Mario U Director Explains Why 2D Mario Games Sell Better

The New Super Mario Bros. series, despite whatever you may say about creativity, sells well. So well, in fact, that Nintendo may resort to releasing two in the span of one year. Scores for the New Super Mario Bros. series, however, tend to be a little bit more average than the games’ huge numbers might lead on. Sure, the games are fun and traditional, but in the wake of expansive and clever games like Super Mario Galaxy, they’re not particularly impressive.

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darthv721976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

i enjoy both 2d as well as the 3d mario games. i grew up on 2d platformers and shmups and side scrolling action adventure as well as rpg.

Most younger gamers (1995 to current) dont know much about the fun of the golden age of gaming. they know only of the PS1 and up which was more about shifting from 2d side scrollers to more isometric and 3d styles.

i dont have any problem with either but those who only know the current stuff love to talk trash about what we old timers considered fun with games like the original SMB or sonic or even going back further with games like combat or pitfall on the 2600.

i would gladly appreciate a mario galaxy 3 if nintendo was to release one just as much as a mario bro-u 2. both styles have their own way to provide fun for the player.

MattyG1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I feel lucky, I was born in '96 (do the math) and don't consider sidescrollers old in the slightest. We had two systems in our house, a SEGA Genesis and a PS1, but for the most part my first gaming experiences were on the Genesis (Sonic, Jurassic Park, that Pac-Man sidescrolling RPG). I'm glad I began gaming juuuust before 3D gaming was big, I'd hate to be one of these kids that doesn't know about Pong or the ORIGINAL Sonic (none of this Sonic Unleashed garbage).

darthv721976d ago

my all time favorite platform.

when my oldest was born in 98, i made sure he started from at least the NES when it came to gaming. Same routine was done for my youngest when he was born in 02.

both had to cut their teeth on the NES before moving on to something newer. It gave them a better appreciation of gaming today having played some of the best the older systems had to offer.

guitarded771976d ago

@darth: Hahaha... We're old :/

It's all about nostalgia. 2D Mario goes back to its roots, and brings in players of all ages. 2D is also more accessible. Some people cannot navigate a 3D environment and end up staring at the sky spinning in circles.

darthv721976d ago

with age comes wisdom and a sense of respect and appreciation of what you have experience with.

While i may not be as quick as my kids to catch on to a newer game, I can certainly school them in all things retro.

Donkey Kong aint got s**t on me.

NukaCola1976d ago

My favorite Mario games are the two RPG series, which are both 2D and Asymmetric 2D.

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Temporary1976d ago

Personally i attribute it to one word. NOSTALGIA.

I'd rather play 2D mario games because it reminds me of the awesome mario games from when I was younger. Those will never go out of style.

lilbroRx1976d ago

Ah, the good old, nostalgia claim. The insult used to dismiss the claims that gaming isn't as good as it once was by attributing it people being more familiar with it.

My 12 and 6 year old niece and nephew prefer 2D games. They're original exposure to gaming wat the Xbox 360 with Halo and Enchanted arms. I couldn't get them to play a 360 game when let them get a hold to my old SNES games or when I played New Super Mario Brothers on my Wii. My nephew also loves the hell out of pokemon games on the handheld.

I guess they like 2D games because of "NOSTALGIA".

Temporary1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Not saying theyre not good games, but the reason they get so many more sales is because the OLDER gamers like myself enjoy picking up and playing Mario 2D games because it reminds me of the older Gen mario games.

When you release games nowadays theyre geared mostly for the NOW genereation. The 2D mario games have a much broader demographic because of its appeal to those of us who were raised with the NES. So they'll get more sales from both the young, and the old gamers.

I agreed with you because youre also right. The 2D games appeal to children because theyre much more simple and straightforward pick up and play games. Not like the 3D ones where you have to know where youre going.

nintendoland1976d ago

wow you're so lame. Even if someone (not me) was born in 1999 he/she could still play all the great snes and nes games. They are not exclusive only for those who grew up that time.

darthv721976d ago

I cant remember the statistic but there was a report many years ago that said something to the effect of those who got into gaming at the PS1 time frame tended to only look forward and not back.

Meaning that they were apt to pass up the games from consoles prior in lieu of what was out at the time. Its been like that in gaming before. there are certain generations that tend to be the starting point and grow from there.

With each new console generation comes the idea that newer gamers will be reluctant to try something that is older because of the loss in fidelity they have become accustomed to.

Its not an insult to them if they choose not to play the older games but there is some stigma from the newer gamers that results to a lack of respect the older games.

no need to insult me on something that is pretty obvious. i encourage more to go back to the gaming roots as it tends to really make them understand the history behind this industry.

iNFAMOUZ11976d ago

mario u director prefers 2d games not cause they sell better, which they probably dont, but because their lazy to make 3d games, nintendo in general has been super lazy, i haven't heard of any decent games lined up or anything, ! embarassing really.

mamotte1976d ago

Do you realize almost no companies do 2D plattform games these days, right? Only indie developers.

Shall we call for a "Lazy industry" emergency state?

KillerPwned1976d ago

I love 2D Mario of course but I would love a successor to Mario 64. Another Mario game in that type of world would be amazing. I know Galaxy has some worlds that can relate to that game but I am talking about a hole new Mario game that is just like Mario 64. I really hope with the launch of the Wii U we can see something like what we saw with Mario 64 I think that could use the tablet in amazing ways.

darthv721976d ago

is probably the closts to a successor to 64 but that is a love it or hate it kind of game.

Lots of good intentions went into it but just a few bad ideas can ruin the experience. Overall though, it is still fun to play.

Having a remake of 64 for the wii-u and using the gamepad camera to point around when it comes to doing the first person perspective would be really nice to see.

linkratos1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Yeah I think they tried to make the levels too big. 64 hit the sweet spot of level size, there was exploration but still focus, making the levels more fun and manageable to explore. Also 15 levels instead of 8 allowed for more variety. Not to mention how magical the castle was.

jakmckratos1976d ago

SHort answer...people are IDIOTS

BlackWolf1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Sorry about this, but it seems you don't understand that there are people, me included, that still like the 2d games. There aren't many of the right now.

ShaunCameron1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Yeah. Only to those who started playing video games after 1997 or 2002.

Subzero2001976d ago

maybe because their not a choir.

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