Moments: Zaeed’s Loyalty Mission

GI: Years have passed since my trek to Zorya in Mass Effect 2, but I still can’t get Zaeed’s loyalty mission out of my head. I vividly remember dropping my controller, filled with conflicting emotions. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not endorsing Zaeed as a strong character; in fact, I find him weakly-written. He had potential, but BioWare never tapped into it, and his loyalty mission didn’t exactly win him supporters. Do I find Zaeed’s loyalty mission absolutely brilliant? You bet I do.

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2pacalypsenow1945d ago

Mass effect 2 was such a fun game, had better memories playing the 1st and the 2nd than the 3rd

konnerbllb1945d ago

I actually disliked the third most as well, not because of the ending either.

Personally, I'd rank them ME2, ME1, ME3.

ApolloTheBoss1944d ago

ME2 for gameplay. ME1 for "atmosphere".

Simon_Brezhnev1945d ago

Zaeed was like the only character who could hold his on in fights. The AI for him was pretty good.

TenSteps1945d ago

I was just playing this mission just now. My favorite loyalty mission came from the character I was most indifferent to though. Loved Jacob's loyalty mission simply because of the 3 ways it could have ended.