HDScape offers up HD DVD to Blu-ray exchange program

Darren Murph from writes:

While early adopters won't see a single red cent from Toshiba now that HD DVD has bit the proverbial dust, HDScape movie owners looking to make the transition to Blu-ray may be happy to hear of its latest program.

In a move that we can only hope other studios mimic, the firm is enabling customers that previously purchased flicks on HD DVD to exchange the paper casewraps they came in for an $11.95 BD version.

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Dlacy13g3919d ago

Why if you have an HD-DVD player and movies would you bother to trade it in to pay more for the same thing? Why not just ...I dont know...Keep your HD-DVD stuff and just go Blu when you see a player you want at a good price?

GodsHand3919d ago

Good deal to pass up, it's only a paper insert your trading in and get a blu-ray movie for less then half the original price.

Dlacy13g3919d ago

Ok, I miss read the paper insert part..but still...just seems like you are going to end up paying twice for the same movie. Am I wrong?

BigKev453919d ago

RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rbanke3919d ago

How is it a rip off? You keep your original case and disc, and are now able to buy the blu-ray version for only 11 bucks. Thats a good deal for anyone who wants to move their collection to blu-ray.

giososc3919d ago

its a decent deal if you returned your hd dvd player.

Kami3919d ago

they should do this with regular dvds, give'em 12 bucks and a dvd for a blu ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.