Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials DLC Review [Capsule Computers]

Jared Hilliers from Capsule Computers wrote :

Dishonored earlier this year was one of the best (optional) stealth games released, infact it probably was. The beauty of the game was choice, which Bethesda is known for publishing, and it just happened to be a great sneaky experience if you wanted it to be – or if you preferred to just kill your way through the game you could. Alot of games these days get lost in cut-scenes, dialogue and visuals, Dishonored pretty much got to the point quickly. Letting you slice, sneak and adventure without too much of an interruption.

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ZacE2001d ago

I need to play Dishonored...

ManDemon2001d ago

Agreed, I wish I had more time to actually get to it. This is one I didn't expect to see DLC for, but seems worthwhile.

-MD-2001d ago

I'm skipping this dlc. I will however pick up the 2 story based dlcs.

coaidant2001d ago

Hmm waiting for a Game of the Year edition/all DLC bundled together first

masterabbott2001d ago

yeah going to agree with you on this one, will wait till they release everyone in one nice little package and then i'll pick it up.

dodo1012001d ago

If you want a challenge you should buy it!

Ryder492001d ago

Looks cool enough. The game is sweet so any DLC is nothing but a good thing for me.