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The Pros and Cons of the Wii U: From A New Owner's Perspective

SuperPhillip Central writes, "I have now officially owned a Wii U for three days. It has been an eventful and arduous journey, but my wounds have healed and my hands are free of blisters.

In all seriousness, the Wii U is the first home console of the eighth generation of gaming hardware, and it is the newest gaming hardware edition to the SuperPhillip family. There are many aspects of the Wii U that I adore, but at that same token, there are many aspects of the Wii U that I abhor. This written piece is a pro and con list from the viewpoint of someone who is new to the Wii U. From the innovative controller to the future lineup, this is what I like and dislike about my shining new Deluxe Wii U." (Nintendo, Wii U)

josephayal  +   796d ago
I got a wii u for xmas and I absolutely love it, but gets boring after a while
Nicaragua  +   796d ago
Surely the same can be said about anything ?
darthv72  +   796d ago
a new toy can wear thin after a while. That is just how people are. They lose interest in things quickly.

As for the wii-u, a major pro is the direct BC it has with the wii game library. For anyone who skipped the wii, they can play those games on the wii-u and you now have effectively increased the amount of playable games by a factor of 10.

The cons such as long load times for the different features will more than likely be fixed.

A con that CANT be fixed is the game pads single touch design. Too bad nintendo didnt go with a more tablet multi-touch interface. There could always be an updated gamepad though.

Sometimes, improvements to control schemes are released later and become the standard for that platform from that time forward. A few examples would be...

Sega swapping out the 3 button genesis controller for the 6 button.

sony replacing the regular PS1 pad with the dual analog one.

MS replacing the huge xbox controller for the "S" model.

Nintendo (eventually) swapped out the regular wiimote with the wii-motion+ one as standard.

some of those examples offered just a physical change in design (xbox controller S) while others offered design and function (all others). Ultimately though, they became the standard pack in controller moving forward.

The wii-u install base is significantly lower than that of the wii. If nintendo took the time to swap out the single touch pad for a multitouch one and did it at the right time then it would not fragment the install base. Looking back at hardware changes, it comes down to timing.

The PSP 1000 wasnt nearly the success as the 2000 was. This is mostly due to the 2000 being a revision to cut costs but they also improved the specs. doubling the internal memory and adding TV out and it went on to eclipse the sales of the 1000.

The 3000 was an extension to the 2000 but offered very little (other than improved screen clarity) so both the 3000 and 2000 could be lumped together in regards to outselling the original.

sony took the chance that improving the unit at the same time as cutting the price would spur sales and it worked. Nintendo 'could' do the same thing with changing out the existing gamepad for a much improved one and it could go on to sell 10's of millions more units.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   795d ago
I 100% don't understand why people want to use those inaccurate capacitive touch screens for gaming. Is it purely for the useless multitouch? Resistive screens are far more accurate and durable than capacitive. If you want a capacitive screen on the Wii U can you please explain why?
krazykombatant  +   796d ago
Great fun, but so far the titles can only keep themselves being fun in short burst of playing. Otherwise, I'll try go back to playing hitman/bf3.
XXXL  +   796d ago
Good read. I have yet to buy a Wii U though it's inevitable. I'm just holding out too see if we'll be able to ever use more than one gamepad and what games like the next Zelda and metroid will look like. It's not a purchase breaker, but I really hated skyward sword and if they go that route again I'll definitely be waiting until a price drop down the road
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MikeMyers  +   796d ago
I'm going to take my time before I decide on getting one or not. The system looks interesting and could be a lot of fun.

1. I would like to see just how committed 3rd party publishers are
2. I want to see how the online turns out and how large the community is for games
3. Waiting to see what Sony, Microsoft and Valve have in store next year
4. Waiting for more Nintendo exclusive titles to appear
ozzywazzy  +   796d ago
This exactly. Nothing wrong with waiting for a system to prove itself, especially when launch games are ports or nothing to write home about. Nintendo let a lot of people down with the Wii, I'd like to see them try hard and win back some of those gamers such as myself. As someone who supported Nintendo since the NES days up until wii, I do feel entitled to be upset. In my opinion, the wii has been the worst console I have purchased ever. Games and new IPs will ultimately decide their fate, not tablet controllers.
metroid32  +   795d ago
got 1 and its amazing when i'm not on BO2 i'm using Netflix HD or the blazing fast Browser it's amazing and with Aliens,Lego city,Beyonetta2,Monster Hunter Ultimate,Project CARS all in the next 3 months wow i can't wait i also like MiiVerse it's good at finding out what a game is like from a gamers perspective and video chatting is awesome love this WiiU best console ive ever owned.
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Ck1x  +   795d ago
People are trying way to hard just to say they are bored with the system after just 3&4 days of having it. Christmas was just a couple of days ago people! Ive had mine for over a month now and am having a blast. The loading times of apps suck, but its a great system none the less. Those that say they are bored already either need to buy some more games, or shouldn't have bought the system this early if there wasn't enough software that they liked at launch...
ZeekQuattro  +   795d ago
I agree I've had mine since launch and have five games for it. I haven't had this much fun with a new console in a while and I've been playing games since the 8-bit NES era.
wiiulee  +   794d ago
do you actually own a wiiu or just borrowed one so you can be in a position to state the same silly stuff thats been said before...wiiu is a great system, with great third party support and slow loads will be done away with soon...so to even speak of that is silly.....wiiu has too many positives going for it...

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