2012: Metacritic's worst rated console games

It's the end of the year, so GamesAsylum takes a look at Metacritic's worst rated games of 2012.

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caseh2152d ago

Lol is BLOPS on the Vita really that bad?

Noticed WiiU already has its fair share of poor reviews, in my experience though thats just Nintendo for you. For every 10 items of shovelware produced on the likes of the DS and Wii theres an absolute gem that makes the system worth owning.

Cam9772152d ago

I really doubt it is THAT bad. I will be picking it up sub £10, no higher.

Slapshot822152d ago

Yep, Black Ops: Declassified on Vita is indeed a very poor game. The online mode is merely playable/passable and the single player is obviously thrown together in a few months time... tops.

There are much better Vita titles to spend your time/money on: Dokuro, Velocity, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and MotorStorm RC are only but a few better ways to spend around $10 on Vita.

As for the developer of Declassified, I'm quite excited to see what they do now that they are no longer Sony's 'ugly duckling' that gets all the under-budgeted and over-hyped titles. I think the team has a lot of talent and I hope they do great things going forward.

ChronoJoe2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

Slap, you're mistaken. nStigate (Nhilistic software) only made 2 games for Sony. They were awful; yup. But the games Nhilistic made before that were terrible too.

The best game they've ever made was 'Vampire' which earned a 75 metacritic. I'm not sure what basis you have to believe their studio has talent, but frankly, they've produced little to nothing to show that over the last 10 years.

I'd be truly shocked if they ever produce a good game.

sdozzo2152d ago

It is that bad. You do get used to it, but just horrible. Sadly, I dropped $50 on it.

PATRIOT7ME2152d ago

Vita BLOPS ain't good. Nihilistic apparently didn't learn much from the Vita Resistance.

TheGrimOfDeath2152d ago

They did make the Multiplayer more fun, I have the game. It's great for 25-30$ not 50$.

Aggesan2152d ago

I doubt any developer could make a good shooter with single player and multi player within a few months.

EPIKgamer2152d ago

basically all the shovelware that 3rd parties are trying squezze out on wii and DS are on their, meanwhile WiiU and 3DS are having a pretty sexy dance party of success.

memots2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Bad or not, I have no doubt that it sold very well.

When i got my Vita, Best buy was out of the Black Ops: Declassified bundle but they had plenty of Assassin Creed bundle.

Krimmson2152d ago

Apparently it has sold over 300k in retail alone. For a Vita game, that's not bad at all and considering that the game goes for $50, a handheld game making 15 million is pretty decent.

Too bad that the game itself sucked badly and if the game were to ever get a sequel, it'll probably do much worse because of how terrible this one is.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

BLOPS is Bad on any platform.

Sony should had let Dice make BFBC2.5 for vita.

IAmLee2152d ago

A reviewer completed it under an hour..

Apollosupreme2152d ago

Multiplayer is a whole lot of fun on BLOP. Campaign sucks. I'd give campaign a 1/10 grade but I'd give multiplayer a 8/10 when keeping in mind that this is a handheld and far exceeds any other handheld in multiplayer fun and game play.

Because I don't care about multiplayer I would give the game a 7 to 8 out of ten in terms of fun. I've logged over 30 hours of multiplayer and I still love it.

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freezola752152d ago

I'm very sure that there are worse games out there LOL. I have actually heard mixed views on BLOPS: Declassified. Peace

InTheLab2152d ago

I've also heard mixed reviews about Blops Declassified but the proof is Nihilistic's previous efforts, the 45 minute campaign, and the fact that the console version of the mp is generally broken, so I'm guessing the handheld version won't be much better...

And no zombies?

HalfNerdHalfAmazing2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I don't understand why they didn't port BO2 for the vita, I'm not surprised declassified is a bad game

NonShinyGoose2152d ago

The amazing thing about Declassifed is that as soon as the bad reviews appeared, countless people jumped in to defend it. This was even as early on as launch day.

I can only assume a lot of people were duped into buying a Vita because of it, and thus felt as if they had to defend their purchase. Either that or people mistook the bashing it was getting as general "CoD hate" from Battlefield fans and the like.

Krew_922152d ago

Exactly how I feel too.

It only makes sense for someone to defend their purchase, especially if you just forked over the full retail price of $50 for it. If I would have bought it, I most likely would have done the same.

Good thing I didn't fall for it twice. I learned my lesson with Resistance: Burning Skies...

admiralvic2152d ago

I think it had to do with reviews coming in from 1 side and the fans coming from a different side and the 2 sides just so happen to conflict. Like you can't really review the online past a mechanical standpoint, which was less than inspiring. Not a ton of choices, maps are super small, 4v4, didn't work that well to start, where as fans view it as "true" to the series they love and automatically give it more benefit of doubt than reviews did. The online fans also write off the single player, so a number of people simply bought a $50 dollar Multiplayer shooter on the go, which admittedly Declassified does alright with. (not amazing, but enough to be playable when bored) This is completely untrue for reviewers, which have to look at the full package and single player is virtually nonexistentant. Best of all if you play the game on hard, you can clearly see how half assed the AI is. Even the side modes like enemy rush get boring, since almost every map has a choke point and if you don't use that, then you'll probably die the second the AI gets to hard difficulty.

This is where the conflict mostly comes from. People only looking at the good and in turn defending it and reviewers taking single player into account. Not saying there aren't people who did what you're saying, but I am saying it has more to do with what / how people viewed the game.

memots2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Wow .. stop making sense. You almost made me forget that i was reading a post on N4G.

What you said is 100% fact. Fan loved it, Reviewer could not be bothered.

Bubble up for you, Need more post like this.

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