Team Deathmatch Canceled in Diablo 3. A sad and struggling PvP scene

Diablo 3 was probably one of the biggest PC launches out there. The 12 year gap attracted so much anticipation and angst from gamers all over, even the ones who didn't plan on purchasing it. The game had a really successful launch and was sold to millions all across the globe. Of course, like any major title, there were a few hiccups.

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majiebeast1756d ago

You can always run act 3 over and over and over again for shit loot.

RamsesNum11756d ago

yeah true, it sucks though. I anticipated a good multiplayer for Diablo but thats what happens when too there are too many factors to deal with. It looses its competitive aspect. Op Op Op noobs ;p

ATi_Elite1756d ago

Blizzard is starting to be INFECTED by Activision!

D3 has been out long enough for Blizzard to say "Oh well just make it like D2 and everyone will be happy yet so far NOTHING"

after 12 million D3 units sold it looks like Blizzard is off to the next thing without making it's fans happy.

Oh well Torchlight 2 is AWESOME!!!

RamsesNum11754d ago

yup thats exactly it, good argument

Tzuno1756d ago

The D3 need a expansion with all the good things from D2.

AllroundGamer1756d ago

yep, D3 definitely needs a D2 remake :)

broli40001756d ago

There is so much competition in that genre now and competition that is significantly cheaper. By not going out of their way to provide a superior product, the comparisons to cheaper alternatives will kill Diablo3.

DarkZane1756d ago

Torchlight 2 is better in any way. Of course, the Legendary weapon drop rate in Torchlight 2 is far worst, but the legendary weapons in that game are actually legendary. Diablo 3 legendaries are easily outclassed by rares.

StrawberryDiesel4201756d ago

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls has my PvP urges covered thank you very much.