early to speculate what the big popular selling games are going be.

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heyheyhey3440d ago

i doubt brutal legend will sell well and NG2 is excellent, but it isn't exactly "mass-market appeal" material due to it's ultra hardcore nature

The Closing3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

a fps.. And once again speaking of fps where the hell is killzone 2 or resistance 2?

Kuest3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

overall, the list is disgustingly "weak sauce" if you ask me.

jackdoe3440d ago

I agree man. DMC4 has already sold 2 million copies so it is well on its way to becoming one of the best selling games of the year. And Resistance 2 has enough star power to sell very well to a PS3 install base that should be pretty large in Fall 2008.

ruibing3440d ago

Very incomplete list indeed. And why do the PS3 exclusives get such a simple one line description?

Kuest3440d ago

I just love these articles. Mmmmm... you can just smell the fumes rising in the air as the next flame war approaches. Hopefully, it will happen soon.

I'm serious, I love flame wars.

PSWe603440d ago

I was expecting to see Soul Calibur IV on that list

blynx1823440d ago

Logical choices are notably absent. Oh, and DS and PSP games don't make an appearance at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.